Sunday, November 7, 2010

Women must understand the cycle of men lust 4

Web MD Web site, according to U.S. reports, a new study found that men's lust has four cycles: life, the annual, monthly and daily.

Life: the male androgen levels were life-like hills, the inexorable rise after puberty to reach its peak two to three years old. Sexual desire, sexual arousal and erectile capacity of the occurrence along the summit. After 40 years of age, the male hormone formation began to decrease after a 50-year-old, the male hormone secretion will be reduced by about 1 / 3.

Year: changes in male hormones will rise and fall with the seasons. The lowest androgen levels in spring, autumn maximum. Kinsey Institute survey of the United States show that Americans are the most frequent sexual season in October. Autumn "seeded" There are a benefit, that is, a time when a child is born in summer, food rich, sunny.

Monthly: couples married a long time, the husband by the wife will cycle to adjust their response to the rhythm of love. Two or three days before ovulation, eight or ten days after the end of the period, are women's sexuality peaks. At this point, women may have initiative, strong requirements. If her husband found carefully and actively cooperate, you can keep up with the rhythm of his wife's sexual cycle.

Day: morning, male body high androgen levels, which is why many of her husband woke up this morning, and want some of the reasons for tenderness and love. In the day in 15-20 minute intervals, the male hormone levels can occur a small fluctuation. In this connection, British scientists found that men's sexual imagination is usually 15-20 minutes once.

Kinsey Institute for proposals of the United States, sex discordant couples can use the chart to record consecutive months, the two sides of the sexual state. In this way one can calculate the time that the other side of the "peak period" in order to seize the opportunity to enjoy a better sex.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dreams pass health warning alert

In people's daily life, the "nightmare reported disease," saying that many people think it is nothing but a superstition, in fact, it is erroneous understanding. Modern medicine confirms that nightmares are often

Precursor of the body signals of certain diseases, it can remind people early awareness of the disease.
Modern medical studies have shown that the body produces to stimulate the pathological changes, often reflected in my dream. When people in the awake state, the disease is mostly a weak external stimulus to stimulate the

Cover. To sleep at night, the outside large amount of information passed to the human body is reduced, while the stimulation of internal organs from the brain took advantage, which led to the vigilance and the unconscious

Reaction. Therefore, the dream can be said to look into a window to human health or not. Recently, the U.S. medical experts in the long-term research based on a special list of disease-related nightmares

10 Typical example:

1. Often dream was distributed to them to their senses something within the irrigation, beating the head with a hard object, or the head by a bullet, hard device breakdown, usually prompted the head there are some diseases, such as people with brain

Tumors or neurological diseases;

2. In his sleep by the throat often feel stuck fish bones and other things, causing shortness of breath and woke up, indicates the throat, pharynx disease exists;

3. Often been chasing a dream, does not want to run, want to yell, you are prompted to coronary artery insufficiency;

4. Often dreams twisted his body and accompanied by choking sensations, resulting in a sudden wake up, this is likely a sign of angina;

5. Dreamed fall from a height, landing and other people will not wake up, and often indicates that people with hidden heart disease;

6. Always dreamed to deal with the fire, suggesting that high blood pressure;

7. Always dreamed of dealing with water, which they have been flooded, the tips of Hepatobiliary system has gone wrong;

8. Dreamed about clouds or the grim face of the wicked, the digestive cycle prompted a problem;

9 often dream of being kicked or waist stabbed, wake up and feel lower back pain remains, suggesting that the kidney disease lurking;

10 often dreamed of hunger uncomfortable bloating after eating, or eating rotten food, wake up after there is a bitter sense of his mouth, you are prompted with gastrointestinal disease.

This shows that the "nightmare reported disease," said not a superstition, it has some scientific basis and positive, to alert people to awareness of certain diseases, to take early preventive measures, or

Check in time to the hospital for treatment.

But need to point out that, due to many factors causing changes in dreams, human interests, needs and other contents of the dream has a great influence, does not necessarily mean that all dreams are harbingers

Disease, therefore, stimulate the human disease mechanisms and laws of dreams needs further exploration. Dream content can not be simply mechanical and disease mapping between the up and cause unnecessary


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Female infertility, 10 kinds of food can be a culprit

Has always been healthy, no bad habits but how can you not look forward to the arrival of the baby, then you have not thought about in fact, cause you can not have children because of "hidden" in your side, but you did not find it? The following inventory of your easily lead to infertility in 10 "killer food", you want to be careful in Oh Mama!

1, long-term vegetarian diet can reduce female fertility

In recent years, vegetarian diet trend of getting popular. Especially the shape of plump women, even as a vegetarian habits, hoping to achieve weight loss goals. Admittedly, vegetarian weight loss indeed helpful. However, a recent medical study confirmed vegetarian, women are often vegetarian, would affect hormone secretion, severe and even lead to infertility.

Vegetarian female fertility in many of the study, University Munich, Germany Thomas Paulin most interesting conclusions. The college professor Baoke card children participate in the trial of the health of girls will be divided into two groups, one group in addition to eating a small amount of cheese and milk, other foods are all vegetarian; while another group is eating normal food.

In a 6-week weight loss program after the end, the researchers found that vegetarian women, 78% of the people there to stop ovulation physiological phenomenon, and almost the whole group of people than the normal menstrual cycle, time is short. But in the normal diet group, 67% of women ovulate normally, and no significant changes in the menstrual cycle.

2, high-fat foods may cause infertility

Experts study in mice showed that high fat content in foods can damage ovarian eggs and egg impede a healthy embryo, the results of this study can be used to explain the problem of infertility in obese women.

It was found that rats were tested infertility is mainly caused by a specific protein, "this protein determines the response of the ovary to fat," the researchers said, "to control this protein food for the search for causes of infertility caused by plays an important role. "

3 carrots

Carrots are rich in carotene, vitamins and other nutrients beneficial to human health component. Roth Gisborne, New Jersey Medical School gynecologist study found that women eating too many carrots, the intake of carotenoids may cause a large number of ovarian amenorrhea and inhibit normal ovulation. Therefore, to childbearing women should not eat carrots.

If you want to have your baby, if you do not want to menstrual abnormalities, do not like the bunny, like stop eating carrots all day. If you like rabbit, like baby carrots one by one, "Kacha Kacha" to eat, whether you might want to look like gold resulting in the ovary, progesterone secretion decreased, leading to amenorrhea (menopause), menstrual abnormalities, not ovulation, infertility it?

4, coffee

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences researchers in 104 pregnant women want to study concluded: coffee has a direct impact on the pregnancy. In these women, a cup of coffee per day more than women, the possibility of pregnancy is only half of those who do not drink such beverages. Therefore, they proposed that women who plan to become pregnant, you should drink less coffee.

5, sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds with the protein part of the inhibition of testicular components, can cause testicular atrophy, affecting normal reproductive function, it is young people of childbearing age should not eat.

6, alcohol

Research shows that alcohol is the main component of ethanol, ethanol can increase the body's catecholamine levels, vascular spasm, testicular hypoplasia, and even to testicular atrophy, spermatogenic function of structural changes occur, such as the male hormone testosterone deficiency, it will sound change appears small, breast enlargement and other feminine performance. Such a person prone to infertility, even if the birth, the next generation of the possibility of occurrence of larger deformities. Women can lead to irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, egg formation variation, no sex drive or stop ovulation and so on.

7, garlic

Cutting people eat garlic grams of righteousness, there is a clear role to kill sperm, such as eating too many young people of childbearing age, had a negative impact on fertility, it is appropriate to eat.

8, roast beef and mutton

Roast beef and mutton in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other habits of local residents, it was found that roast mutton, a small number of babies born to women with mental retardation, paralysis or deformity. After investigation and modern medical research, these women and their children are born deformed victims of Toxoplasma gondii infection. When people contact with the infected animal toxoplasmosis and ate the flesh of these often immature animal may be infected.

Investigation in Hubei Province has been the major supplier of meat cattle infection rate is: 11.32% of live pigs, sheep 34.5%, 11.8% of chicken, duck 9.4%; livestock and poultry slaughter, not if you wash your hands and grab something to eat, marinated dumplings taste salty after people, grasping raw meat and then grab cooked food, chopping board, regardless of raw and cooked, the tool mix raw and cooked, take from the cold storage of raw meat, meat or meat are available for those who ... ... contaminated by Toxoplasma gondii trophozoites. As for the women just love to eat meat infected with toxoplasmosis, a link is easy. After being infected with Toxoplasma gondii may not have symptoms of women, when their pregnancy, the infection of Toxoplasma gondii infection to the fetus through the uterus, causing fetal abnormalities. Toxoplasma infection is a major factor of fetal malformation. Therefore, pre-marital or pre-pregnancy check is necessary for Toxoplasma antibody.

9, Mao cottonseed oil

Long-term consumption of hair oil, make sick people suffering from the sun, showing sun attack symptoms, general weakness, sweating or less skin burning, flushing, palpitation and shortness of breath, dizziness, limb numbness, loss of appetite. More serious effects on the reproductive system damage. Experimental studies have shown that rats eating hairy cottonseed oil diet for 4 months or so, testis was significantly reduced, sperm cells were significantly reduced or even disappear, reducing the uterus, endometrial and glandular atrophy, mild atrophy of ovarian, renal parenchymal cells are light degree of edema. Adult men taking the extract gossypol cottonseed oil hair for 40 days, 60-70 mg per day, short term sperm all been killed, and gradually disappear from the semen; women can lead to amenorrhea or uterine atrophy. Therefore, young people of childbearing age should not be long-term consumption.

