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Skincare soup seven women

Day at home, drink a bowl of delicious and nutritious soup, the mood became very comfortable and happy feeling overflowing throughout the atrium. What's more, the delicious soup does have the effect of cosmetic beauty. Now, come take a look at the following which several delicious taste, beauty is not the weak efficacy of the production method of beauty soup and let you easily drink a healthy beautiful appearance.

  Black bean pork ribs soup Sydney

Black beans and soy are both one, but the skin is black, containing anthocyanins, is a good source of antioxidants; is also rich in vitamin E, is also an antioxidant, can eliminate free radicals, reduce wrinkles and preserve our youth fitness . Therefore, a good black beans women beauty beauty products. Black beans and Sydney, ribs soup, eat it regularly can effectively improve dull dull complexion, pigmentation, oily black eye and facial flushing, acne and other skin problems.

Material: Sydney two big bowl of black beans, ribs 500 grams, ginger 3, 8 bowls of water


1, black beans washed, soaked with water 2-3 hours;

2, Sydney Wash peeled to the core, each cut 4;

3, medlar wash slightly immersion;

4, ribs Wash chopped up into pieces, boil water, picked up rinse;

5, boiling water, put all the materials, large heat and simmer 20 minutes, turn a small fire burning and a half hours, the next salt consumption.

  Fresh bananas stewed white fungus dried lily

Eat more potassium inFood, Such as bananas, kelp, etc. can make a person energetic, can effectively inhibit sleepy. Fresh lily in white fungus soup banana stew, there is Kuanxiong Qi, in addition to the role of trapped recover from fatigue, and even into the drink sweet soup is very good.

Material: fresh lily 120 grams, 15 grams of dried white fungus, wolfberry fruit 5 grams, banana 2, 100 grams of crystal sugar


1, the objects were washed, soaked Tremella remove stalks torn small duo;

2, banana slice, white fungus under Dunzhong;

3, just add water 1000 ml (4 bowls volume), capped Ge Shuidun and a half hours;

4, and then into the lily, bananas and rock sugar, half an hour will be stamped with Ge Shuidun.

  Ziyin Qingrun Harbor coconut chicken pot lily

Coconut is the province of Hong Kong Harbor area is very popular soup material, non-governmental think that it has lungs and cough, Ziyin addition to dry and so on.

Harbor coconut often with Lily, American ginseng, Chinese caterpillar fungus flowers, bamboo sewing chicken, crocodile meat is equallyMoistureQi of the ingredients together soup, water, cold does not dry, Ziyin Qingrun, Qingxin soothe the nerves,MoisturizingBeauty.

Materials: 1 chicken, candied 3, submarine coconut (dry) 30 grams, ginger 3, water, 8 bowls, and Lily (dry) 20 grams


1, submarine, and lily coconut washed with water soak 1 hour;

2, wash a good chicken slaughter, stripped of the oil block, chopped up into pieces, boil water, picked up;

3, slightly candied dates rinse;

4, boiling water, put all the materials, large heat and simmer 20 minutes, turn a small fire burning and a half hours, the next salt can be eaten.

  Papaya soup hairtail spy

Papaya has been highly recommended hairtail breast food, other than the breast, papaya, and octopus are extremely rich in nutrients, are quite good therapeutic effects of ingredients, both can be braised, roasting, stewing, of course, can also be soup, soup Cameo White taste Qingrun. Shu lungs and spleen, Liver and blood, Ze Yang skin hair, breast prolactin.

Materials: 300 grams of octopus, black fungus (dry) 15 grams, ribs 3D0 grams, 300 grams of papaya, ginger and 3, eight bowls of water


1, papaya peeled and washed, cut open seeded, diced;

2, black fungus clean, use warm water soft, remove stalks, torn to the size of a moderate block;

3, ribs clean cuts, boil water, picked up;

4, octopus washed abdominal black film must be Guajing, drain water, cut 5 cm pieces. Put two tablespoons of wok oil, heat until the oil till the Qi Cheng, the next block and ginger hairtail, small shovel from the fire Jianzhi yellowish sides;

5, boiling water, release of all materials, Wu simmer for 20 minutes, transfer to burn a slow fire for half an hour, the next you can taste salt.

