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Owners need to stay up all night to eat carrots

Tense urban living has forced many people to become "night owl." Often stays up late can cause the body rhythm disorders, on vision, gastrointestinal and sleep are affected. Medical experts suggest that "night owl" to eat carrots, leeks, eels and other foods rich in vitamin A, and vitamin B, lean meat, fish, liver and other animal foods.

Experts say, vitamin A and vitamin B can improve the stay up all night workers to adapt to dim light to prevent visual fatigue. In addition, daily eat more lutein-rich fruits such as carrots, can prevent deterioration of eyesight. In addition, owners should stay up all night to enhance training. Stay up all night if they feel the lack of energy or drowsiness, they should be doing gymnastics for a while, or for a walk.

Doctors never told you a secret 30

【】 Medical examination required fasting, but not the previous night began to ask you not eat, such as to the examination result, they are inaccurate. My advice is to eat light the night before examination of the diet, of course, can not drink alcohol, coffee and tea do not drink, physical examination on the morning do not eat breakfast, drink less, or to do physical exercise.
【Health】 acid can help digestion, if you indigestion, then I encourage you to eat a fruit after dinner. But if you digestive function well, dinner will instead eat the fruit a disservice. Because the food into the stomach, you need two hours or even longer to digest, while the fruit, in particular, hard fruits, such as apples, pears, etc., will remain in the stomach a long time, not only increase the burden of digestion, but also reaction gas, causing abdominal distension. So I suggest you eat 1 to 2 hours after a meal of fruit.
Excimer】 【Not everyone is suitable for surgical correction of myopia, unless you before surgery has been going steady for a year or more to wear glasses or contact lenses. If you are wearing glasses when Zhai, be sure to tell the ophthalmologist, and the recent short-sighted not to do the best orthopedic surgery, otherwise it will affect the doctor for your vision correction judgments.
【】 Persist with eye sunglasses to protect your eyes from cataracts and other eye diseases is very important, particularly in 10:00 ~ 16:00 between the period when the strongest sunlight. The specific choice above, the price is not more expensive or the darker the lens effect of the appointment is to consider whether the mark lenses block 100 percent of ultraviolet radiation. Do not just focus on the election nice frame. And ignore the quality of the lens.
【】 Do not worry about the natural production of gynecological will lead ** become loose. Body-aliasing, which is unfounded. ** Is almost the greatest flexibility in your body in a muscle, it is even due to the production of minor bleeding can also resume shortly. As for the body's concerns, as long as you nutritional supplements during pregnancy, but points, not only will not lead to follow-shaped body, post-natal but to re-body sculpting. More importantly, the natural production can prevent many women, the incidence of gynecological diseases, doctors have encouraged natural birth, cesarean section is only an adjunct.
【】 As obstetrician obstetrics, I know better than anyone else cesarean section of the state. Contractions than natural childbirth pain, more pain after cesarean wound, but within 24 hours after cesarean section you can not get out of bed three days in order to have milk, the mother and baby are more likely to suffer. Contractions the extent of pain, every woman's experience is different, and some even feel less pain, Film and Television where shown are artistic exaggeration. This matter for natural childbirth, confidence is the most important moment in the birth of a child, all the pain and discomfort will be replaced by a great sense of happiness.
【】 I come into contact with infectious patients were infected a large part of the reason is "second-hand housing." As far as I know, less than 10% of homeowners in the rental housing will have disinfected the house, while the mites, influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, measles virus, mold, etc. can be at room temperature for prolonged periods in the house survived. If you are moving in the winter, it should pay particular attention, because these viruses and bacteria to survive at low temperatures, the time will be longer. Therefore, the move into our new rented house before the house is very important to conduct pre-sterilized, walls, under the bed, washbasins, toilets these places are not to be missed, in particular, but also invited professionals to cleaned and disinfected air-conditioning.
【】 While the hair and the blood disease blood disease are directly related to medical statistical data has not yet confirmed, but according to my experience, if the hair four times a year or more, dizziness, migraine headaches, and thus reduce the possibility of platelets than the who do not much hair, some people will be significantly reduced the number of white blood cells, meaning that lower immunity. I believe that this time the chemicals in hair dye caused, which is the subject of my recent research, my suggestion is less hair.
Nephrology】 【drink this matter is not the more the better, in theory, the more water can help kidney detoxification, reducing kidney burden, but to know the human body is a tightly balanced system, adult kidney per hour Drainage 800 ~ 1000 ml within one hour if you drink more than 1000 milliliters, it will lead to low sodium hyperlipidemia, affecting renal health. Therefore, each time water should not exceed 100 ml per hour, not more than 1000 milliliters water.
Nerve】 【long-term use computers frequently send text messages, over the years to drive this type of lifestyle will lead to your wrist nerves of the oppressed, there damage. If you feel the wrist, elbow or shoulder joint pain, which may have the nerves have been damaged. In such cases, if left unchecked, increases with age, the pain will get worse. So, do not effect, the best time to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment of micro-surgery.
【】 Acupuncture weight loss acupuncture is not effective for everyone. Because the principle of acupuncture is to stimulate weight loss-related acupuncture points, reduce appetite, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. So, if you usually eat large, are simple overweight, then there will be a good choice of acupuncture weight loss results. But if you usually eat the small, an endocrine cause of obesity is not adjusted, it is best to check the inspection Endocrinology.
【Treatment】 Physical therapy is now increasingly the fire, a lot of exercise induced muscle damage have chosen this non-pharmacological approach to treatment. In China, many undergraduate and graduate students are engaged in this work. But if I go for medical treatment, I will choose the physician's office foreman of the old nurse, who although education is not so high, can be very experienced, but it is an experience in physical therapy discipline, and some people need such treatment, and some people can not be used this way massage, there is no reason, learning can not be explained simply. Though the post-graduate qualifications but clinical long enough, sometimes it is difficult to judge, but the old nurse soon determine the basis of experience to make the right treatment.
【B-】 in foreign countries, B super-doctor is a special allowance, because the radiation injury to the body more or less right. Domestic pregnancy mother's "hidden rules" is usually three months later, every month do a B-ultrasonic examination. However, in the baby's neurological development period, any small effect may cause harm to his future. So my suggestion is that during pregnancy women are the number of B-ultrasonic examination not more than 3 times, preferably in 6 months after.
Flatfoot】 【middle of every 10 individuals have a flatfoot, the so-called flatfoot is a very shallow arch or no arch. Flatfoot people, walking over time will be Detoxification. But do not think that little walking or in cars is the solution, because we found that flatfoot of people after the age of 50 will not only come up with different degrees of blackmailed distortions, but also there are different degrees of heart disease. Abroad to flatfoot a hierarchy of three or more of the flatfoot surgery is necessary, instead of re-operation was not as good as the old to do now.
【】 Lead to cancer tumors in a variety of reasons, mold is one of them. Corn, rice, soybeans and other health foods will rise to this once the mildew fungi can cause cancer, damage the stomach, lungs and other organs healthy. Although it is answered the call to eat coarse grains, but definitely can not eat a moldy coarse grains, a little bit and can not.

【Toothpaste】 If you think brushing is a time sooner or later things, it is because you do not know, sleep when the bacteria in your mouth the breeding rate of only 60% during the day, that is during the day, your mouth is more in need of care. I recommend brushing model 343 is the morning, brush your teeth three minutes, four minutes at noon brush, brush their teeth at night 3 minutes. However, the best arrangements to brush your teeth after a meal and a half hours, so as not to damage tooth enamel.
, Especially after eating potato chips to clean teeth, tooth damage due to potato chips or even worse than the sweets.
Do not think that is healthy as long as the teeth hurt, a lot of dental problems are not easy to be felt. You'd better every 6 months to see a dentist, but going to the dentist to avoid the menstrual period.
【Cardiovascular】 Do not feel particularly tired in the body when you drink coffee or tea to perk up, otherwise this will cause great damage to the cardiovascular system, palpitation is shown by a symptom, physical fatigue, when smoking tobacco on the body damage will be doubled.
Respiratory】 【try not to bad in the air flow in the fitness gym. Because the air filled with other people's breath exhaust, side movement while inhaling these harmful gases, not only from physical fitness purposes, but detrimental to health, first of all who suffer is your respiratory system.
【】 Menstruation gynecology before and during menstruation, due to pelvic congestion, contraction of the uterus, you will waist Suanzhang, this time do not rub or hammer waist waist, otherwise, will not only increase congestion, leading to more Suanzhang uncomfortable, but also to increased bleeding.
** * Want to avoid infection, the best answer is not to ground with the lotion, but the use of condoms.
Do not, under the guidance of gynecologist eat a drug, and then again under the guidance of a dermatologist to eat another drug, and that two kinds of drugs are non-prescription drugs, this is the case, non-prescription drugs will arrive off between the efficacy, even condition worse. Whether you are taking any medicines, be sure to let your doctor or pharmacist to know.
【】 To take medicine during the medication should be temperance, because alcohol will not only enlarge the side effects of most drugs several times, as well as possible and to generate new medicines react with the toxic components. Medication Do not use hot water or fruit juice service delivery, or likely to influence drug efficacy.
Medication three times a day can not be based on the 1st 3 meals a time to arrange. To an average of 24 hours a day is divided into three paragraphs, each 8-hour medication 1.
Endocrine】 【annual check-ups, remember to care for your thyroid health, it is best to check your blood levels of thyroid hormones. If the lack of thyroid hormone, you are prone to depression, weight has also increased.
【Skin】 winter, do not wash your face with hot water, or the rapid expansion of facial skin, followed by easy to longevity wrinkles. In the summer, they should not wash your face with cold water, or to stimulate a sudden contraction of the pores received, of which grease can not be timely and out of, prone to acne and acne. To resist skin aging than wrinkles, the skin, relaxation and coarse pores should pay more attention.
Orthopedic】 【2 copies of more than a day to eat dairy products is not calcium. Because humans are not suitable for digestion of milk, 75% of the world's people lack the stomach to digest the lactose in milk mold. Only people who live in Europe, Central Asia and other places, due to economical and safe feeding cows to milk as an important source of nutrition for the passage of time acquired the ability to digest lactose in milk, and to their offspring. We lack the ability to milk consumption. A large number of drinking milk, prone to arthritis, allergies, asthma and various stomach problems. If you really like to drink milk, drink one cup a day is enough, and want to eat more calcium can be sardines, almonds and shrimp.