10, bitter gourd

Bitter melons and vegetables vitamin C content of the first home, and the sugar and fat content are very low, more suitable for obese people eat. However, a large number of raw bitter melon alone to lose weight is not only unscientific, but also some health risks. According to the scientists found that bitter melon does have anti-fertility effect, bitter gourd proteins in the first trimester and second trimester uterine endometrial differentiation, interfere with embryo implantation.

Scientists experiment with mice, found that pregnancy and early and mid-bitter protein through a series of response inhibition of pregnant rat decidua and endometrium, primary cells, the main reaction is: to continue to block the fertilized egg hatching reducing blastocyst attachment, trophoblast outgrowth reduction, tiles and the inner cell mass development and so on. However, in pregnant before? - Protein and bitter? Momordicin not affect follicular recruitment and maturation.

Using very simple words, is bitter for being pregnant (early and mid-pregnancy) of people, influential, eat more may lead to abortion, but for those who are not pregnant, is not affected. For men, scientists believe Momordicin will affect the normal development and activity of sperm, but this effect is reversible, that fertility will stop eating bitter gourd with the return to normal.

In addition, the food containing the following elements also help to improve fertility:

Zinc-rich foods: plant foods are high in zinc than beans, peanuts, millet, radish, cabbage, etc.; animal foods, the most abundant zinc in oysters, in addition, beef, chicken liver, eggs, lamb, pork and other zinc is greater.

Animal organs: the amount of these foods contain more cholesterol, of which about 10% of the adrenal cortex hormones and sex hormones, adequate consumption of these foods, to enhance sexual function have a certain effect. Rich in protein, vitamin foods such as lean meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

Stick-slip food: According to the research confirmed that arginine is an essential component of sperm formation, and can enhance sperm motility, normal function of the male reproductive system have an important role in the maintenance. Arginine-rich foods are eel, sea cucumber, squid, octopus, fish, pine trees, sesame, peanuts, walnuts.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to answer the top ten health drink

"In our daily life, the water is too general too common. But perhaps for this reason that most people do not know how to drink water every day, drink water, drink plenty of water ... ... and when to drink water directly affect our health. "on this topic, the experts to answer 10 of our water and health issue, but also the people most concerned about the" drinking problem. "

I asked: What nutrition water in the end?

A: There is a lot of people are concerned about whether there is a wide variety of water and nutrients, but they ignore a fundamental fact - the water itself is a kind of nutrition. We usually talk about the six nutrients the body needs, in fact, carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. Animal and plant water is indispensable for survival of a nutrient, while the body of water is the most abundant element. As long as there is sufficient water, people can survive for weeks without food; but without water, the number of days it will die. So, whether you drink water, tea or soup, the daily intake must be sufficient "water nutrition" in order to maintain the body which sets the normal operation of complex machines.

Second question: Is drinking water replenishment best?

A: Some one-sided argument. Drinking water replenishment effect really good, but because the taste of a single, could make people think "do not drink." Research shows that people are drinking their favorite beverage intake of more water typically.

Chinese Nutrition Society of the latest edition of "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" also pointed out that the vast majority of drinks on the market today contain more than 80% of the water. Main function is to drink water needed to supplement the body, while a pleasant taste experience to consumers. However, many drinks contain a certain amount of heat, while in the pay increase calorie intake. So, Coke and other beverages must control the amount of time. In addition to drinking water, the morning cup of milk, a cup of fruit juice between meals is also a good choice.

Three questions: water, pure water and mineral water in the nutrition difference?

A: From the composition, the drinking water and mineral water contain minerals and pure water is pure water. In northern China such as Beijing, boil the water jug will bear a thick wall of the scale, and this is the performance of existing minerals from drinking water in this sense is also a mineral water. Well, is not the water contains minerals than without the good? Not necessarily, after all, very little mineral content in water, mineral supplements on the human body will not be required to bring a big impact. Therefore, drink mineral water that can cause long-term excessive intake of minerals and even poisoning is wrong, that the long-term nutritional deficiencies cause pure water to drink is wrong.

Four questions: soup can pay?

A: Certainly, because the soup is more than 90% water, which is a good way to pay. However, the soup should not be too salty to drink, or eating too much sodium, the osmotic pressure of the body will change, you must drink more water to go in and - this is why we sometimes feel soup Yue Heyue thirsty. So be sure to control the salt soup, chicken, mushroom soup have been very tasty, can not salt.

Five Q: Can the overnight drinking water in the end?

A: There may be some micro-organisms in water overnight breeding, but also harm the human body that it does not say so serious. As long as there is no contamination, the nature of the water will not change, so drinking water will not have any problems overnight. Spring water we drink, is likely to be more than ten million years ago, the.

Six Questions: repeated boiling of water to drink?

A: Some people call this water as thousands of boiling water, drinking fountains or in those in the kettle of water to be heated again. Generally speaking, the nitrite content in water which will be higher. Large amount of nitrite poisoning can, directly, because the role of nitrite and human blood to form methemoglobin, so that the oxygen-carrying function of blood loss, make oxygen poisoning. While boiling water in a thousand would not be such high nitrite content, but nitrite in the human body when a certain dose of carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic substances, can be serious harm to human health. So, try not to boil the water again. The hot water drinking fountains are the best "the cup is burned," and not to have been in the "heat - insulating" state.

Seven Questions: pH of the water really matter?

A: The Japanese in the 90s last century, has developed a water electrolysis, refers to the use of electrodes used for sterilization of water into acidic water and alkaline water for health, both the efficacy of water is by the Japanese Ministry of Health (MOH) recognized. However, this alkaline pH value of water must require more than 8.5 will have lower gastric acid, mediation and other functions of intestinal flora. At present, some of the market known as the "alkaline" water, claiming that after drinking, the body's acid-base status can change, it is not possible, basically the concept of speculation.

Eight Q: Can water detoxification?

A: First, what is the "detoxification", has made it clear that no one can express the concept. But human metabolism needs water, drink plenty of water can promote gastrointestinal motility, defecation relief, from this point of view, that there is nothing wrong detox drink water.

Nine Q: to drink "eight glasses of water", the amount in the end how much?

A: This question really troubled many people, because everyone drink the cup size is different. Pagoda in our new meal, add the image of water, emphasizing the importance of adequate drinking water. Mild weather conditions in adult life, 1200 ml of drinking water per day at least, that is, two bottles of mineral water. Some people may ask, had previously been said, can not be less than 2000 ml of water every day, why there are only 1200 ml of the? In fact, refers to 2000 ml of water a day needs of the total amount of fruits and vegetables contains a lot of water, even the staple food, the meat has, the body needs water, a large part comes from the food.

Ten Questions: early morning wake up, how to drink water before going to sleep at night?

A: The morning's first cup of water is the life-saving water, because the metabolism of the human body through the night, the body needs a wash all waste. Our cells like a dry sponge, when the water into the future to capture this water, and then about 40 minutes to discharge out. The metabolic process that we are concerned detoxification. The following morning, the glass of water preferably three: the first is clear water, water, pure water and mineral water can be, can reduce blood viscosity; second is lemonade, citric acid can increase the appetite in the morning while citric acid molecules are small, does not affect kidney metabolism, is conducive to urinate; third is salt water, it is very good for constipation.

As the evening pay, you can choose honey water, milk or yogurt, but the fear of people who try not to get up in the night to urinate in the water before going to sleep. In addition, get up in the night to urinate at night, you can drink a glass of water, not drink the morning people get up in the night to urinate on the line.

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What is true love?

Nature can not be divorced from feelings, or should be unrestrained enjoyment of sex - we have forgotten what the true meaning of love ......

So, "What is really love?" This issue has just slipped into the folds of the sheets and the most intense physical exchanges. It is enough to stump us the most "hardened" person.

Problem of over-exposure

Awash in information about sex, and conflicting. Those dazzling skills of talking about sex manual, may seem overwhelming, could not even hear what their true desires. They directly discuss some more subtle question: "whether to accept the semen shot in the face?", "Is to do cosmetic vagina?" - Which claims to give the reader the satisfaction of "should" and "must" , draw out some of the new standards are often disrupted our original concept of sex.

To "Lady Chatterley's Lover," the movie shot for the prototype and some of contemporary fiction and narrative, the process is a detailed description of sex. In the field of industry, all the details are also described, exposure, and direct the light to show the next to close-ups. People whispered: "You can see everything, all about sexual techniques."

In fact, the "how to really love" the most "real" problem, but it is the first to be "true." As some people told us, you can make the age of 50, experienced "all", but will suddenly feel a strange, never received or paid off - the kiss.

Real sexual spark is mysterious, and skill nothing.

Body and mind

And skill oriented contrary to the views of those who, in a long time, people have always thought that "real sex" is sex and love in unity. Love of mankind has never - to produce offspring for the purpose - the transition to asexual love - when contraception has not yet invented.

After 1968, the era of Western access to comprehensive sexual and began encouraging people to "free to enjoy sexual happiness", even without feelings. Although the impact of the sexual revolution has been at low tide, can not be denied, and now the Chinese have is catching up. "New Yorker" on a cartoon for us to accurately reveal the differences between men and women the most traditional -

A couple dressed in pajamas sitting on the bed. She looks very angry, his hand holding a sign that read a great slogan: "No love = asexual." His hands are holding their own slogan: "Asexual = no love."

However, we almost can not believe the message of these books are: recognition can separate sex and love many women, and many men said that they need to have feelings after sex.

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Sociable Training - Understand To Be Social

Sociable Training - Understand To Be Social
Hi, this is Sasha from You're most likely here seeking advice or guides to relieve of one's social difficulties ! It truly is truly incredibly typical for people to fear social events like corporate parties, or going to events . And additional frequently than not, these fears are formed from the inability to perform very effectively in these interpersonal events !