 Sesame Chicken Soup Wu

Many girls will appear from time to time due to physiological causes of anemia. Without proper conditioning, year after year in the accumulated result in pale, brown hair, and other symptoms. This soup Zi Yang Shen liver, blood and hair, beneficial shrewd eyes, can be used for physical conditioning period only. Black sesame soup Fang of crude fiber than white sesame seeds, calcium, iron content is higher, better.

Material: Fresh black-bone chicken 1, 100 grams of lean meat, black sesame seeds 100 grams, 50 grams medlar, to the nuclear jujube 3, 2 candied ginger pieces 2


1, fresh black-bone chicken cleaned chopped boil water stand-by;

2, black sesame low heat saute inactive;

3, wolfberry fruit, lost nuclear dates, candied, ginger pieces washed inactive;

4, with 8 clever bowl, add all ingredients, using Wu Huo burn for 10 minutes and then change to slow fire to burn 150 minutes, seasoning with salt preference can be.

  Motherwort pot black fungus

Motherwort pot black fungus soup cold intrusion prevention and treatment of women, blood stagnate leading to abdominal pain by the Bank, one of the auxiliary therapeutic, it can pass through the rolling nourishing. If the winter, cold hands and feet were often placed in Guizhi 10 grams, fresh Motherwort black fungus soup is also a Summer Liang Su-soup.

Material: Motherwort 30 grams, 25 grams of black fungus, red dates three, ginger, 3


1, the objects were washed, Motherwort, black fungus slightly immersion;

2, red dates to go nuclear, together with the ginger into the cooker, the adding of water 750 milliliters (5 bowl volume);

3, Wuhuogunfei, the change burning a slow fire for half an hour can be transferred to an appropriate salt.

  Apple's thin seaweed soup

Apple has been known as the "full range of healthy fruit," contains a variety of vitamins and acids, malic acid may be metabolic heat, to prevent, the upper body obese, apples are rich in vitamins, with Sheng Jin, lungs, spleen, Yiwei , the raising of heart, Jieshu and hangover effects such as: kelp can contain a variety of minerals, is extremely rich in iodine content, in addition to calcium deficiency prevention and treatment of human things, its rich dietary fiber in the diet help to lose weight during the eat kelp.

Material: lean meat 250g, Apple 2, seaweed 100g, candied 2-3

Practice: 1, lean wash water after the boil for a short stand-by; 2, kelp soaked wash, cut into wide silk READY; 3, Apple to the core wash stand-by; 4, with 6 clever bowl, add all the materials , Wu Huo boil for 10 minutes, and then slow fire to burn 1.5 hours later according to taste with salt can be

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Three kinds of weight loss slimming 12 pounds in January

Three kinds of weight loss slimming 12 pounds in January (Figure)(2010-02-28 01:19:06)
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Three kinds of weight loss recipes, so you month by 12 jin. Do not hesitate, and this time you are absolutely leading role.

Recipe 1

Early morning drinking a cup, about 300 milliliters.

Breakfast: Porridge 100 grams of coarse grains, lean meat, 100 grams of steamed buns.

Early afternoon: fruit 1.

Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of peeled chicken, mushrooms 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each.

Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1.

Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, 100 grams of soy products, vegetables and 100 grams.

Bedtime: Skim Milk 250 ml.

Recipe 2

Early morning drinking a cup, about 300 milliliters.

Breakfast: fresh milk 400 ml, whole wheat bread, 100 grams.

Early afternoon: fruit 1.

Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of lean beef, mushrooms 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each.

Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1.

Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, seaweed and 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables.

Before going to bed: 250 ml milk.

Recipe 3

Early morning drinking a cup, about 300 milliliters.

Breakfast: 400 ml milk, eggs, a staple food 100 grams.

Early afternoon: fruit 1.

Lunch: rice, 100 grams, 100 grams of animal liver, kelp 100 grams, 100 grams of vegetables and two kinds of each.

Afternoon, evening: Fruits 1.

Dinner: rice, 100 grams to 100 grams of leatherback sea products, 100 grams of soy products, vegetables and 100 grams.

Bedtime: Skim Milk 250 ml.

Please note:

1, three kinds of recipes alternating pairs did not indicate the specific name of the food may be self-matching, but the amount should be brought under control.