Intercourse posture can also reveal the degree of love, sweet

In sex, there are the traditional male and female under the stance on that mimic animal sex attitude, but also on the men and women under the gesture, there are more changes in an infinite variety of gestures. So, sexual gestures in the end mean?
According to the survey researchers of sexology, human sexual gestures at the beginning of an animal no different. In the primitive society, when a woman's sexual desire has been ignited, they would bend down, twist hips, waiting for men to enter from behind. Later, it gradually evolved into the now widely used on the men and women having sex under the gesture, because in such a "structure" in the eyes of two people staring at each other, make love and then not only a sexual intercourse, but the emotional exchanges.
Sex posture may be signs that you love, stage of development. Sex expert's report is that, when two people in love, when kicking the tires are generally selected on the men and women under the traditional gesture, this easy to cover up the naked face of the other side, when suddenly restless and shy, while the right has just sexual contact two people, this gesture will help the exchange of eye, easier to achieve orgasm. However, this way two people long after the exposure will gradually be eliminated, because it is no longer over time to become a stimulating.
Then another carriage appeared. According to the survey, in the old couple, the man standing behind the way a woman is the most popular, can regain the passion in marriage elapsed. At the same time, oral sex in this time period, also came into being. Psychologists say that, if two people's feelings very well, they would think that sex, giving more than anything else, so they are more willing to do oral sex for each other so as to express their profound friendship for each other.
The most important sex organ is the brain, which may decide to draw to the climax of the quantity and quality, therefore, sex apart from physical contact, the more a psychological satisfaction. In fact, different sex have different psychological attitude implied effects. When the men on the woman in a traditional gesture under, the men have full control of the situation feeling. This attitude of men in the whole process can take the initiative in the way that they can control the length and intensity, while they can at a glance from a woman's face to know their own results.
While the female on the male psychology of men and women under the posture of a gesture suggesting the greatest conflict. Men, women face high above the sudden there is a misconception, feel things in the past by its own control to the women's hands, a man that such a kind gesture on behalf of women's power, which made them subconsciously uneasy. At the same time, women will also be a sudden increase in sex position Gaode perplexed, after all, women used to swing lower body is not to please each other.
Of course, both men and women, are exposed to the body when the emphasis on sex. Choose the Body and sometimes sex is driven by this psychological accomplished. First decide which part of his exposure to the other, and then decide what kind of sex position. In addition to sexuality, men and women will want to question is - how to see my body is perfect. Generally speaking, men are more concerned with sex than women when the image. Men feel that women on a male under the best ways to make them look perfect, while women think when a man standing behind their intercourse, their image of the worst

Four kinds of behavior of a woman most men dreamed

Men love to be a pain men, men whole-heartedly for their loyalty to the woman, has been a lot of women are still Qingdouchukai when he secretly made at the bottom of my heart many times his dream. Today, it is still under siege for those who do not know how to discuss her husband in favor, while some women do not know specifically what to quietly support a few tricks of our compatriots.

(A) the steel used in the knife's edge, in due course to the men know how to express your love for

Gender world, both men and women are all the time do not want them to love themselves, to focus themselves, love themselves. This point, there are a lot of men usually seem sloppy actually are inwardly very keen sense of the people of this Smart. As the saying goes there are people saying to use the blade on the steel, so intelligent woman must be timely in their lives to the men know how to express your share of deep love in his heart, at the right time for it on the performance of passion and released. For example, a more carefully, the wife of her husband in a restaurant meal, of which a simple but elegant dishes is a soft spot, a special favorite. So, she quietly went to Houchu carefully sought the advice of some, the home on their own way forward to learn to do together. So, although she did dishes that Tao may be cottage, and restaurant chefs to do than taste may be worlds apart. However, her husband has been or will be deeply moved, deeply warmth. Because he moves from his wife in the simple earnest his wife for their thick felt tremendous love.
(B) remember the woman Roumei features, with your gentle so that men Futie

The eyes of others, there was a very happy woman mail to me talk to her distress. She had a very successful career of her boyfriend, and that cultivation of excellent quality is particularly high. Also, I do not visit a prostitute is not gambling, not to mention the bad habit of generally wealthy man whoring. However, the life of this woman has felt particularly unhappy. Because the work of her boyfriend usually very busy, very few with her shopping. Among the limited number of companionship, but also to the bookstore to buy back a lot of books in the library reading late into the night. The woman felt a special hidden bitterness and grievances are very do not understand her boyfriend. She is a woman! Need his love and compassion! To be honest, I have received this message in a time when, I felt some of this woman is simply asking for trouble. A woman is born with soft feminine nature, then why not demonstrate in front of his beloved woman in this unique style it? He worked very busy, the phone gently comfort him what he likes reading when shopping in their own time for his selection of several books of interest to him. At night, in his ecstasy in the study to one o'clock, when reading for his inverted cup hot water, or warm glass of milk gently on his desk. Then, in the back grabbed a man's waist and whispered in his ear Whisper that you would like him very much want him. At this point, the man on earth is so incomprehensible style fool it?

(C) a change in a man's not nagging and complaining, but a woman's wisdom and intelligence

Men in general in life, there is still so elegantly called, is the smell of men. Although, in reality the actual number of women are very much in love are so anti-said, the so-called stinky men in their lives, or popular female compatriots welcome. However, this title is more or less reflect the men in their daily life one's appearance, little attention meter appearance features. Men's Taidalielie, slovenly living habits of this, light can also be said to be harmless, because the tobacco is not a man if he does not call a man, and who occasionally some tobacco and alcohol flavor that is normal. But if to the alcohol, such as life, Yishanbuzheng, Lalilata a day, washing feet do not directly go to bed, when not a single woman is not gratification, the. This time, no matter how great minds have grievances, but also avoid all day long complained with a Ku Gualian with the buttocks of men behind the nagging complaints, we must stop and think a good approach and ideas. Because men sometimes like a naughty child in particular is very prone to rebellious mentality. When you are generous with their German and to return his "complaints", he contrary, it will feel that they are deeply ashamed of.

(Iv) sexual life is not entirely dominated by men and women can also be a romantic Eve advocate

Life in the sexes, generally a lot of women are very passive, waiting for her husband's request. Even if his heart is clearly with the needs, but also do not take the initiative to the expression of restraint. Moreover, some of the details of married life, also have been completely determined by men, many women do not know how to how to take the initiative to do. Reality, and now city life, there are many families of gender between husband and wife in the routine life is like there is no overwhelming passion, there is no cardiac feeling, there is no romantic ambience. There are only self-deprecating touch the right hand left numb and monotonous. Smart woman must be to mobilize the idea of her husband's passion, surprise give him some fresh heartbeat, as long as you like, you can always add some romantic lives of two men and "sex" in seasoning. To make their gender life colorful and relaxed and happy, truly happy their marriage strong adhesives

5 tips for the winter make you slim

Winter has arrived, you can safely put the body fat hidden in the coat, the slim looks like any number of girls not bad. You can then lie down on the warm sofa, watching TV while a pack a bag next to the snack destroyed; cold, and movement and eliminating the bar ...... and so on! Do you want to become a Winter fat woman do?! do not want to, then look at our five tips to lose weight in winter in preparation for the winter is better than a slim bar!

1. Eat foods with high moisture content

High moisture content foods include soup (80% -95% water), fruit and vegetables (80% -95%), hot cereal (85%). Moisture increases the weight and quantity of food, but will not increase the heat.
Winter has arrived, you can safely put the body fat hidden in the coat, the slim looks like any number of girls not bad. You can then lie down on the warm sofa, watching TV while a pack a bag next to the snack destroyed; cold, and movement and eliminating the bar ...... and so on! Do you want to become a Winter fat woman do?! do not want to, then look at our five tips to lose weight in winter in preparation for the winter is better than a slim bar!

2. The sun
Sunlight can prevent the blood serotonin precipitation, which is a kind of serotonin can stimulate the emotional brain chemical, but it also partially responsible for expression "saturated" feeling. Even the shower is strong, under artificial light sources, especially in the morning, will also have the same effect. Therefore, the more intimate contact with the sun can help you resist the desire for food and binge eating impulses.

3. To improve the proportion of protein intake

In general, a daily dietary intake of calories being, there should be 15% of calories from protein. According to a study by the University of Washington, if this ratio increased to 30%, your total calorie intake per day can reduce 440 calories - nearly 1 pound per week can be reduced, but there will be no feeling of hunger . Because of the high protein diet can be cleverly fool the brain, so that the brain think you have to eat more than the actual, to give saturated signals.

Choose protein-rich foods and pay attention to distinguish between the protein "fat" and "thin", do not choose a high fat content, easy to blocked arteries meat and milk products. Breakfast, you can use skim milk to rinse out cereal, then add a little nuts on top. Also can do a complete egg or 3 egg omelette egg white to do. Eat a lot of beans, fish and peeled of the breast.