And so, after finding by that horrible phase myself, I am not here to share with some of my experiences and methods that enabled me to carry out very effectively at sociable events !

1) Interpersonal State of Brain
During specific periods of the day, our head goes into distinct phases. For some, their head does not go into a interpersonal state a lot , or it is really hard for them get their brain into a social state.

When your thoughts is in a social state , you turn out to be extremely open to new suggestions, which enables passionate discussions with other persons. You'll also grow to be additional social as a lot more is going on inside your head and new suggestions are swirling around in your brain.

2) Raising Self-Esteem
A lot of the times, men and women isn't in a position to perform very well in social events is because of their lack of self-esteem. A really effective way to improve your self self-confidence and raise your self-esteem via the subconscious thoughts, whereas the additional publicly recognized term is - "Trance". Once you're in a trance you'll be able to make your self confidence go over the roof.

Learn how to achieve these 2 approaches along with hundreds of other strategies at: :

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Natural Ways to Raise Low Sperm Count - Successful Steps

Natural Ways to Raise Low Sperm Count - Successful Steps

Fertility difficulties include low sperm depend as 1 of the important issues in Males. It is nothing but measurement of sperms (focus) in a given sample. The WHO has published guidelines for a wholesome sperm count. According to it a regular sperm count measures 20 million sperm per millilitre of total semen volume of 2 ml. So total variety of sperm per/sample will be 40 million. Reduced sperm depend has been a significant sexual disorder for Men. It leads to tension and instability in a sexual life. So lower sperm count is one particular significant physiological irregularity which should be handled carefully. Following are the actions one must follow to improve sperm.

Measures -

1. Frequency in sex is a person significant element for sperm count. Sperm takes time to get formed and accumulate. So a gap in time really should be maintained between lovemaking. It would be ideal to consult to a physician to know what must be the frequency of sex. Also additional number of masturbations reduces sperm high quality. So maintain a time gap for the formation of sperm within the body.

2. Health is constantly an important factor that affects sperm concentration. People today practise some unhealthy habits which lead to a lot of dangerous wellness issues. Alcohol, smoke, drugs: uncontrolled use of theses lead to low sperm quality. So it can be advisable to refrain from these sperm killers to enhance your sperm rely.

3. Standard physical exercise will witness a fine improvement in sperm. It lessens toxins that outcome adversely to a human entire body. Studies have shown workout helps in building strong male libido. Strain which is the primary reason for numerous wellbeing irregularities impacts sperm levels. Exercising like Yoga reduces anxiety level so that a person can enhance sperm depend. Therefore keep a common workout which also improves stamina within the entire body.

4. Don't use tight underwear and hot tubs and steer clear of sitting for long hours. These outcomes in heating up testicles. It impacts sperm ranges inside a male physique. So use loose cotton shorts.

5. Use supplements after consulting your physician. For healthy sperms minerals like zinc and selenium are vital. Maintain a controlled diet as vitamins are required for sperms. L-Carnitine, fertilaid for Men boost sperm concentration.

6. Sperm level normally remains high in morning. So try to select your schedule for sex accordingly.

7. Anti Oxidants like vitamin C and E are helpful.

8. Lose excess weight to prevent testosterone imbalance.

9. Improve blood circulation in body will assist in this condition. 1 can try massage using herbal oil.

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Realize Hemorrhoid Causes And Treatments

Realize Hemorrhoid Causes And Treatments
Piles are a very frequent healthcare problem affecting the two males and ladies. It's estimated that over 80% of Americans may perhaps have some dealing with hemorrhoids in their lifetime. More than half a million individuals seek healthcare help for piles annually inside the United States, and of that half million at least ten percent undergo surgical procedures for relief of their hemorrhoids. Piles are generally even worse with age and appear to possess a excellent impact on individuals in between the ages of 45 and 65. Piles are very common throughout pregnancy due towards the additional weight from the fetus. Usually the piles linked with pregnancy are only temporary.

Hemorrhoids are triggered when the veins close to the anus and lower rectum turn out to be swollen and inflamed. This inflammation can occur from a range of reasons but most healthcare experts think it is triggered by straining when attempting to possess a bowel movement (constipation) and too a lot time invested about the toilet.

The majority of hemorrhoid suffers can be treated with out any type of surgery. The extremely 1st point to perform is to minimize the symptoms. Sitz baths are suggested. Sit within the bath, with a few inches of warm water fifteen minutes two to three times a day. Rather than wiping the region with toilet paper, use pads which are pre moistened with witch hazel, or cotton balls soaked in witch hazel instead. Make sure the area is dry. If the steps above do not enable lessen the signs or symptoms, you might be able to attempt the application of an over-the-counter hemorrhoidal cream towards the region which will also enable cut down itching and burning.

Besides these measures most healthcare experts recommend which you enhance the fiber in your diet plan to enable to avoid constipation. Take an over-the-counter fiber supplement. Growing your fluid consumption might help make a softer stool. You might wish to speak for your doctor about taking an over-the-counter stool softener. Prevent sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time.

Any bleeding inside the rectum ought to be checked by a physician.

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House Treatments for Diarrhea - Natural Cures and Herbal Remedy

House Treatments for Diarrhea - Natural Cures and Herbal Remedy
Diarrhea is caused due to food poisoning, laxatives, overeating and also as a result of some allergies. Diarrhea means passing of watery stools and also regularly. Due to this dilemma physique comes inside urgent need to have of essential fluids and salts. While taking some treatments the balance of your fluid in the entire body is restored. Most from the cases of diarrhea might be resolved within few days and simply rest and intake of extra fluids will prevent dehydration. In some circumstances of diarrhea particularly in chronic condition there's an irritable bowel syndrome which may perhaps result into ongoing bouts of diarrhea. Some from the important and common house treatments for diarrhea are offered which assist in fast recovery and with out any harmful side effects.

1. The simplest household remedy for diarrhea is always to prepare a remedy by mixing a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of warm water. Sip this answer as slowly as you may. Remember to consume this mixture as regularly as it is possible to.

2. Tea is also having an importance in reducing the symptom of diarrhea. If strong cup of black tea and with out sugar is taken then it is extremely successful for treating the dilemma of diarrhea.

3. Buttermilk is really a extremely very good and powerful remedy of diarrhea. Germs with the diarrhea are destroyed by the acid present within the buttermilk. For fast outcomes take the buttermilk flavored with salt 3 or four times each day.

4. Mint is also extremely successful for treating diarrhea. Prepare a mix by mixing a teaspoon each of honey, mint and also lime juice together. Take this mix at least 3 occasions a day.

5. Banana can also be very powerful in diarrhea. It is very useful as it replace potassium levels which are depleted when any 1 suffer from diarrhea.

6. Take a cup of water and add a tea spoon of fenugreek seeds in it. Swallow these seeds with water. You'll be able to also use curd or butter milk in place of water. But remember not to chew its seeds.

7. Yoghurt is an significant remedy for diarrhea. It is very well-known also. As yoghurt contains lactobacillus it acts as a probiotic bacteria and also helps in antibiotic induced diarrhea. Normally yoghurt replaces the excellent ¡®gut¡¯ bacteria which are destroyed resulting from the antibiotic.

8. A juice of pomegranate can also be helpful in treating diarrhea. It is very critical for the patient who has become weak due to loss of fluids.

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Atlanta Pilates: For the very best System in the City

Atlanta Pilates: For the very best System in the City
Having the very best body in the city starts with developing an awareness of your posture and breathing routines by way of the perfect pilates instruction. Posture makes a enormous difference in how your body appears. Our studio offers the very best Atlanta Pilates instruction that will educate you how to modify the old postural habits that cause weakness, pain, or mild deformation. Proper Pilates instruction will teach you how you can stack your bones within the line of gravity that creates good natural muscle tone. When top quality Pilates education has helped align you with gravity, your muscles will have a stronger neuromuscular connection. When your clear, focused intention is directing your alignment and action, your brain and system get the top outcomes from your Pilates workout. Additionally, your posture has a profound effect on your mood and your well being. The top Atlanta Pilates coaching will train you great posture and healthful breathing strategies, improving the way your human body seems and lifting your spirits. Factoring inside spring tension which is utilized in Pilates workouts, we can boost the effectiveness of all people postural muscle connections. The springs create a closed chain system that makes it easier to retrain the brain with the movements.
Our experienced and qualified instructors will help your physique change its previous pattern just by giving it the right new facts. Many of our Atlanta Pilates clients have been on a long path of recovery and healing from the injuries we sustain in our modern lives and Pilates is 1 of the best supportive therapies for a healing journey. Of course, even if you might be healthy, you'll be able to benefit from our Atlanta Pilates classes to strengthen your beauty and wellness. If you¡¯ve never tried Pilates prior to, we extremely suggest starting with private Atlanta Pilates training. You¡¯ll wonder what you¡¯ve been waiting for! If you've been doing Pilates but are looking to boost your practice, look at seeking additional advanced Atlanta Pilates education. By instruction with excellent instructors, Pilates instruction can make certain you not only have the very best body inside the metropolis, but also the happiest spirit!

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The Preferred Tooth - replacement Option- Implant Dentistry

The Preferred Tooth - replacement Option- Implant Dentistry
For whatever reason-injury, age, infection-tooth loss can happen to the greatest of us. The consequences can have a substantial impact on our quality of life. Your remaining tooth can shift and turn out to be crooked. And an improper bite and spaces between teeth can develop which makes it difficult to eat our favorite foods and even speak. As a result, missing teeth may well cause embarrassment and lead to a lack of self-esteem.

If you are one of the 100 million people that are missing a single tooth or multiple tooth, dental implants from your West Orange dentist may be the solution for you. Dental implants provide comfort and stability, and can restore your smile back to its natural function and appearance. Much better yet, nobody will know you've dental implants. They'll only see your gorgeous smile.