2, preferably morning and afternoon two varieties of fruit.

3, men's daily staple increase 50 to 100 grams or fruit, 1 ~ 2.

4, day 8 to 10 glasses of water to drink about 23 liters.

5, cooking with steam suitable, edible oils and fats per day preferably not more than 50 grams.

6, less salt, soy sauce and other condiments, vinegar may be appropriate.

7, every weekend in early, eat lunch, cake, ice cream, chocolate and other sweets as a swap, but a modest reduction in staple food dinner is better

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Run enough is enough beautiful women

Screen, the print media, so many beautiful women, we see that they are the most perfect and moving side. As a woman, even though she enough natural beauty, acquired for their own heaven-sent Huarong is still to be extra care. Just as a plant, depend on water and land nourished, moderately shining sun can grow.
Qingdao is filming a new version of "arbiter" actor Chang Pei-pei, said a woman was indeed a plant, in winter moisten her health, next year's blooming brilliant moments, so winter must be a woman beautiful enough to be able to Run.

  Moisture tension at any time alarm
Like the northern winter, indoor and outdoor drying, the most for Chang Pei-pei's distressed that she had dry skin. As the needs of their work, and she often take a long time makeup, already a relatively dry skin will start peeling, and sometimes appears allergic symptoms. Once her skin because of dry water, in the yellow sand filled the location to shoot a day, call it a day after the face full of wrinkles, completely from the 16-year-old into a 60-year-old. In the face of dry skin problems, the quickest and most direct solution is to constantly rub the oil on the makeup, and then continue to fill powder, continue to paint his face, like whitewashing the same! Start with the mask at attaining a make-up before, and so on. Of course, these are a temporary solution for the problem, the most important moment of tension or in the winter moisture alarm, time does not forget moisture replenishment. If it is in the north of indoor heating and vitality, coupled with stay up all night to shoot a film is simply for the already strong within the fire added a fire, this time would have fruit, herbal tea and then the various ways in supporting multi-pronged approach of the external .
  Runzao do not follow common sense out the card
Actor's life is not always as we imagined as glamorous, and Chang Pei-pei tells us that, in the studio, especially the costume studio, drink plenty of water is very inconvenient, especially after the last makeup, so she is always in the conditions allow pay close attention to the case of the water, completely erratic. From a taste point of view, Chang Pei-pei particularly like tea, tea detoxification effect of Dietary Fat Reduction in winter when the flowers to drink from a bustling, tea, always felt the flowers and drink, the body will emit the scent like a flower. When dinner is also a good time to recharge, Chang Pei-pei prefer to eat soup made of vegetables, such as asparagus soup and the like, but also beauty they pay, but also eat a number of relatively large water content of fruit.
In the Chang Pei-pei's life, Bath is one of the ways replenishment. A large part of the body of water are lost from the skin out, and if you can adhere to Bath to maintain skin moisture, but also in Bath, while still large numbers of water to promote the body's metabolism. Match at this time on the tea plants just mentioned, that is, the skin and internal organs of the double touch.
  Effective private-star recruit private soup recipe

Tomato Oxtail Soup
Material: Shelter a cut (about 500 grams), tomato 75 grams, potato 75 grams, 10 grams of ginger rice, chopped green onion 15 grams, 25 grams of tomato sauce, pepper the number of tablets, salt, cooking wine, soup, the amount of refined oil
System of law:
1. Oxtail washed Zhancheng section, placed in cold water pot Shaofei boil for a short a fish out of water, and then rinsing with clean water floating foam; tomatoes, potatoes to pitche into pieces.
2. Wok set the fire and put it into refined oil Heat, input ginger rice, pepper saute, the next into the tomato sauce, causal, and then into the oxtail the next section, cooked into the cooking wine, mixed with soup, stir-boiled turning stew low heat about 90 minutes, and then the next into the tomato pieces and potato chips, potato chips cooked continued Dunzhi when transferred to salt, clean wok into soup, sprinkle with chopped green onion Serve.

  Control of meal times

When we feel cold, always thought should eat some, tend to choose the hot pot, barbecue, etc. to heat and enjoy a big meal. 5 pm each day, after a fancy meal as little as possible, because after 5 o'clock the body does not need so much energy to bring the energy in the body of food hoarding, converted into fat and our metabolism can not afford to "anger."