4. It-yourself, healthy eating

With regard to health, diet, weight loss diet information that has never been missing, you can on the physical fitness, diet magazines, books and cooking to teach Internet information on the all-inclusive again find your favorite low-calorie, low-fat dishes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea, dim sum snacks you can arrange another get rich perfectly healthy. Hence, you are unhealthy and junk food stocks are easy to Chi Pang can remove it, dieting is not always a very difficult thing, you can always find fun.

5. To seek the help of professional coaches

Winter is always an emotional season for a lack of willpower to lose weight. If you think that will less, refused to leave, I do not anti-try to "rent" a professional fitness coach, or apply for a costly gym VIP card. Would amount spent too wasteful not to bar, it would be of their own an incentive to adhere to the movement. Or you could be more brave point out Chuichui Feng, a walk can make your energy up

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Woman Han most impressed by the local men?

Personalized Man Woman attachment

Just love had never been seen, these appear to be useful to send are in fact does not necessarily the lingua franca of the Wanyi Er. Most commonly, tie and belt, is very close, there is a 24-hour track feel. However, suits and ties, grace pointed out repeatedly, but a lot of women to men perfection expectations, usually Natiao valuable tie is of no little use, and why? Because it may be inappropriate style, may be even worse he did not suit. What is the root ribbon tied to send a man's heart is purely a woman's face did not love the performance of self-confidence. And now the men bother to bring the majority of every day understanding of girls on the outside, if we all thought it necessary to send tie belt, he was not rare then! Too much inventory.

Therefore, the initial gifts to the men or the hyperactive brain, a little creativity, but not necessarily practical, such as what to send him a pair of high heels, custody, he will never forget.

In some crucial time, give a man what the gift is important to send. Now times have progressed, women have for men to spend money. So, do not single-minded waiting for him to send things to impress your heart, we have to interact Well. From the good feeling of the occasion to determine the relationship between love, and are advised to send valuable gifts for men, it is best that he is ready to purchase things, like expensive sound. This year, hit men, determined to get the money. Map What? Figure he you do not have the psychological burden, to take to tell him how much you are independent, of course, refers to economic independence. In fact, Well, is called the son could not bear to set Buzhao wolf. Za Zhong, and he does not keep you forever?

Then, it's time to meet the man's appetite, and eating other people's soft in the mouth. If you want every day to hear someone say, "I love you" three words, we must properly waited on his stomach had. In fact, men are not difficult to take care, if you let him develop the habit of eating snacks at the meeting. I have a friend, recently marked fat, because he fell in love with the downstairs snack takeaway shop to send the little girl.

 Personality captured a man a woman

- To send a man gives a woman something, speaking of precious, speaking mind. To send something to the men and women, pay attention to are mostly practical. As for the practical extent of the relationship between two people depends on the degree of intimacy. If two people close relations, that is the best time for a woman captured a man! You have to do is to guide consumption. Do you let him drink a regular brand of mineral water; with a taste of shampoo; wear a color of underwear; to use special condoms. Sent him these things, did not spend any money, but you can let him have got used to cultivate the habit of a certain thing, he can not be separated so as to achieve your objective.

He always wanted to break up with her, but everything around to remind him of her presence. The body of the jeans, is her first trip to Hong Kong, bought; your favorite pieces of checked shirt and that is when they went shopping together to buy. There are brown wool socks, key parts of a doll pattern underwear. He has tried to leave her things, all thrown away, but the buy back, or the same color, same style. It turned out that she was one of his long life down a murderous scheme, so that his life he lived under her warmth, or shadow.

 Be a man confused and disoriented woman

He can not do without you to be a woman, to be a man so disoriented woman, women know what they want and they will know in a timely manner to express that she needs. Therefore, the result is often that a woman wish fulfilled. Here, we list the 10 features:

 1, maintain an independent

Whether she is one of the company's CEO, or a restaurant hostess, were insignificant. She has the most genuine life. She has her own honor, and she did not make it go and beg for a living.

2, non-entangled each other

The stars, the moon and the sun have their own trajectory, and similarly, she will not be around him round and round. When her constellation metaphor shows him moving away from her Mercury, Venus, she no longer dating him. He or she would not watch him struggle. He is not the center of the universe.

3, a mysterious and unpredictable

Integrity and frankly there is a difference. She is honest, but it does not mean that she needs to confess everything. She also does not clearly and simply put their cards on the table. She knew the past is just as rude - all too familiar lack of respect for the seeds will be planted, and even planted the seeds of tired.

4, she would allow him to hurry a bit more tolerable

She do not need to see him every night, nor on his long phone message left on. Her name is not his secretary arranged a week plan first. In fact, men were also eager to love. The feelings of desire, but also very good.

  5, would not let him see his own Lang Beixiang

She is not thinking of chaos as far as possible when the exchange with him, but also try to avoid upset when communicating with him. And so on his mind when sober, and then expressed in a concise manner.

6, self-organize their time to

She deliberately slow down, especially when he can not wait the time. The rhythm of her own act, rather than each other's footsteps, the purpose is to prevent by his mercy.

7, she maintained a sense of humor

Her humor can feel the other side of her independent thinking. However, she would not laugh at him, nor will he does not respect.

8, she was very self-confident

When he compliments her, she would say, "Thank you." She was not going to stop him praise. She will not ask his former girlfriend's appearance, it will not work with jealousy over other women.

9, her passion for certain things more than he needs

When he felt that she is not for him, "Once you have, do not want nothing," when he thought she was full of charm. Because there are things to be busy, so she would not see him and angrily ran. In her mind he had no privileges, not made "fixed parking spaces," there is no "exclusive access." He got, but next to the "carpark" and a "temporary parking" only.

10, she cherished her body

Her focus on their appearance and health. A man how to maintain his / her looks, can reflect the extent of their self-esteem. If he told her that he did not like red lipstick, and this lipstick letting her feel good, she will still use.

Individual woman to be a bar, firmly grasp the man's heart, when you are a man's heart was seized, you will not be smart and personalized for their own pride in it, seize the men is not just rely on an informed MANAGEMENT, but also has its own personality, such a woman, is the most attractive!

10 years later, still relatively young 33 tips

How to remain youthful decade later? Thoroughly to avoid and stay away from all these violations of the implicit into the ravine Youlin Happy regimen does not seem realistic, we are constantly exploring and finding only truly effective way to protect themselves and refused to sully the time and erosion. Health approach is a very important point, of course, to look at to keep the younger secrets.

1, 5 big main skin care tips

1, first of all we propose, we should have an ideal proper skin care procedures, skin care plays an important role; and long-term use of high-quality skin care products is the secret of beautiful skin.

2, Nutrition: you should determine your own skin, what type of hair and fingernails. But the nursing own skin-care products to pay attention to what adverse reactions.

3, moisture: Do not let the skin dry, often water. Drink almost two liters of water a day. Daily bathing and skin care.

4, sleep: to ensure that sleep patterns of life is good for the immediate resumption of mental and physical.

5, the example of some celebrities skin care and maintenance of the Road.

Second, the details of youth care tips

6, Face Care: Face massage the skin from the bottom up, sooner or later each time.

7, pay attention to the neck of the care, use the essence of the sub-categories and more oily skin cream to control neck and a clear cross striations.

8, before going out with a hot towel at attaining, activated blood vessels, easing wrinkles.

9, smear some products containing vitamin C to keep looking rosy, if not also the spirit of lipstick.

10, smearing cream, do not ignore the stains around the eyes, otherwise they will deepen over time.

11, need to use nutritional nail cream, to prevent yellowing.

Third, make-up tips of young

12, glossy color: make-up when you do not use a color darker than the foundation.

13, if the color is too bright, will appear to face very much oil, so do not wipe too much foundation, or only make wrinkles more pronounced.

14, used to avoid the cold or too dark colors. Bronze will make people look very pale, while the darker red mouth lips will look thinner.

15, minimize the use of eye shadow, eye shadow first, then eye cream to prevent eye injuries.

16, if the eye make-up of good, then the eyes will become more apparent of his voice, but caution should pay attention to the use of green eye shadow.

17, make-up when used in the bags under the eyes pale concealer below, in the uplift has cast a dark concealer Department, fuzzy uplift and Dixian the boundaries, cover bags under the eyes.

18, the right hairstyle: short hair will make wrinkles appear more pronounced, even more old. So it can stay shoulder-length hair, slightly cut some level, it is natural.

 Fourth, the spirit of the young tips

19, to stay in shape, bloated body and whole body fat will make you look doddering.

20, encountered acquaintances greeted each other, they should straighten the body, to maintain posture and mental outlook, the other party would vote to appreciate the vision.

21, avoiding contact with those who have more contact with naturally upbeat, so as not to affect their mood.

22, to maintain their fresh new things to the outside world, there is the attitude towards life and mood can people look filled with energy.

23, do not deliberately imitate the words of those young students trying to make himself younger. Young and naive, there is a difference.

 5, the young tips of small TIPS

24, covered with gauze or cotton moisturizing essence solution or water deposited on the face for 20 minutes, let your skin drink in the overnight water saturation.

25, eye fatigue: Use a fresh spoon immersed in warm water, then placed on the eyelids for 5 minutes, until the temperature of metal spoon slowly cooled, such a simple procedure to restore fatigue is complete.

26, insisted to do some eye care exercises, you can try at the office or before going to bed.