What are Implants?

Dental implants are small, titanium structures which are inserted into the upper and lower jaws to restore a single tooth or several missing enamel. Unlike dentures, implants are permanently anchored directly into the jawbone, acting as a foundation for an artificial tooth or permanent bridge.

Implants are also safe and effective, boasting additional than a 90% success rate. According towards the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics, implants are crafted of bio-compatible materials which have undergone extensive testing over a period of a number of years. Since these supplies are largely metals, including titanium, and have never been living tissue, there's no likelihood of causing an antigen-antibody response which could result in rejection similar to that which sometimes occurs with heart and kidney transplants.

What does the Procedure Involve?

For most sufferers, the placement of implants involves a few steps. Initial, the implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone. For a period of around three to six months the implants are left to bond for the bone, creating a strong foundation for the artificial tooth. The artificial teeth are produced, and once your implant has had time to bond with your bone, the new enamel are anchored for the dental implant. Finally, your dentist will make a crown which is attached to the implant post. Your new, restored smile will look, experience and function just like your normal tooth.

Not everyone is a excellent candidate for implants, so talk to your dentist about the alternatives available to restore your teeth and come across out if dental implants are a very good fit for you. Sufferers considering implants need to be in fantastic general and oral health. Adequate bone within the jaw is needed to support the implant and individuals have to have healthful gum tissue that is free of gum disease. Heavy drinking and smoking may well also affect the successfulness of implant restoration.

Why Implants?

Compared to dentures, implants offer quite a few benefits that make this treatment the most preferred among individuals with missing tooth. Benefits of implants over dentures include:
? Mouth is restored as closely as doable to its natural state
? Restored chewing function
? Tooth-saving as implants do not sacrifice the high quality of adjacent tooth
? Look and experience like pure teeth
? Renewed self-confidence as appearance and speech are improved
? Prevent bone loss and gum recession
? Convenient oral hygiene

Wholesome tooth are typically some thing we take for granted. Losing one tooth or multiple enamel impacts our smile, our self-assurance, and even our enjoyment of foods. Fortunately, with dental implants, regaining your natural-looking smile is both effortless and possible.

Article Source: articlemotron !!! com

Activation And Even Regulation Of Sexual Response

Activation And Even Regulation Of Sexual Response
Processing as in Sexual Facts

In a series of studies we conducted given the 1990s, we consistently discovered that women¡¯s genital response and so sexual emotions are not 136 Laan, Everaerd, and also Both strongly correlated, as affect influences sexual feelings. Other studies had similar findings. In men, correlations between genital response and additionally sexual emotions are typically considerably positive, suggesting that for men¡¯s sexual feelings awareness of their genital response is a incredibly most essential source.

A surprising discovering from our studies was the ease with which healthy females turn out to be genitally aroused in reaction in erotic film stimuli. After watching an erotic film depicting specific this crippling activity, nearly all ladies respond using increased vaginal vasocongestion. This specific increase happens inside seconds after the onset inside of stimulus, which suggests a fairly automatized reaction mechanism for which conscious cognitive processes won't be needed. Maybe when these explicit erectile stimuli are negatively evaluated, or induce little or no feelings of erectile arousal, genital responses are elicited. Genital arousal intensity was located to covary consistently with stimulus explicitness, defined for the cause that extent through which lovemaking organs and therefore sexual behaviors are exposed. This unique automatized response happens not only in young females without having sexual complications, and yet also in women with a testosterone deficiency, in postmenopausal ladies, and thus in women using this crippling arousal disorder. Such responses are also discovered during unconsensual sexual activity.

Such a extremely automatized mechanism is adaptive from a strictly evolutionary perspective. If genital responding with this crippling stimuli did not take location, our species would not survive. For women of all ages, a rise in vasocongestion produces vaginal lubrication, which obviously facilitates lovemaking interaction. 1 may be tempted to assume which, targeted adaptive reasons, a explicit visual this crippling stimuli utilised in our studies represent a class of unlearned stimuli, to which we are innately prepared to respond. These stimuli seem to override the effects of several attempts at voluntary control.

Emotional stimuli could evoke emotional responses without the involvement as in conscious cognitive processes. For example, subliminal presentation of slides using phobic objects outcomes in fear responses in phobic subjects. While stimuli are consciously recognized and therefore processed, they are evaluated, for example as being great or bad, attractive or dangereous. According to O'hman, a evolutionary relevance as in stimuli is recognized as a most required prerequisite for such a fast, preattentive analysis. Possibly lovemaking stimuli fall within this category and can they be unconsciously evaluated also processed. Several experiments by which this crippling stimuli were presented subliminally to male subjects showed that this are indeed feasible. Preattentive processing of erectile stimuli happens in females as well, then once more looks with be dependent upon a sort of prime. Explicit sexual primes do not lead to priming-effects, then once more romantic sexual primes do. This unique appears to contradict Ohman¡¯s notion that evolutionary relevant primes may possibly properly unconsciously processed. Likely, preattentive processing is not entirely governed by evolution, nonetheless partly this result of overlearning or conditioning.

A prerequisite of automatic processing seems to be that sexual which means resulting from visual this crippling stimuli is easily accessible in memory. Concerning basis of a series of priming experiments Janssen et al. presented an facts processing model of erectile reaction. Two facts processing pathways are distinguished. Frightened pathway are about appraisal of this crippling stimuli plus response generation. That pathway are thought to depend largely on automated or unconscious processes. The other pathway concerns interest and regulation. In that model, erectile arousal is assumed to begin with the activation of lovemaking meanings that are saved in specific memory. Lovemaking stimuli may perhaps elicit diverse memory traces depending upon the subject¡¯s prior to experience. That in turn activates physiological responses. It directs interest towards stimulus and ensures which attention remains focused by the erectile which means inside of stimulus. This specific harmonic cooperation in between the automated pathway or attentional processes eventually outcome in genital responses also sexual feelings. Disagreement amongst lovemaking reaction components could take location, according to this model, when the sexual stimulus elicits sexual meanings sadly also nonsexual, also more specifically, contravening emotional meanings. This sexual meanings activate genital response, even though the balancing of erectile and additionally nonsexual meanings determine to what extent erectile feelings are experienced.

The purpose that disagreement among genital and furthermore subjective erectile arousal happens far more usually in girls could possibly suggest which for women sexual stimuli possess, extended often than for men, erectile than also nonsexual or even unfavorable meanings. The system has some evidence that this crippling stimuli generate damaging sexual meanings in females far more generally than in men. Lovemaking stimuli evoke mostly good lovemaking emotions in men, and however a host of other nonsexual meanings, both positive and detrimental, in girls.

Article Source: articlemotron . com

Friday, October 1, 2010

Receding Gums Cure And Treatment

Gingival or gum recession is a condition where the protective tissue around your teeth is lost and pulls away towards the root.

Receding gums expose more from the root (cementum) to tooth decay and cavities and may well create spaces or pockets in between the tooth and gums. Those spaces can turn into repositories for food particles and harmful bacteria that are more challenging to brush and floss away. Since much more of the root surface is exposed, enamel anchored by receding gums may possibly be additional sensitive to hot and cold or sweet and sour sensations (delicate enamel)!!! Enamel may also seem longer than normal because the gums cover less of the tooth surface.

Receding gums could be caused by several factors, including brushing too hard, mouth injuries or trauma, smoking, oral piercing, misaligned, gapped or crooked teeth and periodontal disorder - the inflammation and infection of your gums, bones and tissues that anchor teeth to the jaw.

Receding gums are generally symptoms of an underlying illness, just like periodontal sickness or an injury (for instance trauma or abrasion)! Some men and women may possibly have gums that are naturally thin and therefore are more prone to recession. Older individuals are also more likely to have the condition mainly because recession increases with age.

Inadequate brushing and flossing allows bacteria to sit in between the tooth which causes a chronic low grade gum infection. This leads to toxins being released by the bacteria which painlessly causes the bone to get eaten away from round the tooth.

As the gum ailment progresses, the tooth seem longer as well as the gums undergo recession along with the bone loss.

Periodontal disorder can begin in the course of teenaged years and might progress painlessly for years before actual awareness in the condition emerges. Bone tissue generally wears away from throughout the roots with the tooth faster than the diseased gum tissue.

What is created throughout this cycle of periodontal disease is deep gum pockets which are very challenging to clean out and contain millions of bacterial cells that continue to destroy bone. As a lot more bone support is lost round the roots with the teeth, they can grow to be mobile and loose. These events are usually accompanied by foul breath.

Friday, September 17, 2010

An Alternative that Works for 24 Hours for Gallstones Remedy

Various gallstones treatments are nowadays ready to individuals who want them. A affected individual will no longer need to suffer from discomfort and discomfort of this kind of health trouble. Continue reading this article to discover a lot more concerning the proper remedy for this medical condition.

Nonetheless initial, why at the same time as how do gallstones produce? Gallstones develop inside the gallbladder because of the liquid stored inside the gallbladder crystallizing into stone-like materials. Basically, you will discover two types of gallstones.

One is known as cholesterol stones while the other one is known as the pigment stones. The color from the cholesterol stones are generally yellowish green and produce due to cholesterol. These kinds account for approximately 80 percent of the existence of gallstones.

Pigment stones are dark and modest. These are created of bill Rubin and these varieties of stones may possibly be substantial like a ball or modest suchlike a grain. These kinds of gallstones can simply block the soft ducts surrounding the liver. When these ducts are blocked for longer period can trigger numerous issues.

This is the reason why acquiring remedy for gallstones that would discuss this issue is very crucial. The interruption of these ducts can merely affect the liver, pancreas as well as the gallbladder.