  Supplement qi and blood Do not fill anger

Women in the winter easy to feel afraid of the cold, body cold, this is your body send signals 啦 need blood, but the blood in a manner that properly, do not nourishing too far and make up within the fire became strong.

 Wong Lo Kat Runzao recipe

Busy with work, "Anti-lit" from the beginning to drink herbal tea

The northern winter, cold and dry outdoor and indoor heating dry remains strong. Indoor work and live every day in more than 20 hours of you, how should do to prevent lit and a healthy way of life? The following methods are available for reference.

1. Eat less fast food. Ruoyin busy with work and had to eat fast food, we might come to a can of Wong Lo Kat Not only does it taste good quench their thirst, and has lit the effectiveness of prevention can be the solution to urban communities in the diet of fast food in the "get angry" worry.

2. Drink plenty of water. Water can not only dilute the concentration of toxins in the body, reducing harmful toxins, but also the promotion of kidney metabolism, will be more harmful substances excreted.

3. Regular exercise. Even the winter, at least a week or 2 times aerobic exercise sweating. Skin is the body's largest detoxification organ, sweating through exercise, excluding organs difficult to remove toxins.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Duocheng alkaline vegetables and fruits may be in excess of the acidic substances and in vivo, but also will gather in the toxin dissolved in the cell. In addition, the cellulose-rich fruits and vegetables can also play a role in intestinal scavenger. Relieve internal heat of fresh banana fruit as the best Chinese medicine believe that their sexual sweet humble astringent, non-toxic, with heat and thirst quencher, Qingwei cooling blood, relax bowel, blood pressure urination.

5. Do not over-eating. Over-consumption of food will increase the burden on the digestive system, so that should not have too good digestive function "worse." The cold weather, diet, eat some of them should also be light refreshing food, no additional burden to the stomach

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These men, women favorite style posture

1. Wearing high-heeled shoes

A pair of high heels, accompanied by the appropriate thin wire Gaotong pants will make your legs slim and graceful, in the eyes of men, add a host of unspeakable charm.

  2. Moderate nudity

The key parts of a woman too much dew would be mistaken for a "flasher" not decent. How fitting it is exposed too, is a major problem. Right neck confident woman, wearing a V-neck dress, and then with gold necklaces, that can bring a beautiful neckline; right shoulder, confident person, and may wear Xiaojian, Straight-type clothing; if worried about the shoulder Lu too, may wish to sew some lace, or decorated with shoulder-Wai; right chest and confident person, you can unlock a multi-button shirt, wearing a transparent shirt with lace bra with the color. right thigh and confident person, should to wear miniskirts. If wearing a skirt so, should reveal ankle.

  3. Revealed shame state

Shy is a woman to attract men and to increase the ambience of the secret weapon, there was timely but fitting, then into obsequiousness, is a kind of feminine beauty, such as the school of the naive young girl's face suddenly flush thrown, no boy will not be tempted. Be careful that this state can not "excessive use" Otherwise, there is sensuality mean, it would go in the opposite of.

  4. Using a fixed brand of perfume

To choose their own brand of perfume some fixed will be your exclusive logo. He heard of this fragrance, you know you have come. Most people have to sprinkle perfume on a handkerchief or clothing, which not only smell easy to disappear, but will also lead to moth-eaten clothes. Some women ** put perfume painted in the hair root, ear, neck and armpits, this is not good. The best way is to perfume painted around the navel and the breast, and the other with a small group of cotton, dipped in the middle of perfume on the bra, so not only to maintain long-term scent, but also can make the body temperature of the hot air with the scent, to overflow in all directions scattered.

 5. Society of action language

That Aortic Feelings eyes, then smiled a look, then Yitaiwanfang manner, that Chuchudongren face, and sometimes better than a thousand words.

 6. Develop your "mysterious beauty"

Portray themselves as the image of a little mystery, let him think that you will always be a mystery, is a Baidubuyan book.