27, Lip Care: The toothbrush James honey coated lips, retain 2 minutes.

28, in the use of care before going to sleep balm, moisturizing lip around the rear Apply and to pat means a little massage, so that the proliferation of smooth lips produce results.

6, anti-aging a good habit of

29, aromatic skin therapy call: to maintain adequate sleep, and neck massage with peppermint oil.

30, adhere to good and regular habits, bedtime less water, empty doing the eye massage to reduce baggy eyes, keep eyes reveal secrets of age.

31, a week do a facial scrub particles, or using some acid skin care products, or use exfoliating cream to get rid of the aging cutin, so that reply shiny skin.

32, insist on going out every day use sunscreen, the sun's UVA is the culprit leading to skin aging, sun protection should be consistently and efficiently.

33, adhere to eat vitamins, which contain vitamin C, E cabbage, cucumbers, peanuts, etc., help to weaken and break down the formation of melanin have been.

A woman's most no match for the temptation to three kinds of men

woman to do anything good, that is, the face of a man's temptation every day too. Because opposites attract, men think about every day is the temptation to derail a woman, a woman can not remain calm if faced with a dazzling variety of men, and that the temptation will be tempted out of the normal track of life, lost mind, controlled by men, and placing themselves in extreme danger in. Put it mildly, and would time and again by men cheat precious things will be even serious harm to men.

  1, women have to withstand the temptation of impulse.Because a woman's feelings more than men to be rich, rational and relative lack of more than men, combined with weaknesses in physical structures, it is easy to commit impulsive mistakes, a lot of women are deceived because the spur of the moment was only a man's. This woman knows its own weakness, they try not to, and not too familiar with the men to eat bad things, or watch DVD, vulgar cartoons, books and people like easy things on impulse, especially those in Hollywood films and Japanese of those cartoons where there is often a kind of love the lens, it is the temptation to people's minds, if a woman look at Mongolia, and by men his grasp on the extremely dangerous. Which is inside the most frightening factor is that rational men because women are up after the impulse is to pull 10 horses have not come back, the woman would be caught up in the deadly danger, fled to escape also. Too many temptations.

Second, women have to withstand the temptation of love.Because a woman's maternal instinct dictates, more women than men know how to love, will love, more attention to love, so more women than men, unable to withstand the temptation of love. The love is more important than our lives, a woman born with weaknesses. Each woman with a love heart is collection for men, women even after a good many years later, I heard a man who had loved the familiar voice will still be tempted to speed up the heartbeat. If ever a man loved a woman and women want to see side to meet a woman knows what will happen, will be pleased to meet this woman. Men in such circumstances can sometimes make more sense than a woman, The reason is that more women than men place more importance on love. The ladies love a man if and to meet, without accidents (love of men are not stupid), a romantic candlelight dinner meal, drink Weizui woman would give way and the temptation to love the man fell to the arms . That the consequences are very terrible, to love to read more important than life, the woman will sink in the love of Yu Hai unable to extricate themselves, if not a liability to her husband and children, in the love of men in front suddenly headstrong woman Even at home even without looking back. This case, a woman love a man if you want to use a woman or injury to a woman, nothing is easy, many women do deep wounds and paid a painful price.

  Third, women have to withstand the temptation of sweet talk a man.The face of a man's sweet talk, women are usually out of control. Women all like to hear a man say "I love you", because women hear the tone of a man with the temptation to say "I love you", the body will produce a chemical reaction, which has become crazy, out of control, feeling fluttering For cents, prone to hallucinations. In this regard, we can not blame the woman too much, which is due to a woman's maternity. In birds, the male bird is usually utter the least pleasant win more hearts and minds of the females what is the reason. In the men's sweet talk, the woman is very easy to get into passion, surrender their devotion to the man himself. At this time, disoriented woman, fatally distinguish good and bad, blindly follow the man's Fen Fu. If the person is an honest man, only to receive love from a woman who, then a woman to face such a man is undoubtedly the most happy. But if this man is a bad man, a woman will be out of control to become a bad man's accomplice, put themselves in danger, and even destroy the beautiful life, so crime.

What are the fastest parts of the old woman?

What are the fastest parts of the old woman? This is to understand the problem, and only grasp the weaknesses, in order to effectively prevent or fight back. Do not worry you already have signs of aging is described in the article to start the correct maintenance of the aging part is still time to save!

The first: the eye --- the eye so that the aging signs of a woman exposed

Aging characteristics of one: Right now there are fine lines of the.

The beginning may be due to ill-maintenance caused by Gan Wen, slowly due to aging and the real into the small fine lines. Smile when the eye weeks to see significant relaxation, fine lines eyes and less and less vivid. Very raising someone else's eyes.

Aging characteristics of two: eye due to relaxation caused by drooping eyes. This is really is the most pathetic. Because it gives the whole person-shaped eyes have changed.

General recommendations, there are eye problems, the usual with a fresh eye gel on the body. The appropriate time to fill out to give the eye on the water. Night owl on a little eye drops. The trouble of drinking green tea smoking point. Conditional on the film deposited with the green tea under the eyes of James Cotton. Can alleviate eye fatigue, eye problems will be less.

The second: Skin --- loose skin is a feature of the aging of the first

Aging characteristics of one: facial skin is clear, in fact, relaxation, flexibility is not enough, and there nasolabial folds. Look down along the nasolabial folds, and you'll see it as a sagging lines, sagging skin, while the whole face are the same as the fall. In short, there is no beauty at all.

Aging characteristic 2: the body from the skin easily dry dry skin, even in the summer are so.

Careful observation will find that the skin texture become very loose. Do not believe you can look at more than 30-year-old woman in the skin, very loose arm, especially those who know to eat every day and do not love sports. Do not maintain body and just dressed woman, is not intrinsically attractive.

Third: Chest ----- chest aging, often caused by bad habits

Some people like to tummy to sleep, tummy sleeping woman seriously affected Munakata is true. You have the heart to let your lover see you undress after the two great circle cake Mody.

When taking a bath, remember not to use the water will overheat the chest, long period of time has also led to sag. The best way is to either hot water or cold water. Then trouble you are using breast cream, Breast cream when lenient. Many such drugs have serious side-effects. Become a big chest is not the case. Was slowly raised great. And most people are born. Acquired 90% of the effort is futile. Breast maximum effect of essential oils is to make the chest Buzhi Yu sagging, but it will not let you from A into C.

There are also blind to lose weight, and reduced to the last start with a small chest, because the fast-gotten thinner, the body can not immediately adapt to the chest may be sagging. In short, the most beautiful either the innate, or else is smart.

TIPS: Online fried crazy papaya breast milk did not effect the actual oh ~ because papaya is a Fat Burn weight loss of fruit.

Fourth place: --- hip hip without exercise will reveal embarrassing aging curve

Relaxation is as horrendous as the buttocks and chest. Will not feel special, wearing jeans would be very difficult to see. Bed and exercise is not looking to do. I have a colleague to understand the time in the bath has been tempered Pi Pi. I think so. Have to do is to keep the hip muscle contraction. This should be a very long time before a little bit of effect - become tight grip real number. However, to truly achieve the effect of hip is a need to insist on doing every day hip movement.

Friendly Tip: take the Office of the MM who stools just sit and third, straighten your back, but also an effective way to create beautiful PP oh ~

Apart from the above four, there is the neck skin, and its maintenance should be started from the age of 20, initially painted some light should be cool, the ingredients simple product. After the age of 25 you can focus on wrinkle-free ingredients. The forehead wrinkles are sometimes not really an important symbol of aging, some people have more than 20-year-old forehead wrinkles, this is entirely a result of bad habits.

If the above questions you have. Will now begin to address bar. Quickly join the maintenance team, and now to save / prevention aging disaster, but also not too late!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Women make a man completely out of control six Secret

Say that women are emotional animals, man is a rational animal, but man up and emotional when a woman in no way inferior. Dou Wei burning car kicked up a newspaper, many people are surprise. How can he? In fact, they probably did not we think rationally. The factors that control their appearance under the deep, we can make a careful inquiry will be able to glimpse into the evident.

 1, he suddenly unreasonable in the wine on the table

Men scene: a group of friends to meet, he drank too much. Every time she was the only know that he drank too much, not only mistake made love, but also your whole body. So she Ququan him. However, some men like to boast Jiejiu sentiments, three glasses of wine down, he launched a wine crazy buddies insisted, and children have a competition capacity for liquor. Yong-girlfriend who counseled her pipe her husband, she could not in the front of his girlfriend without the face, then snatching her husband's glasses, let him drink the. She moves to his buddies a while children create a disturbance, said he was henpecked. Man a real man, the most important thing is to face, how can children in the face of buddies lost face. By Jiujin chosen to drink, he not only drink, but also single-handedly pushed her to take her Mind your own business.

The results can be imagined, she and he therefore compared with the previous effort and one to capture each other's cup to prove their own "tame-fu technique," one just wishes to win back their right to drink to prove that man's dignity, but many had met with a bunch of people on the booing, the results amazing scene took place, he told her bluster, "You Jiwo Gun!"

 He's out of control secret:

Good men face, perhaps he can be at home lying on the ground to give you a good husband to do Maji, but outside, he must prove that he is a man of indomitable spirit. This is about dignity, and Ai Buai his wife has nothing to do, therefore, insisted on the urge somebody to drink seem a trivial issue, in his view, could be hurt, he went on event. Therefore, the more his wife insisted that he should be more stubborn in the end. At this time, he's out of control is a testament to their own face-saving move, although later, he might order a few days of self-punishment to his wife an apology, but that moment, he insists on using out of control to prove that he is good like.