A couple of cautionary signs of such conditions are things suchlike jaundice, fever and continuing pain. What the individual should do is locate the right solution and face this condition head on. Remember, a client doesn't need to undergo surgery to remove the gallbladder.

Why does that when a individual might use organic methods to control the problem. These organic procedures are much affordable and safer. It will likewise assist the affected individual sustain the gallbladder that has its own crucial role within the body, accessible natural remedies work decently.

Finding out the efficient gallstones remedy, utilizing all-natural and safe methods is what a individual should be doing. They do operate outstanding and will give the needed remedy.

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How you can beat medication checks with correct guidance

Drug test has turn out to be now an necessary part of employee screening and evaluation. For that reason it has also grow to be essential to know the basic facts the place you'll be able to manage to acquire a clear chit from the loopholes of frequent pill tests. Even so, should you usually are not pill or alcohol addict and occasionally take the liberty to be out of the way, this guidance will aid you in wonderful way to have clearance certificate from drug testing laboratories.

On the other hand earlier than figuring out the tips to pass the drugs assessments you really should know about the lab tests we usually come across while encountering medication take a look at programs. The typical pill tastes are saliva test, hair medicine tests, and urine analyze methods wherefrom the lab technicians can derive the drug-use history from the concerned particular person.

Inside the pill tasting technique for saliva pill take a look at saliva or mouth swab is collected for examination, whereas in urine meds test the sample of urine is tasted, and in case of hair medication take a look at hair follicle of the concerned person is examined for the quantity of toxins deposited within the hair roots. The methods to pass a pill examination is strictly depends on the nature of the medicine check prior to the tips are different from each other. For example, tricks to pass a hair check are entirely various than methods to cross a urine check.

Occasionally methods alone prove sufficient for acquiring greatest consequence. Besides figuring out some methods some specialized solutions may well also enable to obtain rid off the difficulty efficiently and perfectly. You will discover a number of advertising and marketing sites from where the items details about the drug examination passing is often learned. However Testclear !!! com is 1 of the most dependable promoting sites the place the list of some efficient and very good excellent items is often traced which are really helpful to move a drug analyze, be it saliva, or hair, or urine related pill take a look at.

A number of merchandise for passing the obligations of pill checks are obtainable in market too as in on the net solution stores. On the other hand, all of them usually are not efficient alike. It really is always smart to consult user’s view ahead of buying any such item due to the fact if it does not work the outcome might devastating, as a result it is wise not to take any risk in relation to item selection in the event you genuinely wish to pass a drug check to be eligible for clean chit.

For example, to pass saliva test you'll be able to try a item named Spit-N-Kleen, which is available on Testclear . com, which is often a good excellent mouthwash and can get rid off all objectionable aroma or other factors which may come as negative sign for drug check end result. Using this mouth wash is genuinely simple and dependable means you need to use this mouthwash prior to 3-4 minutes in the take a look at and you might be certain to obtain great result from the pill take a look at procedure. In fact the use of Spit-N-Kleen has develop into a sure shot treatment to cross a saliva test.

At times employers organize urine medication assessments for their employees and it's expected that all employees need to cross their analyze with damaging detectionresult.Testclear !!! com has some unique treatment for this issue also. Powdered urine kit is often a good instant treatment to move a urine analyze with clear consequence. Similarly you'll be able to get detoxification shampoo also to move a hair analyze.

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Common Misconceptions About Vitamins: Some Faq's

Often taken to treat ailments like colds, arthritis and osteoporosis, and sometimes taken to offset issues like stress, nervous tension and even memory loss, vitamins are commonly misused and their benefits misunderstood. Vitamins are not wonder drugs and should not be taken with that belief or hope. Vitamins are organics compounds that assist in various metabolic functions of the body and most of us get our recommended doses of essential vitamins from our dietary intake. However some of us need to supplement our diet with vitamin supplements. Here are some commonly asked questions which will dispel the confusion that surrounds vitamins.

Is there a recommended amount of vitamins that I should consume?
Many people assume that vitamins can be taken in any quantities, blindly going along with the logic that if small amounts of vitamins are good for you then larger amounts must be even better. The Recommended Dietary Intakes (RDI) of vitamins is not the recommended amount to take daily, but rather the minimum amount required per day by the body to prevent a deficiency. The general rule of thumb to follow is less is usually more. Our bodies are capable of storing fat soluble vitamins like vitamins D, E and K. High does of these vitamins can result in toxic levels in the body. Even high doses of water soluble vitamins can cause toxicity in the body and is linked to health damaging side effects.

How soon should I address a vitamin deficiency?
Vitamins A, D, E and K, which are fat soluble, are stored in the fat content in our body for a long period of time. Even water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and B- complex are stored albeit for a shorter period of time. So a deficiency can take weeks and sometimes months to manifest itself, and affect your health. So you won't just contract rickets or beri beri suddenly; it will take months of no vitamins for you to reach that stage. The conclusion is that a random lapse in good eating habits will not damage your health as long as you aren't consistently erratic.

Will vitamin C cure my cold?
No. This is a myth. There has been extensive research done on this subject and there is still no evidence to suggest that vitamin C prevents common cold. Studies do show that taking vitamin C in large may ease the symptoms, and may even curtail the duration of the cold, but it does not prevent the onset of the cold. Our body requires only 40 mg of vitamin C in a day. The rest of it is excreted. Excessive doses can cause a wide range of health disorders.

Will taking vitamins alleviate my stress and anxiety?
Again, the answer is no. Deficiency of some vitamins can lead to emotional disturbances but the answer to most peoples' angst lies in overcoming personal and emotional problems and changing lifestyles. Taking vitamins will not help the cause.

What Vitamin Should I Take?

When I provide lectures on health and nutrition, I am often asked the question, "What vitamin should I take?" This is a surprisingly common question and reflects just how confused people are about nutrition and how to make sense of the information so poorly presented in the general media. By understanding the principals of nutrition we can better hope to answer this question for ourselves and help others when they too ask, "What vitamin should I take?"

The short answer is, "all of them, in appropriate amounts."

A Vitamin is a category of organic molecule that is required by a living organism for normal health. Vitamins are often referred to as "micronutrients" because as a percentage they make up the smallest portion of the foods we eat in a healthy diet. If deprived of all sources of a particular vitamin you will eventually suffer from disease symptoms specific to the missing vitamin. Once such disease is called Scurvy and was once a leading cause of death among Europeans until 1747 when it was established that citrus fruits and even sauerkraut would prevent the disease and "cure it" in those who were already suffering from Scurvy. In spite of this discovery, it took nearly 100 years for the population to accept this relationship between diet and such a horrible disease. In the early 1900s the molecules were identified in these foods and eventually referred to as vitamins.

The naming convention of vitamins was a bit disorganized and some vitamins were later classified as other types of nutritional components. For example, the Nobel Prize winning research for the discovery of Vitamin C also refers to a necessary "Vitamin P" that is now known as the flavonoid family of molecules. This was done as the definition of vitamins was further refined and agreed upon.

As a category of nutrition, vitamins are essential for life; they are not stored in the body and cannot be created by the body. Vitamin A is converted from carotenes, after the ingestion of certain fruits and vegetables, but still cannot be created without those necessary "building blocks." Similarly, Vitamin D can be produced in the skin by someone who receives regular exposure to sunlight and is not wearing sun block. Remaining are Vitamins B, C, E, and K. Some other vitamins have been proposed but have not sufficiently studied to determine need and minimal levels.

When choosing a supplement, first understand that nutrition should be appropriate in amount, high in quality as well as complete. It is better to choose a high-quality multivitamin than an assortment of individual vitamin supplements. Also, vitamin supplements should be food-matrix and standardized. This ensures the vitamins are properly utilized in the body and that each and every supplement is providing the same amount of active ingredient as the last. Most of the top selling brands of vitamins are neither food-matrix, nor standardized, so do your own research and only supplement your good diet with a top-quality vitamin supplements.

Finally, remember that supplementation is intended to improve nutrition and ensure that you are receiving appropriate levels of micronutrients in your diet each day. Supplements are not intended to replace the need for a good diet, but instead to make up for the reality that we live in times when it is necessary to improve the diet through supplementation to ensure balanced nutrition.

When someone asks you "What vitamin should I take?" you should now know that it is important to take a balanced, high-quality multivitamin first. After you have established a baseline of nutritional supplementation, give yourself a few months and then research individual vitamins if your personal nutritional needs require a bit more of one vitamin over another. You can then add individual, high-quality vitamin supplements to your multivitamin use. Maybe people find that additional vitamin supplements are not necessary and that a high-quality multivitamin improves their energy and sense of well being without the need for additional doses of individual vitamins.

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To Appear Great To Loose Excess pounds Just Try Sliminate

To Appear Great To Loose Excess pounds Just Try Sliminate
August 2010
To Appear Great To Loose Excess fat Just Test Sliminate
Sliminate is basically a body fat burning item which has been tested worldwide and it has actually surprised everybody with its SENSATIONAL results.

Its formula is a single from the ancient Chinese formulas. It has come from snow covered mountains of China-which is known as to be the house of healthcare herbs of Tibetan. With the aid of modern technology and vast development inside of the field of science the formula has been empowered.

Sliminate formula burns our fat naturally and accelerates our metabolism. Losing pounds was never so uncomplicated just just before. Only an individual capsule a day destroys all our body fat cells which seem being a single on the toughest jobs when we try to do that with physical exercise like running or yoga.

Hoe to take: – Take 1 capsule daily with 8-oz of water a person time, correct soon after or previous to breakfast. But make specific not to take it inside of 5 hours of bedtime. For ideal results mix it with purification slimming tea or using the diet preferred by gym teacher. Soon after all this drink ten 8-oz glass of water with it with in a day.