 7. To send a sweet boyfriend nickname

To send a sweet nickname to your lover, you will have even more intimate with each other. Surprising is that some prominent status of the President, Members, but also to lovers call them the nickname. These are men from the women feel cute nicknames are: small Yaya, small handsome guy, small guagua, small muddy balls, small fool, a small obediently, Hercules, Big Head tigers, teddy bear boss, honey baby , baby eggs, an air bear, Fast food restaurants, and vegetables, when to send, charming precision.

8. Childish confession make her boyfriend feel very happy

When you spend a lot of money to buy a few tickets in preparation for her husband about a theater, you can call using the child's playful tone, said: "I am a bad bad bad kids. I bought a few plays votes, if I were to tell you how expensive the fare, you will be easy. But I guarantee that as long as you're not angry, I just go to your head and kiss your toes. "heard that your husband will be laughed saying: "From head to toe, is it? ah, this is worth oh!"

9. Women have to be romantic but not indecent

Merry and dirty, with the women's cutesy, but there is a sense of proportion differences: the performance just right, compared with flirtatious romantic, charming too excessive compared to downstream. Typically, the so-called romantic is innate, indecent belongs to the day after tomorrow. Does not have a romantic special sacrifice of the woman, men will feel dull; have these features may be described as obscene: wearing disgusting underwear; halitosis; teeth black; sound muddy; often say something decent, if not indecent; eat something sound; disinformation trouble.

 10. The performance of "fragile" is caused by the secret of feminine

In order to meet men naturally like to "protect" women's desire to show what an appropriate "fragile" is necessary. This "weak" performance in both the physical, the appearance of a fragile, but also reflected the spirit of the "vulnerable", such as fear of thunder or easy to shedding tears.

11. Make the odds look cute

When the man late for an appointment, if he said: "ah! Late." You have to hold back grievances replied: "I am afraid you can not find the place it is!" This is due to his late first demeanor. However, if the next time he was late, then odds can come in handy: "Humph!'re Late again. Fine you invited me to dinner!" This level of anger will make him quite a good impression.

12. Sigh gently into his heart may be

To induce him to slightly tone of the bar, the two sit side by side, and then according to the first 30 minutes chatting happily as usual, and the amount of alcohol drinking. After 30 minutes, you will start playing in the hands of the glass, and their eyes fixed on his fingertips around quietly sigh: "Alas!" He's sensitive to note that in order to worry about the eyes watching you. You immediately quickly escape his attention, give him a fatal blow gently and then "Oh," soon as. His sigh of your guess will give birth to many worried that you do not like with him together. At this time, he would find ways to examine their own mistakes and eager to you to declare how much he likes you, love, comedy will be further put on, the middle you play into the hands

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stewed beef tips

To use the hot water, do not add cold water. Hot water can make the rapid freezing of beef surface proteins, amino acids to prevent the meat outside the dip to keep meat fresh and delicious; stir boiled, steamed 20 minutes, opened the lid to smell, then cap and replaced by a small open-Wei Huo, so that floating noodle soup oil to maintain temperature, played Braised role.

Cooking process, the salt should go on too late, the water should be one to add a little, if we find water, less water should be added; stew the day before, wipe the surface of the meat with mustard look, stew before, wash with cold water, so that not only cooked faster, and the meat is tender.

Will be a little tea with gauze wrap and put it into pot, together with beef stew, meat cooked quickly, taste, fragrance.

Add some wine or vinegar 1 kg of beef, put 2 to 3 tablespoons of wine or 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar, beef stew, but also make the meat soft rotten.

In the meat pot, or a few slices of radish a few hawthorn, both cooked quickly, but also among odor

Monday, February 22, 2010

Keyboarding most vulnerable to injury ear noise

British study found that brake the sound of elevator sound, keyboarding sound of acoustic noise is the most easily overlooked noise sources are hazardous to health.

GermanyDoctorsRobert Koch had predicted: "Sooner or later one day, in order to survive, humanity will have to struggle with the noise, like dealing withCholeraAnd the plague did. "From" New Scientist "report once again sounded the alarm. The report pointed out that noise pollution has long been directly or indirectly, undermine people's health. Audiology at University College London, Professor Deepak and even said that the premature death also noise.

Latest statistics show that 2% of Europeans suffer from noise pollution and persistent nightmares, at least 15% of people said they worry not stand the noise. This, the Chinese Center for Disease Control environment and health-related product safety director of Gold and Silver Long pointed out that the noise would affect the nervous system, resulting inInsomniaA trance, in addition, may also cause high blood pressure, weakened immunity, as well as hearing loss.