This allows a woman hard to accept. Smart's wife, to know when not to challenge him in that so-called face. Advantage of the opportunity to give him to be the next step, lest he really out of control themselves.

  Two, he suddenly did not want to work

Men-site: This is the place in the United States, one thing: He is a bus driver with hard work, the most of their lives. It seems the crowd, he loves the job and is a model of labor-like figure. Several decades, he has been in his line rain or shine. But one day, he made a startling move: the first time, he did not go according to the original line, he threw away a camel rebellious passengers, the car pulled into a small river, facing the flock from the media reporter, he proudly said: He hated norms and immutable, I feel alive today, he finally own one back.

Life is there are not many like this, he, like bus drivers? One day, he suddenly walk away and do not want to work, he wanted to resign, want to go to Tibet to play, in short, he was like a naughty general, suddenly throw away all her responsibilities, abandoning the family, regardless of the Qierlaoxiao all.

 He's out of control secret:

Men Huode Lei, under the old and small, from his youth, he may not own, he abandoned his ideals and passion for the "responsibility" word live. In order to responsibility, his appearance and conscientiously, but in fact heart more eager to unrestrained, eager to relax and freedom.

The so-called extremes meet, the more responsibility and the burden of body weight, suppress the heart of the self and resistance will be even more intense, we often found in a typical middle-aged man to see this. In an analysis of why the IT industry, frequent job-hopping phenomenon of middle-aged executives study, experts say, this is the middle-aged man eager to return to self-expression.

In order to responsibility, he tired. One day, he suddenly behaved like a headstrong adolescent runaway children. He has to go looking for young woman's dream, he wants to get rid of the responsibility of a return to relax, and his loss of control is for an outbreak of pressure, this time, as a wife, and may forgive him, give him appropriate to support too.

  3, he suddenly face in front of many people cry

Men scene: he is a strong man, is representative of everyone in the eyes of a tough guy. He is a Chinese version of Schwarzenegger, all-conquering. He is chairman of a company, his staff had never seen him shed tears. In his view, the tears are a sign of weakness. He hated emotional, that only a deep solemn man, it really looks like good man.

But one day, he suddenly face in front of many people cry, it was a regular meeting of the company, is to attend meetings, his secretary, suddenly came to him, whispering a message. If the Secretary had just finished, he suddenly burst into tears in front of everybody's face, he did not tactful to howl. He looked to have frightened everyone. They later learned that the Secretary has brought tragic death of his grandmother the news. That moment, he's true feelings, can not hide his tears of grief.

  He's out of control secret:

Too many theories so that men do not easily shed tears over time, men shed tears she also feels that the performance is not a man. Chick was like a child, they look down on the men shed tears. And society teach men should be serious, deep, men are also in accordance with such norms restrain itself. But such norms gradually so that men seemed to have lost their feelings and become flesh and blood did not live in general. In reality, he is after all human beings, we need the truth, when revealed, so once encountered something touch the critical point of his emotions, he may be involuntarily lost control and burst into tears.

This control is a good thing, to some extent, such loss of control in order to make men more amiable, but also let him vent feelings, the more healthy, a long-suppressed feelings of men, life expectancy than the average person will be short.

  4, his act of violence

Men Scene: He is a university professor, knows the book Dali. Everyone can not imagine that he actually can be linked to domestic violence, but it does one day, he beat his wife, and and heavy shot. It was an ordinary quarrel, his wife blamed him go home too late. He had identified the wrong, but in his later words, "my wife is somewhat得理不饶人." Their quarrel escalating, first he had been patient, then there is no way he felt, and a way to get my wife shut up is to use force, he hit her, a slap down, two people are shocked. His wife did not think he actually will play himself, but he did not expect a child his most hated father's domestic violence, and make their own husbands, after repeating his father's old actually.

  He's out of control secret:

Why is a good man will dispute the use of force in the family? It should be said that many men was a child, witnessed his father after the mother of violence must hate these acts of violence. However, an adult, they are not consciously continue to repeat the same mistakes. Psychological theory that this is because the more we grow in an environment of childhood lack of love, The more they do not learn to use peaceful means to settle disputes love.

Calm, they may suppress their impulse to such violence, they cautioned themselves; beat his wife is wrong, which would allow others to hate himself even more. But subconsciously, they still feel that violence is the best way to solve the problem. Although many have had to reflect the men of violence, when they go on the first punch, they themselves do not believe they actually would do such things.

 5, good gentleman's foul language

Men scene: He is a gentleman everyone recognized representative model, performance is as follows; he would get off when she is always considerate to the door for her to drive. He will even eat in the wild, we must act together in a full dress, he graduated from the elite schools, and the father is a senior cadres ministries and his mother was one door lady that when she decided to marry him, is the fancy that.

But one day, when she witnessed the performance of his impatience, which is reflected her surprise, there is no thought of "gentleman Crazy." Such a man will at some point, swearing Lianpian. It was once a crossroads before going to red light, and a car suddenly grab Road, he came to an emergency brake, it seems that the unconscious, and that he facing the driver away shouted abuse, with impunity, like a uneducated the U.S. cowboy.

She was puzzled why a man like him a gentleman would curse foul language?

He's out of control secret:

"Sex and the City" Samantha once inside the gentleman would like to try and make love feel. She thought the gentleman must be polite when making love, gentle and considerate, but did not expect the other side of her bed suddenly yells. This gives Samantha a very unexpected, but the other side so strong sexual pleasure.

Why is the most gentlemanly of men got out of control will also be using foul language? Look at the foul language typical of a culture of the United States could explore the reasons for cowboys. Those cowboys who like to use coarse language to show their masculinity, men are also in the secular life. A gentleman and then the men, using foul language to prove their masculinity is a cultural gene actually been hidden in his heart, even though the gene is being affected by the efforts of a gentleman to do was dampened, but once Daizhe opportunities, it will be his breakthrough .

  6, a good man one-night stand

Men scene: He is a good husband in the eyes of his wife, he was a good father a child in mind. He was gentle, thoughtful, Gu, or even maintain the current time and handed over a rare wages regularly. He likes to accompany his wife after dinner walk, he had no affair, others viewed him as Dazhaodenglong also difficult to find a good man.

However, once a business trip, his friends encouraged him to find a happy happy lady. Children are left to those guys hug the right hold, he would have to resist, but it does not seem to feel that they face, so that does not seem like a man. The key is that this young lady appeared to have blurred vision in general snake temptation, he can not help but somewhat distracted as a result, he was on her bed.

It was his first off the rails, and only once, afterwards, his wife did not believe in any case, the husband of her eyes has always been decent, how to make that kind of thing will be.

  He's out of control secret:

A so-called good men, why would find Miss Lost and Delirious? This men's prostitute and cultural affiliations. Sociologists have found that some men did not intend to place lost in the sensual, but if his buddies children have done so, he did not do, it makes him feel the pressure: First, he does not like a man - Most men put such behavior as a sign of masculinity; second, he feels he has a sense of loneliness, he did not want because they do not visit a prostitute and separated from his buddies outside the circle, or looked down on by his buddies -- men are most afraid of being abandoned to his body.

Sensual place in the out of control, but also, and a man from his wife and a number of ethical monitoring are. Once a man out of a familiar environment, then the indulgence of the sense of what he called particularly strong. This is why most men who travel, easy to get out of control the reason why.

10 minutes before going to bed so that you secretly become beautiful

SkinDuring daylightMakeupProducts, sun, dirty air andRadiationHold in a whole day in the evening, she could finally take a breather in. After eight hours sleep, you should not do anything in advance for your skin? Simple maintenance of three-step walk before going to bed so that you skin care more efficiently. The body's metabolism at all times during the, the body heat of combustion of量To maintain the normal operation of all parts of the body. The skin's metabolism at 22 o'clock to 2 o'clock this time of the most active, while at night the skin is also a "toxic" free radicals of the most active, if intelligently seize this a few hours at night to regain the skin's metabolism will be luster's secret weapon, "Sleeping Beauty" is one such born!

Beautiful Daren teach you a simple three-step walk before going to bed maintenance:


Must be prompt, thorough cleansing facial makeup, which is bedtimeSkincareThe first step.


Face Moisturizer

Sprayed in the face and neck before going to sleep on the mineral-containingToner, It hasMoistureEffect; if the skin is very dry, you can spray several times repeated. Toner are followed by late frost. Late frost can also be used with the essence to ensure that the skin at night to complete the repair and newborn.

Lip Moisturizer

After removing the lips of the dead skin, in addition to Run with the frostedLipstickAddition, you can also use some primitive methods. For example, gently rub the lips with sugar, or brush their teeth with the toothbrush when passing graze lips, will effectively remove dead skin, and then coated with lip balm before they can be assured to go to sleep.

 3. Care


Bedtime facial massage, facial skin and compact you up up up! The simplest method is to gently tap after Chashang Toner face, so that the full facial muscles twitching, and restore elasticity.


Eye skin is thin, but also most likely to reveal the age, fine lines and dark circles and other difficulties arise, soEyeAnd Mask indispensable.

Neck Care

For women, the most mind exposure to the neck of the fine lines, because it will betray your age. Therefore, you should use with moisture of massage lotion or cream to the neck, prompting the neck skin to absorb nutrients. Note that when coated latex gently massage, try to show your soft side呀! Otherwise they will be self-defeating.

Hair Care

  长HairCast in the hair before going to bed without cleaning the rootHairSu, and makes a massage, when you have an early morning Wuliu Liu's hair.