Specifications: – 30 capsules pack of 350mg each is obtainable inside of the marketplace. It actually is among the dietary supplements prescribed by various doctors and 1 of its functions that make it numerous from other sliming items that it really is 100% NATURAL.

Recommendation: – Not to be utilized by persons under 18. Dosage must not to be taken throughout pregnancy. Consult physician just before usage in case of cardiovascular complications, kidney or liver disease or if there's any psychological disorders. Take dosage as prescribed not much or less.

Key Ingredients: –
(1)Mulberry Leaf Extract: – it act as a shield for diabetes, accelerates yin energy level in our body, beneficial for our immune system, Superb for joints, enhance vision and hearing.

(2)Jobs-Tears: -it is sweet, bitter and salty to savoir and it produces direct impact on our liver kidney and large intestine. In early times it was utilized to rectify the blurred vision and eyes. Tarits have also said that they have also cured blood pressure.

As earlier there were two techniques to lessen the body body fat as follows

(a)By reducing calories

(b) Furious workout

But now Sliminate has made reducing huge amount of excess fat truly incredibly quick approach to approach. And all this is actually a tremendous, devoid of any diet and with out hunger excess weight loss plan.

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Author writes for lose pounds, pounds loss and superb bodyweight loss.

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Men are more vulnerable than women, the five organs

Physically robust man with the slender compared to the smaller woman, there are several obvious weaknesses. Therefore, the man who, do not count on strong and do whatever they want!

 The first weakness: the "heart"

According to clinical statistics, men suffering from myocardial infarction were admitted into hospital for a woman of 7 - 10 times. The disease was mainly due to excess fat and heavy smoking, drinking and causing, in addition, work intensely emotional troubles are also one of the causes.

  The second weakness: "the liver"

In chronic hepatitis patients, men are four times more women. The main reason is alcohol. The liver can only break down each day, converting 60 - 80 of alcohol, more than this amount would be harmful to the liver. Another high-fat foods on the liver is also very unfavorable.

  The third weakness: "rectal"

  CancerMales was higher than females. Men generally eat more fat and protein than women, medical studies have shown that, in the absence of adequate fiber-containing foods, while eating too much fat and protein is an important cause of colorectal cancer occurred.

  The fourth weakness: "stomach"

Men like drinking, smoking, drinking coffee, the men at the table devouring, men often eat too much, however, when men enjoy express, their protests are expected to pour in stomach; stomach pain, vomiting, hematemesis, ai Acid ... ... medical research found that menStomachThe incidence rate of 6.2 times higher than women on average.

  5th weaknesses: "Prostate"

According to the study, men in the 50 years of age, about 60% of people with prostate diseases. The reason is that the male steroid hormone secreted by glands around the urethra change it to increase. Enlarged prostate was pressed into a flat shape, and then the bladder pressure caused difficulties in urinating. Prostate problems can easily be ignored, little suited to go to hospital for examination and timely treatment to prevent exacerbations.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Science contraception, away from the crowd

Recently, many media reported the two since the story of teenage pregnancy, childbirth, causing the public's attention and sympathy, a lot of enthusiastic people would donate money and materials to help the girls support their children, finding a job, return to society ...... In fact, teenage pregnancy, childbirth is a pieces of very dangerous thing, because they belong to the unwanted pregnancy is completely far from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy care, without any protection during pregnancy, childbirth is usually very poor condition. I think that the treatment of these "children" the most fundamental is the church that they protect their own "skills", the Church of their birth, in order to provide them with appropriate contraceptive methods, and to help and urge them to insist on the use of contraceptive methods. December 12 branches in Wuhan, we have opened a family planning meeting of all members, all for domestic unwanted pregnancies, induced abortions have expressed concern over the current situation and concerns will be issued in the whole of society and everyone agrees to "scientific contraception, away from the crowd" initiatives:

"Science contraception, away from the crowd," written proposal

The 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development Program of Action explicitly pointed out: "From any point of view, abortion should not be put as a family planning method. All the relevant national government agencies and non-governmental organizations should take positive steps to enhance their women's health commitment, by expanding and improving family planning services, the reduction of abortion as a major public health problems. must be the most important position on the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, and to make every effort to reduce abortion. "In 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO ) released a reproductive health strategy, in turn, "promote scientific contraception, to strengthen post-abortion family planning services" to include "the promotion of reproductive health" priority areas of concern.

At present, China's annual average of more than 800 million cases of sub-abortion, abortion rate up to 29.3 ‰, much higher than the average level of developed countries. Even more noteworthy is that, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities to repeat abortion rate is higher than 50%, unmarried flow increased year by year, to bring serious harm to women's health. Relevant data: secondary infertility in 88.2% patients with history of induced abortion; repeat Liu Chan led to a marked increase in the incidence of infertility.

My reasons for the high abortion rate: in general, the first people of childbearing age lack of scientific knowledge of contraception, and second, the lack of attention to the needs of young people and services for contraception and the third is yet to fully carry out standardization of post-abortion family planning services, resulting in women's In the flow will still be exposed to risk of pregnancy in the accident. In view of this, the Chinese Medical Association Family Planning Branch Special to the broad masses of medical workers and the whole community to the following initiatives:

1, establish self-protection awareness, from what I start, consciously, the correct use of scientific methods of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

2, medical workers, especially family planning, full-time staff, to actively take the initiative to undertake the duties of disseminating scientific knowledge of contraception for the majority of people of childbearing age to provide a safe and reliable contraception and adequate counseling.

3, at all levels of health care and family planning services, not only to the people of childbearing age technology to provide quality family planning services and reproductive health education in the window to play the role of active regulated post-abortion family planning services, but also neighborhoods, communities, or towns, and villages to promote and improve family planning, reproductive health knowledge of universal coverage.

4, at all levels of government administrative institutions should do a good job from management to the service concept of change management within services, and give full play to the grass-roots primary health care and family planning service network-to-edge horizontal, vertical in the end role in puberty, wedding, After the abortion, post-natal, hoping change of contraceptive measures, and so accident-prone critical period of pregnancy, contraceptive requirements as much as possible to have populations with thoughtful, careful family planning services.

5, the community, such as women's federations, labor unions, schools, shops, mass media and non-governmental organizations, must care about women's health, combined with their own business to carry out reproductive health education, the formation of the whole society to promote reproductive health, a good situation.

Respect and care for women are the embodiment of social civilization and progress in building a "harmonious society" today, more far-reaching significance. Let us, headed by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao's leadership, learning and practice the scientific concept of development, common to assume the responsibilities and obligations of family planning and create a "science of contraception, away from the crowd" health social atmosphere, protect the women's reproductive health and their legitimate rights and interests, so that they are a more healthy, more self-confident state, society and the family propped up "half the sky"!

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Skincare soup seven women

Day at home, drink a bowl of delicious and nutritious soup, the mood became very comfortable and happy feeling overflowing throughout the atrium. What's more, the delicious soup does have the effect of cosmetic beauty. Now, come take a look at the following which several delicious taste, beauty is not the weak efficacy of the production method of beauty soup and let you easily drink a healthy beautiful appearance.

  Black bean pork ribs soup Sydney

Black beans and soy are both one, but the skin is black, containing anthocyanins, is a good source of antioxidants; is also rich in vitamin E, is also an antioxidant, can eliminate free radicals, reduce wrinkles and preserve our youth fitness . Therefore, a good black beans women beauty beauty products. Black beans and Sydney, ribs soup, eat it regularly can effectively improve dull dull complexion, pigmentation, oily black eye and facial flushing, acne and other skin problems.

Material: Sydney two big bowl of black beans, ribs 500 grams, ginger 3, 8 bowls of water


1, black beans washed, soaked with water 2-3 hours;

2, Sydney Wash peeled to the core, each cut 4;

3, medlar wash slightly immersion;

4, ribs Wash chopped up into pieces, boil water, picked up rinse;

5, boiling water, put all the materials, large heat and simmer 20 minutes, turn a small fire burning and a half hours, the next salt consumption.

  Fresh bananas stewed white fungus dried lily

Eat more potassium inFood, Such as bananas, kelp, etc. can make a person energetic, can effectively inhibit sleepy. Fresh lily in white fungus soup banana stew, there is Kuanxiong Qi, in addition to the role of trapped recover from fatigue, and even into the drink sweet soup is very good.

Material: fresh lily 120 grams, 15 grams of dried white fungus, wolfberry fruit 5 grams, banana 2, 100 grams of crystal sugar


1, the objects were washed, soaked Tremella remove stalks torn small duo;

2, banana slice, white fungus under Dunzhong;

3, just add water 1000 ml (4 bowls volume), capped Ge Shuidun and a half hours;

4, and then into the lily, bananas and rock sugar, half an hour will be stamped with Ge Shuidun.

  Ziyin Qingrun Harbor coconut chicken pot lily

Coconut is the province of Hong Kong Harbor area is very popular soup material, non-governmental think that it has lungs and cough, Ziyin addition to dry and so on.

Harbor coconut often with Lily, American ginseng, Chinese caterpillar fungus flowers, bamboo sewing chicken, crocodile meat is equallyMoistureQi of the ingredients together soup, water, cold does not dry, Ziyin Qingrun, Qingxin soothe the nerves,MoisturizingBeauty.

Materials: 1 chicken, candied 3, submarine coconut (dry) 30 grams, ginger 3, water, 8 bowls, and Lily (dry) 20 grams


1, submarine, and lily coconut washed with water soak 1 hour;

2, wash a good chicken slaughter, stripped of the oil block, chopped up into pieces, boil water, picked up;

3, slightly candied dates rinse;

4, boiling water, put all the materials, large heat and simmer 20 minutes, turn a small fire burning and a half hours, the next salt can be eaten.