"European Night noise guidelines" put forth a noise exposure limit, such as cardiovascular disease limits long-term in the night to accept a 50-decibel noise; the negative impact on children's learning is 55 dB; general interference with only 35 dB. If long-term exposure above 90 decibels of sound, may cause some degree of hearing loss. According to reports, roughly 55 decibels in the noise of busy restaurant, while 75 decibels is the equivalent of busy blocks noise.

In addition, the experts also pointed out that many of life could easily be overlooked source of noise.

Electric cars or car brake sound. This noise generally will outpace the 90 decibels, so it is best not to apply the brake.

Elevators, etc. issued by the low-frequency noise. That frequency sounds below 500 Hz, such as elevators, water pumps, boiler noise. It can reach ear bones may lead to sympathetic nervous and trigger heart palpitations, high blood pressure and so on.

Open-office keyboarding, telephone voice. United States Environmental Analysis at Cornell University professor Gary Evans said that in the open-plan office, even as the conversation, tap the keyboard, phone ring tones so the noise will be slightly negative impact on health.

Neighbor's noise sound. Office for National Statistics figures show that over the past 20 years, residents in the amount of noise complaints turned over 5 times.

Order to reduce noise pollution, countries have introduced some measures. When renting an apartment in Switzerland, after 10 pm are not allowed to shower; the United States, New York and even the provisions of domesticated dog at night can only call five minutes during the day and can only be called 10 minutes. In addition, the experts pointed out that if there is ringing in the ears, earache, answer the telephone or unconsciously, tend to use the side of the ear, often heard when such issues do not know anyone else speak, in respect of attention and timely examination and treatment.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Physiognomy can be judged by whether the health of internal organs

The quality of the human body organs function in the face reflected. The always busy you may wish to look at his face, may find the secret of good health.
A sudden increase in forehead wrinkles
This situation shows that an excessive burden on the liver itself, we should eat less animal fat, such as pork and the like, but should eat some light food, such as liver, spinach, tofu and fish and so on.
Black eye socket, his face dark and gloomy
The morning, if we find this shape appear before their own, indicating that kidney burden too heavy. To reduce the use of salt and the use of sugar, can we not try to avoid sugar sugar dish, duck cooked with chestnuts, burning cabbage diet etc., can also be cooked with red and white radish broth to drink. Moreover, the kidney is also very effective sub-soup to eat.
  Red nose
Tip of the nose represents the heart of the case. Tip of the nose may be red or purple blood pressure is high, or too much salt and alcohol intake.
Swelling of the upper lip
This is most likely caused by stomach cramps. Eat more potatoes, sweet potato, chestnut, sweet potato, lotus root, etc. Nuanwei food. If the skin is too rough, you try to use bamboo, sea cucumber and eat lean meat stew to see.
  The skin is too white
This may be due to blood loss caused by. Can be red dates, peanuts, after soaking with warm water, low heat cooked, add some honey Aozhi sticky. Eat this food, his face will be rosy up.
Cheek was red and brown
Cheek, redness is a sign of high blood pressure. Should pay attention to reducing smoking or smoking cessation, regular blood pressure.
Ear redness
Ear represents the kidney condition. Ear was red or purple circle bad description. Less alcohol, eat fine food, eat less sugar, more exercise to promote circulation

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scientists say longevity may be more lazy

German scientists 皮特阿克斯特 to those who do not like the adoption of the recent campaign to improve health and prolong the life of lazy bring the gospel, the university professor pointed out that, after a busy day, after work, if we can lazily on the couch lie on a moment to participate in physical activity is more wholesome than that.

Professor of Akst said: those who work to idle mode after a day of rest than those who achieve the health and fitness goals through sport are more intelligent. In addition, people who nap every day at noon for the use of lunch time, than those who play squash are more likely to live longer. Of course, a person who sit all day long, limbs do not move, the whole body deprived of the chance events would lead to poor blood, muscles gradually shrink, and internal organs will also accelerate the degenerative changes to the aging faster. If a person eat three square meals a day and doing nothing, bored, not only ideologically, but the passage of time, will produce a sense of loss, these feelings will make people spiritual malaise, depression, and even lead to the body's physiological functions of various organs disorders, affecting physical and mental health.