  CurlsLet hair dry naturally before going to bed with a ribbon tied loosely to hair roots, early morning, when just a little comb, hair will look fluffy and full.

 Special reminder:

1. Good sleep is a prerequisite for maintenance of the skin to minimize late at night, between points in the 10 -12 to sleep, a good grasp of the skin update of prime time.

2. Easy toSleep lossThose who wish to drink before going to bedMilkDue to the ingredients contained in milk with a relaxation effect.

Drinking honey to lose weight 1 week mad thin 8 kg

In the three meals a day, just adding some honey, could have been avoidedFatAccumulate in the body down, the effect of weight loss can play it. Lunch: honey, a cup of mint tea, a tea spoon of honey: honey cup of water Dinner: honey, tea cup, a tablespoon of honey.

Are you both want their own front, side, sit down, bend over, do not see a trace of fat, body curve perfect? Now for you personally to create the perfect 360-degreeWeight-loss programComprehensive variety of weight-loss weight-loss information!

Meal honey

In the three meals a day, just adding some honey, to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body down, the effect of weight loss can play it.

Honey is a naturalNutritionProducts, and, lungs Runchang. It contains the body can be burned to量High-quality sugar,VitaminsAs well as minerals. And can eliminate the body's waste, so that the human body to restore its original metabolic functions, and improveConstipationAnd balanceGlucose. It is cheap weight lossFood, Due to constipation caused by obese people are particularly effective.

It also has detoxifying, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, anti-corrosion protection of wounds, promoting cell regeneration and exudate absorption of many functions, honey is rich in glucose, protein, vitamins, organic acids, amino acids and nutrients such as pollen, heat also brings a low, will not only help increase the liver detoxification capacity, but also the stomach, helps digestion, effects, it is also very low levels of heat.

Week honey diet

1st day: drink honey (which can make tea drink), the second, 3 days: normal diet, on the fourth day: drink honey, fifth, six days: normal diet

The first day of FoodAfter the distribution of flu test

Breakfast: honey cup of water,

Lunch: honey green tea, two cups, a tablespoon honey

Afternoon Tea: 2 tablespoons honey

Dinner: Honey Rose tea cups


Breakfast: a cup of green tea honey

Lunch: honey, a cup of mint tea, a tea spoon of honey: honey cup of water Dinner: honey, tea cup, a tablespoon honey

Thin felt


Breakfast: honey cup of water,

Lunch: honey, a cup of chamomile tea

Afternoon: 1 tablespoon honey

Dinner: Honey Rose tea cup

Usually 3-4 kg a week down to thin, if we really could not take off, you can eat one meal a day, drink honey election. Of course, with the honey to lose weight is also very important, and normal diet remember not to eat too much, eat like eight.

With honey weight loss method actress: Kim Hee-sun

It is difficult to imagine South Korea firstBeautyKim Hee-sun before entering the entertainment industry, is an unremarkable, "Xiao Panmei." In fact, her appetite is not large, but she likes to eat sweets, that is, unable to quit the temptation of dessert is a friend of the "honey diet," let her keep a good body fascinating.

She told you that, while honey is indeed a lot of sugar, but it is rich in vitamins, for body fat, poor health are the most suitable for use honey instead of dinner. In fact, very simple, as long as 30 grams of honey to join with a liter of water mixing, you can also add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for flavoring, drink two or three days straight, there will be unexpected results, the average would probably lean 3-4 kg then.

Honey + white vinegar weight loss wonders

A fact verified by the recent discovery of an effective weight-loss beauty methods: honey + vinegar, which are presented to you.

In their daily diet without changing the law would be honey and vinegar in a 1:4 ratio of consumption, the specific methods:

1, an empty stomach 20 minutes before breakfast drink;

2, immediately after lunch and dinner drink

It is noteworthy that in the selection of choice when white vinegar through the rice, sorghum, soybeans and other processed, and try to avoid products containing chemicals. Also recommended not to use vinegar, because vinegar is a vinegar as opposed to weight loss to Johnson色More. At the same time, the proportion of honey and white vinegar can be adjusted according to individual needs.

Honey to lose weight is desirable, we try. However, this weight loss method there is a lack of nutritional balance, it tends to rebound, so we also need to meet the appropriate exercise and nutritionFood pair

With feminine know-how to conquer men

Read this sentence: "conquer a man, not woman's beauty, but because of her femininity." What is femininity? It is a sensible and can not be said of the vague concept. "Feminine investigation" or that "In Search of femininity" For this topic gave a very detailed summary of an up and feel the bar!

People talk about general feminine, always think of the sexy, charming, graceful and customs associated with grace million species of woman, it seems that the only way is feminine. All along, the judge always feminine male perspective, however, modern women who already have a broader self-plastic space, some not fully passing away of the traditional norms that have long been able to promise a woman's life-long happiness. They confused the unprecedented growth, they thought the lives of women the right time, but also for a broader roll out their own living space. Therefore, the connotation of femininity also become wider and wider.

"Feminine investigation", or "look feminine" In fact, we want a pro-woman physical and psychological nature of return.

Women in the fundamental nature of a woman when it comes to the fundamental, which is feminine. However, "femininity" is an unknown and is not measured can not tell Road, the concept of what is feminine? What we need is feminine?

We asked a variety of age groups of people, an attempt to extract some of the more typical response, to explain in the end the people in the eyes of how a woman should smell like. However, we have found that even in such a relatively simple random survey, the understanding of the feminine is still different, in fact, we are still no Korea to explain what is feminine.

But you can sum up the point is that the female-specific advantages, both can constitute a "what is feminine," the final answer to this question. Even though people have different interpretations of femininity, even though we did not find feminine single answer, but we can be sure of is that femininity, specifically broken down into the merits of a woman and going. Maybe we can simply say, feminine women and men with a lack of merits of the various women.


The survey asked a total of five male and seven female friends, the answer include: customs million species are feminine, gentle and virtuous woman only feminine, motherhood is a brilliant representative of feminine, gentle woman who is very bright very feminine, understanding a woman's taste, can play its own characteristics a woman would exude feminine, and so on. In which the young men would be very straightforward way that the appearance is an important factor in feminine, while women will usually take into account a woman's personality, charm and other unspeakable feeling.

The majority of female friends when they talk about this topic said, for the feminine subject, the understanding of men and women certainly different, but there are a lot of times women talk about feminine will take into account the perspective of men, and often from the male point of view up look at this issue. It is clear that women's understanding of the feminine is usually more tolerant, or that the eyes of women, "feminine" principle will be broader and richer.

Male friends have been talking about femininity would seem to put a lot of disappointed women, in their eyes right feminine feel even more apparent in appearance, they often look first to determine by virtue of this woman has no taste, but did not think too much about this kinds of femininity came from where.

 Femininity was "a woman"

Lin Yi-wu, and some of his friends eyes, feminine grace graceful first is simply to say that "a very woman" Women have feminine. Lin Yi-wu in the eyes of femininity, male compatriots, where everything they did, therefore, this feeling must originate from a beautiful appearance, lightness posture, just right of the dress, gentle language. Overall, the feminine represents the men, a woman's right to all expectations.

Lin Yi-wu admit, because I was still very young, his request for women may be more stressed the external feel, perhaps even in another few years, this understanding will be different. But he insisted that only the young women was more feminine.

 Gentle, pleasant is an important manifestation of feminine

Most men's favorite is the woman's gentle. Can play a woman's most touching is the tender. Of course, this gentle and not artificial, tender but not pretentious woman, Zhilengzhire, know know light weight, and with her, some hearts will be evaporated unpleasant, this woman is the most exciting. Tenderness is a woman-specific weapons, even though men also have a warm side, but can not replace a woman's gentle.

A woman standing in front of that last few words, even without words, we can feel out of this woman is gentle or not to tender. It is involuntarily immersed in an atmosphere created by a woman. This feminine has nothing to do with age, and even did not look particularly great relationship.


Oda eyes of the feminine is "善解man meaning." Her point of view is very clear, feminine woman is actually the image of men in the eyes, therefore, to talk about femininity, it is still a woman standing on a man's point of view.

Oda that the evaluation of femininity is the most powerful men and women taste is actually the evaluation of male to female and aspirations. For instance, if women are not necessarily beautiful, but according to their own advantage, and then give them appropriate prominence. Generally speaking, she can according to different needs of men, to adjust their performance to show their own advantage.

Thus, there are feminine women are usually Xinsiminjie, exquisitely carved, understanding, in particular, be able to demonstrate that they善解men intended, therefore, the people and there are feminine women together, and whether it is chat conversations, mobile behavior, are seems just right, people warm spring breezes, this is the feminine.

Maternal glory

Chen talk about one of her colleagues last year after the birth to a child, there is a little fatter, the whole person has become more moderate uncertainty, it seems that enveloped the aura of motherhood. While the people are gaining weight a bit, but because with children, will be her maternal temperament in color on its head, Meiyu Jian kind of temperament, people could not help but feel close to. She felt that this period the most feminine of women.

Lu Xun said a word: women only daughters and motherhood, there is no real wife sex, wife sex is usually a combination of her daughter and motherhood. Chen Ting endorse this, said Li. Daughter is a woman of another temperament, but her daughter was too, may seem sticky people, annoying; only motherhood can make women's show holy glory. Therefore, Chen believes that femininity should reflect maternal Guan-hui.

Unique style

In Fanfan's eyes, every woman will have their own advantages, has its own unique personality or style, if able to play this style very well, we can form a distinctive charm, which is feminine. Therefore, each person has a different feminine.