  Papaya soup hairtail spy

Papaya has been highly recommended hairtail breast food, other than the breast, papaya, and octopus are extremely rich in nutrients, are quite good therapeutic effects of ingredients, both can be braised, roasting, stewing, of course, can also be soup, soup Cameo White taste Qingrun. Shu lungs and spleen, Liver and blood, Ze Yang skin hair, breast prolactin.

Materials: 300 grams of octopus, black fungus (dry) 15 grams, ribs 3D0 grams, 300 grams of papaya, ginger and 3, eight bowls of water


1, papaya peeled and washed, cut open seeded, diced;

2, black fungus clean, use warm water soft, remove stalks, torn to the size of a moderate block;

3, ribs clean cuts, boil water, picked up;

4, octopus washed abdominal black film must be Guajing, drain water, cut 5 cm pieces. Put two tablespoons of wok oil, heat until the oil till the Qi Cheng, the next block and ginger hairtail, small shovel from the fire Jianzhi yellowish sides;

5, boiling water, release of all materials, Wu simmer for 20 minutes, transfer to burn a slow fire for half an hour, the next you can taste salt.

 Sesame Chicken Soup Wu

Many girls will appear from time to time due to physiological causes of anemia. Without proper conditioning, year after year in the accumulated result in pale, brown hair, and other symptoms. This soup Zi Yang Shen liver, blood and hair, beneficial shrewd eyes, can be used for physical conditioning period only. Black sesame soup Fang of crude fiber than white sesame seeds, calcium, iron content is higher, better.

Material: Fresh black-bone chicken 1, 100 grams of lean meat, black sesame seeds 100 grams, 50 grams medlar, to the nuclear jujube 3, 2 candied ginger pieces 2


1, fresh black-bone chicken cleaned chopped boil water stand-by;

2, black sesame low heat saute inactive;

3, wolfberry fruit, lost nuclear dates, candied, ginger pieces washed inactive;

4, with 8 clever bowl, add all ingredients, using Wu Huo burn for 10 minutes and then change to slow fire to burn 150 minutes, seasoning with salt preference can be.

  Motherwort pot black fungus

Motherwort pot black fungus soup cold intrusion prevention and treatment of women, blood stagnate leading to abdominal pain by the Bank, one of the auxiliary therapeutic, it can pass through the rolling nourishing. If the winter, cold hands and feet were often placed in Guizhi 10 grams, fresh Motherwort black fungus soup is also a Summer Liang Su-soup.

Material: Motherwort 30 grams, 25 grams of black fungus, red dates three, ginger, 3


1, the objects were washed, Motherwort, black fungus slightly immersion;

2, red dates to go nuclear, together with the ginger into the cooker, the adding of water 750 milliliters (5 bowl volume);

3, Wuhuogunfei, the change burning a slow fire for half an hour can be transferred to an appropriate salt.

  Apple's thin seaweed soup

Apple has been known as the "full range of healthy fruit," contains a variety of vitamins and acids, malic acid may be metabolic heat, to prevent, the upper body obese, apples are rich in vitamins, with Sheng Jin, lungs, spleen, Yiwei , the raising of heart, Jieshu and hangover effects such as: kelp can contain a variety of minerals, is extremely rich in iodine content, in addition to calcium deficiency prevention and treatment of human things, its rich dietary fiber in the diet help to lose weight during the eat kelp.

Material: lean meat 250g, Apple 2, seaweed 100g, candied 2-3

Practice: 1, lean wash water after the boil for a short stand-by; 2, kelp soaked wash, cut into wide silk READY; 3, Apple to the core wash stand-by; 4, with 6 clever bowl, add all the materials , Wu Huo boil for 10 minutes, and then slow fire to burn 1.5 hours later according to taste with salt can be

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three kinds of weight loss slimming 12 pounds in January

Three kinds of weight loss slimming 12 pounds in January (Figure)(2010-02-28 01:19:06)
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Three kinds of weight loss recipes, so you month by 12 jin. Do not hesitate, and this time you are absolutely leading role.

Recipe 1

Early morning drinking a cup, about 300 milliliters.

Breakfast: Porridge 100 grams of coarse grains, lean meat, 100 grams of steamed buns.

Early afternoon: fruit 1.

Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of peeled chicken, mushrooms 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each.

Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1.

Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, 100 grams of soy products, vegetables and 100 grams.

Bedtime: Skim Milk 250 ml.

Recipe 2

Early morning drinking a cup, about 300 milliliters.

Breakfast: fresh milk 400 ml, whole wheat bread, 100 grams.

Early afternoon: fruit 1.

Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of lean beef, mushrooms 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each.

Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1.

Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, seaweed and 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables.

Before going to bed: 250 ml milk.

Recipe 3

Early morning drinking a cup, about 300 milliliters.

Breakfast: 400 ml milk, eggs, a staple food 100 grams.

Early afternoon: fruit 1.

Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of animal liver, kelp 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each.

Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1.

Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, 100 grams of soy products, vegetables and 100 grams.

Bedtime: Skim Milk 250 ml.

Please note:

1, three kinds of recipes alternating pairs did not indicate the specific name of the food may be self-matching, but the amount should be brought under control.

2, preferably morning and afternoon two varieties of fruit.

3, men's daily staple increase 50 to 100 grams or fruit, 1 ~ 2.

4, day 8 to 10 glasses of water to drink about 23 liters.

5, cooking with steam suitable, edible oils and fats per day preferably not more than 50 grams.

6, less salt, soy sauce and other condiments, vinegar may be appropriate.

7, every weekend in early, eat lunch, cake, ice cream, chocolate and other sweets as a swap, but a modest reduction in staple food dinner is better

Friday, February 26, 2010

Run enough is enough beautiful women

Screen, the print media, so many beautiful women, we see that they are the most perfect and moving side. As a woman, even though she enough natural beauty, acquired for their own heaven-sent Huarong is still to be extra care. Just as a plant, depend on water and land nourished, moderately shining sun can grow.
Qingdao is filming a new version of "arbiter" actor Chang Pei-pei, said a woman was indeed a plant, in winter moisten her health, next year's blooming brilliant moments, so winter must be a woman beautiful enough to be able to Run.

  Moisture tension at any time alarm
Like the northern winter, indoor and outdoor drying, the most for Chang Pei-pei's distressed that she had dry skin. As the needs of their work, and she often take a long time makeup, already a relatively dry skin will start peeling, and sometimes appears allergic symptoms. Once her skin because of dry water, in the yellow sand filled the location to shoot a day, call it a day after the face full of wrinkles, completely from the 16-year-old into a 60-year-old. In the face of dry skin problems, the quickest and most direct solution is to constantly rub the oil on the makeup, and then continue to fill powder, continue to paint his face, like whitewashing the same! Start with the mask at attaining a make-up before, and so on. Of course, these are a temporary solution for the problem, the most important moment of tension or in the winter moisture alarm, time does not forget moisture replenishment. If it is in the north of indoor heating and vitality, coupled with stay up all night to shoot a film is simply for the already strong within the fire added a fire, this time would have fruit, herbal tea and then the various ways in supporting multi-pronged approach of the external .
  Runzao do not follow common sense out the card
Actor's life is not always as we imagined as glamorous, and Chang Pei-pei tells us that, in the studio, especially the costume studio, drink plenty of water is very inconvenient, especially after the last makeup, so she is always in the conditions allow pay close attention to the case of the water, completely erratic. From a taste point of view, Chang Pei-pei particularly like tea, tea detoxification effect of Dietary Fat Reduction in winter when the flowers to drink from a bustling, tea, always felt the flowers and drink, the body will emit the scent like a flower. When dinner is also a good time to recharge, Chang Pei-pei prefer to eat soup made of vegetables, such as asparagus soup and the like, but also beauty they pay, but also eat a number of relatively large water content of fruit.
In the Chang Pei-pei's life, Bath is one of the ways replenishment. A large part of the body of water are lost from the skin out, and if you can adhere to Bath to maintain skin moisture, but also in Bath, while still large numbers of water to promote the body's metabolism. Match at this time on the tea plants just mentioned, that is, the skin and internal organs of the double touch.
  Effective private-star recruit private soup recipe

Tomato Oxtail Soup
Material: Shelter a cut (about 500 grams), tomato 75 grams, potato 75 grams, 10 grams of ginger rice, chopped green onion 15 grams, 25 grams of tomato sauce, pepper the number of tablets, salt, cooking wine, soup, the amount of refined oil
System of law:
1. Oxtail washed Zhancheng section, placed in cold water pot Shaofei boil for a short a fish out of water, and then rinsing with clean water floating foam; tomatoes, potatoes to pitche into pieces.
2. Wok set the fire and put it into refined oil Heat, input ginger rice, pepper saute, the next into the tomato sauce, causal, and then into the oxtail the next section, cooked into the cooking wine, mixed with soup, stir-boiled turning stew low heat about 90 minutes, and then the next into the tomato pieces and potato chips, potato chips cooked continued Dunzhi when transferred to salt, clean wok into soup, sprinkle with chopped green onion Serve.

  Control of meal times

When we feel cold, always thought should eat some, tend to choose the hot pot, barbecue, etc. to heat and enjoy a big meal. 5 pm each day, after a fancy meal as little as possible, because after 5 o'clock the body does not need so much energy to bring the energy in the body of food hoarding, converted into fat and our metabolism can not afford to "anger."

  Supplement qi and blood Do not fill anger

Women in the winter easy to feel afraid of the cold, body cold, this is your body send signals 啦 need blood, but the blood in a manner that properly, do not nourishing too far and make up within the fire became strong.