Fanfan believes that the topic of men to be more feminine voice, the eyes of some women may not be very beautiful woman, if they can highlight their strengths will be a lot of flavor woman. For example, Fan Fan, a friend, from the facial features that do not appear beautiful, but each time she appeared in people's eyes, always with long hair, his soft-spoken, dressed also many retro clothing is linen-based, so there are a lot of boys appreciated her taste in women.

 Wisdom and self-confidence

I think that should be present in the feminine wisdom and calm self-confidence in a woman with such qualities can be carved from the inside out, revealing a convincing temperament. People often think that strong woman is Yi Gu tomboy look, but in fact genuine ability of the woman, is very much the women would play to their strengths, and can also take advantage of this strength, from top to bottom communication, life skills sleek, becoming a team a very backbone forces.

Of course, there should not be too strong, combined with gentle and considerate, people want to close, even more perfect. Like any novel, Yingying, if any of Ying-Ying grew up in modern times, must be cute and love. She was talented, smart, a lot of ideas, martial arts is not bad; She is fluent in literature, great taste; she is also very personality, likes and dislikes clearly, and sometimes Shuadian little patience, some adjustment fun. What's more, her lover wholeheartedly. Mr. Jin Yong novel, she and Huang Rong are the leading image of women, the difference is that Huang Rong was later to destroy the image of old age, only Ren Ying Ying, or that "get out of the kitchen into the hall was" a good woman.

  Survey Results: The positive and negative poles feminine

Style and flair

A positive word: style

This is the ultimate femininity. A customs million species of women, whether male or female of the evaluation, are closely related, and feminine. If you can belong to women's own unique style vividly demonstrated, then, she is also a "woman in the woman."

Negative words: coquettish

There is talk about feminine male friends, I am strongly against those who forced a style of women, the real femininity emanating from the bones, artificial, it is coquettish.

 Naive and hypocritical

Positive words: naive

清水出芙蓉, women's pure Rosen is a pure beauty, this beauty is the embodiment of innocence, the young girl's innocence is her femininity, even if at a certain age, but also in her eyes flash with curious eyes, then let the woman that she is full of unique flavor.

Negative words: hypocritical

Pretend to understand anything, to pretend pure Keren, pretending innocence, it is hypocritical woman, not only cute, but evil has.

  Considerate and interference in internal affairs

The positive words: considerate

Whatever you do, she was always thoughtful consideration to your needs, stand by your point of view for you to consider the issue; she also understand your thoughts, for you resolve anxieties. She will not laugh at you thinking and behavior, nor will you preach to others privacy, along with her, you have no worries.

Negative words: interference in internal affairs

She was always put on a very considerate person's appearance, and you talk about your thoughts. Do you think finding friends, and she in turn will be followed by all of your their minds made public and the masses, is purely bitch style. Time after all hide the less.

  Feminine men and women in the bipolar

Male pole

Focus on a woman outside the United States.

Support the view that the highest rate: only looks "very woman" is very feminine woman. Holding this view in particular, mostly young men. Support a higher point of view is: gentle woman who is not pretentious also very feminine.

 Female pole

Pay more attention to the beauty of a woman content.

Support a higher point of view are: considerate woman is very feminine; distributed glorious motherhood the most feminine woman;

Wisdom and self-confident woman disclosed pleasant temperament;

Woman has a unique charm of natural beauty fragrance distribution.


We have no need to subvert the traditional male perspective, to create a purely feminine perspective of women judged standards? If established, the standard for judging whether the turn against what? What is maintenance? The same as women's rights will become another standard and the rights be divided?

  Action to maintain feminine essentials

First, whether you are white-collar or blue collar, in the women's apartment in Ye Hao, initial matter whether a wife, as a woman you: never Taidalielie, catch on. Keep in mind that everything has degrees; modesty is always the highest grade.

Second, the appearance of a beautiful woman does not necessarily flavored, flavored, he is sure a beautiful woman. Because she knows "a pair of little red 10000 green, Spring does not need to do more touching" rule, with the wisdom of the few wins and more; with every move of a word are advantages, filling flawless.

Third, we know that another valuable dish itself has no taste. In the cooking time must be accompanied by only a spring onion, ginger flavor! Therefore, a woman, too, makeup to makeup, you should speak and smile to Keju, love to be persistent. No matter what kind of occasion, must be properly "cook" themselves, so that their eye candy, subtle fragrance floats.

Fourth, the avant-garde is not a feminine cut do not think that wearing strange pieces of clothing there is a smell. Of course, this is also the taste, but it is "funny smell."

Fifth, the money is not necessarily feminine. This woman who is less than the same dull tone.

  From the Editor:What is femininity? Is a kind of culture is a kind of temperament, is a connotation of wisdom, is a skill which is accumulated, or ... ... maybe they can only realize unspeakable. To be a woman is a woman should be happy.

In view of this topic, we have had connection with the massive numbers of visitors, the following are part of the User point of view:

 The body is a woman most of the weapons:

User 13 wrote: flesh like guns, can be an instant temptation to men, and to give impulse to desire. Wisdom is like prison, can long-term detention of men, and give the illusion of warmth. So, to be on the lethal and lethal, is certainly greater than jail guns. When a man faced with a beautiful woman, I dare say that thought is the same, are possession of this woman, although men think so, but the fact is such a beautiful woman took possession. So I think the wisdom of the body is too high lethality.

User 1 said: I think that a good-looking woman who is attractive to men, as a man, so I say no hypocrisy. No beauty, but there is the brain is very difficult for men to form a fatal blow, just as a Diploma will study there, but because it looks difficult to find a job. People are using their youth in exchange for the capital to survive, a good physical conditions make a person a limited period of time to create more exciting, I think for men the best-known is the woman's appearance and stature.

User ﹍ + fruit ◆のTang said: I think it looks important, that is physically important, men against women is often the first impression of the exterior feel. Even if youth is short, I walked to a glorious past few years, not miss the chance to own a beautiful A ~ I support the body to the attacker. Hei hei.

User sprint for the goal! Said: I support the physical attackers. Figure is a woman's first business card, I think you can not put the body particularly lethal, but it definitely has a strong physical side, after all, is the first impression comes from the appearance, so I think to get a man's favor, the first step or from the shape and appearance up decision.

  Wisdom is a woman most powerful weapons:

User shallow wrote: the charm of the content is not only beautiful but also have the connotation and irreplaceable experience. Wisdom is always higher than the body, but not absolutely out of the body, I want a man, too, must first have the upper body, lower body the only way for me to consider. The wisdom of perpetuating, youth is short-lived, and I want is the winner of a permanent gesture, I do not want to manipulation by others, so I choose, I am sure the wisdom of choice.

User Chen Yu said: While some people look pretty, but she did not have any kind of self-confidence and distribute them because of the beautiful, that look can not be called beautiful. The most life caused by men, that is, the weapon with wisdom and beautiful sexy woman. But the wisdom is still ranked in the first place, the light has a bladder did not mind I think this woman would not be a glamorous life to.

User wind and rain, said: Wisdom important. Wisdom can be resolved than the physical things that can be resolved so much to do, but also be able to do something physically impossible. People will one day grow old, we face the same body for a long time will start to tired, so wise and more important.

User hyacinth * race, said: wise woman who can hold a man I, while the light only if the body can only hold 1 o'clock. Another good-looking woman, looking a long time, they would Shenmeipilao, this case, the wisdom of a woman will change a different situation, she will adjust the appropriate atmosphere, so I think that good-looking woman and the wisdom of a woman, I think, and wisdom women over a lifetime will not be tired, so I support the wisdom of a woman.

(User paper are personal views, reproduced to pass more information purposes only, does not mean agree with their views or confirm its description.)

Randy woman's 10 kinds of apparent

, the most favorite out of those who have mate male model photo specialty stores, clothing stores and mobile phones, etc. He's the goods on the goods hastily swept, line of sight but in the male model advertising painting to stay for more than five seconds.

2, treatment of a film or TV, good-looking and good-looking actor in determining the standard is there any handsome guy, cool to what kind of degree, as well as the number of handsome guy.

3, for the new arrivals have not been seen for male colleagues, the most interesting is not his qualifications, level and ability, but think he really is what it looks like, and then secretly pray that he is a handsome guy.

4, in the gathering, if there are strange handsome guy, soon will become very friendly and find ways to let him take the initiative struck up a conversation with you, if he did not, would be very upset sad.

5, when the eyes of a person shopping at the free state, always from a handsome guy to another handsome guy, if we find a handsome guy on the street could not see would be to call a friend grumble: shopping really boring.

6, for a time when the opposite sex to express their views, first of all say how this man look like, and then by other, of course, when the person looks really do not gnaw manner, we also are too lazy to say any others.

7, and people dealing with, it will be sensitive to the basis of his appearance the language divide, the same words come out in the handsome guy's mouth when he felt a sense of humor, but from the frog's mouth when they think it is a playing out of poverty.

8, no matter what kind of occasion that handsome guy, will be in a very short period of time the use of a woman with an extraordinary imagination, and his hand thinking, dating, marriage, having children up to age gracefully.

9, in the bbs to see a very feeling to imagine the author of the text will look like, when the meet and found each other is nothing handsome, they will terribly disappointed, I feel those words must have come from his plagiarism.

10, whenever they hear the word handsome guy appears there will be very excited, if he was a star would be the same as the fans inquire about which films he has taken out any albums, if he is in life a person would like the neighborhood Aunt incessant inquiries as to his name, age, address, and Marital status.