 Wong Lo Kat Runzao recipe

Busy with work, "Anti-lit" from the beginning to drink herbal tea

The northern winter, cold and dry outdoor and indoor heating dry remains strong. Indoor work and live every day in more than 20 hours of you, how should do to prevent lit and a healthy way of life? The following methods are available for reference.

1. Eat less fast food. Ruoyin busy with work and had to eat fast food, we might come to a can of Wong Lo Kat Not only does it taste good quench their thirst, and has lit the effectiveness of prevention can be the solution to urban communities in the diet of fast food in the "get angry" worry.

2. Drink plenty of water. Water can not only dilute the concentration of toxins in the body, reducing harmful toxins, but also the promotion of kidney metabolism, will be more harmful substances excreted.

3. Regular exercise. Even the winter, at least a week or 2 times aerobic exercise sweating. Skin is the body's largest detoxification organ, sweating through exercise, excluding organs difficult to remove toxins.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Duocheng alkaline vegetables and fruits may be in excess of the acidic substances and in vivo, but also will gather in the toxin dissolved in the cell. In addition, the cellulose-rich fruits and vegetables can also play a role in intestinal scavenger. Relieve internal heat of fresh banana fruit as the best Chinese medicine believe that their sexual sweet humble astringent, non-toxic, with heat and thirst quencher, Qingwei cooling blood, relax bowel, blood pressure urination.

5. Do not over-eating. Over-consumption of food will increase the burden on the digestive system, so that should not have too good digestive function "worse." The cold weather, diet, eat some of them should also be light refreshing food, no additional burden to the stomach

Thursday, February 25, 2010

These men, women favorite style posture

1. Wearing high-heeled shoes

A pair of high heels, accompanied by the appropriate thin wire Gaotong pants will make your legs slim and graceful, in the eyes of men, add a host of unspeakable charm.

  2. Moderate nudity

The key parts of a woman too much dew would be mistaken for a "flasher" not decent. How fitting it is exposed too, is a major problem. Right neck confident woman, wearing a V-neck dress, and then with gold necklaces, that can bring a beautiful neckline; right shoulder, confident person, and may wear Xiaojian, Straight-type clothing; if worried about the shoulder Lu too, may wish to sew some lace, or decorated with shoulder-Wai; right chest and confident person, you can unlock a multi-button shirt, wearing a transparent shirt with lace bra with the color. right thigh and confident person, should to wear miniskirts. If wearing a skirt so, should reveal ankle.

  3. Revealed shame state

Shy is a woman to attract men and to increase the ambience of the secret weapon, there was timely but fitting, then into obsequiousness, is a kind of feminine beauty, such as the school of the naive young girl's face suddenly flush thrown, no boy will not be tempted. Be careful that this state can not "excessive use" Otherwise, there is sensuality mean, it would go in the opposite of.

  4. Using a fixed brand of perfume

To choose their own brand of perfume some fixed will be your exclusive logo. He heard of this fragrance, you know you have come. Most people have to sprinkle perfume on a handkerchief or clothing, which not only smell easy to disappear, but will also lead to moth-eaten clothes. Some women ** put perfume painted in the hair root, ear, neck and armpits, this is not good. The best way is to perfume painted around the navel and the breast, and the other with a small group of cotton, dipped in the middle of perfume on the bra, so not only to maintain long-term scent, but also can make the body temperature of the hot air with the scent, to overflow in all directions scattered.

 5. Society of action language

That Aortic Feelings eyes, then smiled a look, then Yitaiwanfang manner, that Chuchudongren face, and sometimes better than a thousand words.

 6. Develop your "mysterious beauty"

Portray themselves as the image of a little mystery, let him think that you will always be a mystery, is a Baidubuyan book.

 7. To send a sweet boyfriend nickname

To send a sweet nickname to your lover, you will have even more intimate with each other. Surprising is that some prominent status of the President, Members, but also to lovers call them the nickname. These are men from the women feel cute nicknames are: small Yaya, small handsome guy, small guagua, small muddy balls, small fool, a small obediently, Hercules, Big Head tigers, teddy bear boss, honey baby , baby eggs, an air bear, Fast food restaurants, and vegetables, when to send, charming precision.

8. Childish confession make her boyfriend feel very happy

When you spend a lot of money to buy a few tickets in preparation for her husband about a theater, you can call using the child's playful tone, said: "I am a bad bad bad kids. I bought a few plays votes, if I were to tell you how expensive the fare, you will be easy. But I guarantee that as long as you're not angry, I just go to your head and kiss your toes. "heard that your husband will be laughed saying: "From head to toe, is it? ah, this is worth oh!"

9. Women have to be romantic but not indecent

Merry and dirty, with the women's cutesy, but there is a sense of proportion differences: the performance just right, compared with flirtatious romantic, charming too excessive compared to downstream. Typically, the so-called romantic is innate, indecent belongs to the day after tomorrow. Does not have a romantic special sacrifice of the woman, men will feel dull; have these features may be described as obscene: wearing disgusting underwear; halitosis; teeth black; sound muddy; often say something decent, if not indecent; eat something sound; disinformation trouble.

 10. The performance of "fragile" is caused by the secret of feminine

In order to meet men naturally like to "protect" women's desire to show what an appropriate "fragile" is necessary. This "weak" performance in both the physical, the appearance of a fragile, but also reflected the spirit of the "vulnerable", such as fear of thunder or easy to shedding tears.

11. Make the odds look cute

When the man late for an appointment, if he said: "ah! Late." You have to hold back grievances replied: "I am afraid you can not find the place it is!" This is due to his late first demeanor. However, if the next time he was late, then odds can come in handy: "Humph!'re Late again. Fine you invited me to dinner!" This level of anger will make him quite a good impression.

12. Sigh gently into his heart may be

To induce him to slightly tone of the bar, the two sit side by side, and then according to the first 30 minutes chatting happily as usual, and the amount of alcohol drinking. After 30 minutes, you will start playing in the hands of the glass, and their eyes fixed on his fingertips around quietly sigh: "Alas!" He's sensitive to note that in order to worry about the eyes watching you. You immediately quickly escape his attention, give him a fatal blow gently and then "Oh," soon as. His sigh of your guess will give birth to many worried that you do not like with him together. At this time, he would find ways to examine their own mistakes and eager to you to declare how much he likes you, love, comedy will be further put on, the middle you play into the hands

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stewed beef tips

To use the hot water, do not add cold water. Hot water can make the rapid freezing of beef surface proteins, amino acids to prevent the meat outside the dip to keep meat fresh and delicious; stir boiled, steamed 20 minutes, opened the lid to smell, then cap and replaced by a small open-Wei Huo, so that floating noodle soup oil to maintain temperature, played Braised role.

Cooking process, the salt should go on too late, the water should be one to add a little, if we find water, less water should be added; stew the day before, wipe the surface of the meat with mustard look, stew before, wash with cold water, so that not only cooked faster, and the meat is tender.

Will be a little tea with gauze wrap and put it into pot, together with beef stew, meat cooked quickly, taste, fragrance.

Add some wine or vinegar 1 kg of beef, put 2 to 3 tablespoons of wine or 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar, beef stew, but also make the meat soft rotten.

In the meat pot, or a few slices of radish a few hawthorn, both cooked quickly, but also among odor

Monday, February 22, 2010

Keyboarding most vulnerable to injury ear noise

British study found that brake the sound of elevator sound, keyboarding sound of acoustic noise is the most easily overlooked noise sources are hazardous to health.

GermanyDoctorsRobert Koch had predicted: "Sooner or later one day, in order to survive, humanity will have to struggle with the noise, like dealing withCholeraAnd the plague did. "From" New Scientist "report once again sounded the alarm. The report pointed out that noise pollution has long been directly or indirectly, undermine people's health. Audiology at University College London, Professor Deepak and even said that the premature death also noise.

Latest statistics show that 2% of Europeans suffer from noise pollution and persistent nightmares, at least 15% of people said they worry not stand the noise. This, the Chinese Center for Disease Control environment and health-related product safety director of Gold and Silver Long pointed out that the noise would affect the nervous system, resulting inInsomniaA trance, in addition, may also cause high blood pressure, weakened immunity, as well as hearing loss.

"European Night noise guidelines" put forth a noise exposure limit, such as cardiovascular disease limits long-term in the night to accept a 50-decibel noise; the negative impact on children's learning is 55 dB; general interference with only 35 dB. If long-term exposure above 90 decibels of sound, may cause some degree of hearing loss. According to reports, roughly 55 decibels in the noise of busy restaurant, while 75 decibels is the equivalent of busy blocks noise.

In addition, the experts also pointed out that many of life could easily be overlooked source of noise.

Electric cars or car brake sound. This noise generally will outpace the 90 decibels, so it is best not to apply the brake.

Elevators, etc. issued by the low-frequency noise. That frequency sounds below 500 Hz, such as elevators, water pumps, boiler noise. It can reach ear bones may lead to sympathetic nervous and trigger heart palpitations, high blood pressure and so on.

Open-office keyboarding, telephone voice. United States Environmental Analysis at Cornell University professor Gary Evans said that in the open-plan office, even as the conversation, tap the keyboard, phone ring tones so the noise will be slightly negative impact on health.

Neighbor's noise sound. Office for National Statistics figures show that over the past 20 years, residents in the amount of noise complaints turned over 5 times.

Order to reduce noise pollution, countries have introduced some measures. When renting an apartment in Switzerland, after 10 pm are not allowed to shower; the United States, New York and even the provisions of domesticated dog at night can only call five minutes during the day and can only be called 10 minutes. In addition, the experts pointed out that if there is ringing in the ears, earache, answer the telephone or unconsciously, tend to use the side of the ear, often heard when such issues do not know anyone else speak, in respect of attention and timely examination and treatment.