Fruits 7 Great Queen sharpen your lean weight

For the fruit effect, everyone understood, and some fruit is a regular weight-loss diet, others because of the relationship between high-calorie and nutrients will not be nutritionists recommend eating, OL have you had better weight-loss wise choice of fruit! The following presents a Fengyun Bang, so that you at a glance who is the queen of fruit in thin, thin thinner tells us more beautiful!

1, Apple calories ≈ 50 kcal / 100 g

Some years ago, there is a set of tailor-made weight-loss man-made Apple's method, gave rise to a burst Apple diet craze it! The situation is indeed thin apple fruit, it is rich in pectin, can help with intestinal and toxins do to accelerate the detoxification efficacy and reduce heat absorption. In addition, Apple also more potassium can prevent leg swelling. To mull over a little hardness of apples, will be released from the composition, not only satiety, calorie is not high.

Buy: buy Apple, they should pick a large moderate, peel thin thin, shiny bright, flesh crisp, juicy sweet flavor, no insect damage eyes and apples.

Cleaning: Apple over the water soaked in the epidermis put a little salt, then gently rub back and forth holding hands, the surface dirt will soon be able to rub clean, re-use of water will clean, you can rest assured that food.

Save: Apple should be stored at low temperatures, humidification environment, the family can be wrapped in plastic bags on the refrigerator. Apple cut will occur after exposure to air oxidation into a brown foam in salt water for 15 minutes or the lemon juice dripping apple slices to prevent discoloration Apple oxidation.

Tips: best not to eat apple peel

Apple pectin gathered in the skin as well as most of the skin around it will not only increase the amount of pectin, in the diarrhea can absorb water, so that to maintain a certain hardness of the stool. Therefore, constipation should not eat apples peeled, cut down to eat when diarrhea Ping Guopi more effective.

2, grapefruit calories ≈ 35.3 kcal / 100 g

Grapefruit acid can help to increase digestive juice, so as to promote the digestive function and nutrition, can also be easily absorbed. In addition, why the grapefruit diet and then when the food will also be listed as the winds of fruit, because it is rich in vitamin C, about 100 Hawk had a grapefruit, not only fatigue, but also beautify the skin it!

It is important that copies of less sugar, diet food to supplement vitamin C, but the most appropriate. For many girls afraid of heavy sour, it is recommended you, you can drop a little bit of honey in the grapefruit, the acidity was immediately and in!

Optional: holding up the weight should feel solid, representing more than water.

Tips: eat grapefruit has its taboos

First, the grapefruit because of cold, body mass than the Deficiency, the blood pressure in patients with low or Weihan unfit for human consumption. Secondly, Do not eat grapefruit when taking medicine, especially angina, lowering blood pressure, blood fat, anti-histamine and other drugs, because grapefruit juice contains flavonoids, can inhibit liver drug metabolism, leading to enhanced efficacy and safety, Therefore, medication before and after the interval of two hours should eat grapefruit, relatively safe. In addition, the grapefruit for the high potassium food, uremia and dialysis patients should not eat, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

3, tomato heat ≈ 25 kcal / 100 g

Strictly speaking, tomatoes and vegetables should be classified and then tired, a proper bar! Therefore, ingredients frequently see it, but tomato is also a part of one of the more tender to eat more foods it! Tomatoes contain lycopene, dietary fiber and pectin content can reduce calorie intake, promote gastrointestinal motility. And the unique acidity can stimulate gastric secretion, and even enhance the taste of food is very good ingredients and healthy cooking it!

Optional: Select the fruit large and rounded, full, flexible, mature, fruit color red or yellow, and even better than those who shine.

Cleaning: wash tomatoes in water, while the use of soft brush gently scrub the surface of tomatoes can effectively remove pesticide residues.

Save: Not fully mature tomatoes, placed at room temperature and let it slowly mature and mature in the refrigerator has been saved.

Tips: Green tomatoes will be eaten raw poisoning

If you eat the immature green tomatoes, there will be bitter mouth feel, which may emerge after eating nausea and vomiting symptoms of poisoning, raw more dangerous. This is because green tomatoes contain alkaloid glycosides (solanine), which contain elements which can lead to poisoning.

4, pineapple calories ≈ 29.2 kcal / 100 g

Have you ever heard someone say pineapple is "profit" must be eaten after a meal will not Shangwei argument. However, this argument has credentials Yo! Because the proteolytic pineapple enzyme very strongly, although the meat protein digestion can help, but if you eat before a meal, then, it is likely to cause gastric injury Yo! Therefore, the use of eating pineapple to slim must pay attention to a matter of time.

Optional: Yes, pineapple, fruit-shaped and full, the fruit body Shuo Ting, an old guitar and the color orange peel, rich fragrance smell distributed, fruit juice spill no eyes.

Cut Method: In the pineapple leaf position under a centimeter cut, pineapple leaves can be used to clean decoration. The pineapple, in turn, close to the tail, cut. Will be erected in the pineapple on a cutting board, knife along the pineapple skin, curved down, remove the skin. Pineapple skin completely removed, it will cut pineapple from the middle, will open a four pineapple. Every 1 1 / 4 are cut off the middle of the pineapple core. Cut into pieces the size of application.

Cleaning: the pineapple slices or pieces placed in brine soak for 30 minutes, then wash away the salty taste, you can achieve the purpose of eliminating allergic substances.

Tips: eat pineapple must be mixed with salt water before

Pineapple contains glycosides, bromelain, and 5 - hydroxytryptamine and other substances on the skin, oral mucosa are stimulated, and the pineapple was born right on allergies, in the consumption of pineapple 15-1 minutes or so will be abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, simultaneous allergy symptoms such as headache, dizziness, skin flushing and so on and even shock, poisoning, in such circumstances, we must stop eating pineapple.

5, banana calories ≈ 125 kcal / 100 g

Not get out of the girls going to the toilet will be suggested that bananas Give it a try! Because bananas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, etc., so there are great stabilize the digestive system, strengthening muscles, it features soft diuretic. For ordinary constipation, dry skin crush, this is thin, beautiful models of fruit!

In addition, the main component of sugar quality bananas can be eaten immediately after digestion, is quick to add strength. And the banana is very satiety, as long as you can eat a wrapped belly, and the heat quite low calories, do not because it's the thought that he was sweet Zizi negative weight.

Optional: selection of golden skin, peel outer edge of the ridge less marked hypertrophy blunt shape, tail sleek, full-bodied fruit.

Cleaning: Even a banana, should also be used repeatedly washed with water to remove the peel on the way to the remnants of pesticides, especially when used for fruit juice should pay attention to cleanliness.

Save: Banana save the most suitable among the 10-25 Celsius, too hot too easily cooked color, while the temperature is too low prone to chilling injury and, therefore, on hot days when a cool place, cold weather package with a good save newspapers, etc. . Remember do not put the refrigerator Oh!

Tips: Fasting is best not to eat bananas

We say that banana rechargeable food, but not fasting in large numbers to eat. Because bananas contain a lot of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, for normal people, a large number of potassium and magnesium intake allows the body of sodium, calcium, loss of balance, bad for your health. Therefore, fasting is not eating too many bananas.

6, kiwi calorie ≈ 20.8 kcal / 100 g

Vitamin C super-and more kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis), has been the love of beautiful crush favorites. As to its highest ranking fruits and food rich in fiber and potassium, it can indeed be included within the thin fruit Fengyun Bang! And, like pineapple, kiwi is also a large number of proteolytic enzymes and meat dishes with it is the better. A little sweet and sour taste of the kiwi, there is to prevent constipation, helps digestion, beautify the skin of the strange effect of only further seasons of the year, Meimei could try to eat Yo!

Optional: The fruit plump, fuzzy clouds are better, in order to determine the maturity of its fruit could be heard and soft reduction pedicle head, if it had been cooked edible soft means that not even a fruit, said the body had been softened overripe.

Cleaning: You can rub a little salt about, and then plenty of water rinse.

Save: to save can be placed in a cool room temperature. If the body feels is still a hard fact, you can and apples, bananas placed in plastic bags in the ripening, or at room temperature for 2-3 days to recover and cooked. Has been soft-cooked kiwifruit can be stored refrigerated in the refrigerator 2-3 weeks.

Tips: severe anemia are advised not to eat kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is a cold, likely to cause diarrhea, therefore, any gastrointestinal Deficiency, cold limbs, severe anemia, recurrent diarrhea, those who can not eat. Kiwi potassium was very high, it is kidney failure, uremic or dialysis should not be caught eating.

7, lemon calories ≈ 24 kcal / 100 g

Citric acid is mainly of sour lemon, citric acid is to promote the energy metabolism in the process must be involved in the material, but also eliminating fatigue functions. The vitamin C content of lemon is also well known for more than crush it usually brought whitening skin, it promotes the function of intestine peristalsis in the human diet are often supplemented diet with it!

Optional: fruit body hard-real, color bright, Spreading branches dark green, with comparison of fresh aromatic smell. If the body melted, Spreading branches wilt and appear wrinkled skin, then that place too long and has lost the original flavor.

Cut Method: From the lemon to the top into the knife, take about 2 cm wide, the Department has been cut in the end. Or screw Cherie - such as Xiaoping Guo or pears, which start from the top, take about 2 cm wide, circled the department has been cut in the end.

Save: The lemon cut into thin pieces soak in water, use warm water soaking is best, so that is conducive to more nutrients preserved lemon.

Tips: Lemon and milk should not be drinking from the same

Lemon very sour, not directly to individual consumption, can be added to salads or vegetables in the cold. Lemon and milk should not be drinking from the same. Stomach are advised not to drink lemon tea. Should not be too much time to eat lemons, or citric acid may damage teeth