Professor of Akst also admitted that moderate physical exercise, such as leisure walking or jogging, rather than taking the time to exercise in the work space is useful for the human body, and if physical activity over a certain limit, it will have a negative health impact.

Akst wrote: diligent and lazy there is a question of degree, the degree to own hands: insufficient physical activity is equal to no movement, while the movement is excessive harm than good, and individual's health situation is different, and how diligent and exercise the degree of control of natural not the same. If a person over 50 years ago has been insisting too much long-distance running, then this would only be used for other aspects of the person appears to lack of energy. For example, you might be plagued by memory loss, or prematurely show age.

"The new lazy-ism": I am lazy I am happy

Rhythm of tension in modern society, a variety of pressures people miserable. Like "I'm lazy and I'm happy," "Life is proud to be doing lazy" and "new lazy" idea appeared, that is not strange. "The new lazy-ism" based on the concept of simple, open and sincere attitude, calm face of life, explore Shanfanjiujian to the clutter of life and work skills. Opposed to hard work, hard money, but also against the "catch-up than the school," the fanatical consumerism, and their goal is the pursuit of fresh, pure, natural, healthy new life.

Rose Mountain in northern Italy have held a "lazy Congress" presents a strange slogan: What not to do to stay busy! And recommended as "great calm and absolute relaxation" of the decompression method. More than 1,500 came from Italy's "lazy" to participate in the meeting. To reflect the lazy lazy life of purpose and adapt to the characteristics of the original meeting was postponed one day held a meeting time was defined as "nearly 11 points", all the laziness of the General Assembly is also just half an hour.

The Assembly also held a small exhibition of a different era "lazy" their brainstorms. Among them are: antifreeze hand snowman mold; they would not dirty the hands of the chute-type litter bins; simple fast food; a variety of comfortable hammocks and so on. As the General Assembly, "lazybones Club," chairman, comedy writer Fantuo Ni said, the purpose or Yue lazy highest state of wisdom is to seek a shortcut to more with less, and Red Dust and limited time in the fight for health and longevity.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Men love the details of wife 98 Classic

If you can do the following 98 to make good love to your wife, your marriage will be very happy, your wife must be the world's most happy people! The men must learn the bar!

1, to introduce her new friend, please arm around her waist, rather than standing by pointing fingers.

2, in the street who stare beautiful time of less than 5 seconds, to see the same girls in total no more than 5 times.

3, listen to his wife if the man would amount to anything, so you have to obediently listen to her words.

4, she can bully you, but you must not bully her, because she though bully you, but what good things each time, her first thought is you!

5, if she was towards you cry, you have to patiently coax her until she breaks through his tears!

6 posts her photos to the wallet, mobile phones ... ... all often see places.

7, left her in no more than 10 days or more

8, in front of her friends, I hope you can show that she was more than usually love her look and tension.

9, big men does not mean that high-handed.

10, gentle does not mean that no independent-minded.

11, chic does not mean no accountability.

12, never in public or Leave a whirr of her leaving her alone.

13 things wrong when she learned her most important thing is that after that she Yao Hong.

14, lost his temper Do not ignore her, do not give time to calm her, but she really does not require time to cool completely.

15, you can accompany their friends, but be sure to Chongseqingyou.

16, in her like you, racing against time to time with her out of dating

17, saw her eyes extremely focused.

18, for speaking Qingshen Yi Chang.

19, there are girls and talking to you, you held her hand, if she happens next is not, then please keep your distance with them.

20, when crossing the road, holding her hand.

21, we must know how to cherish every minute with her.

22, even if no matter how busy every day did not forget to play a greeting call.

23, we should always sing love songs to her.

24, two people have the right to get angry, but not on the same day, if she was angry that day, then you will not be angry.

25, her life is not liking, you have to patience, to help analyze and put forward a number of constructive programs

26, to love your wife - she was firm support for his wife's decision to obey his wife's leadership.

27, even if the whole world do not believe her, you have to trust her unconditionally. Because she will be the same for you.

28, does not smoke. 1 found summarily dismissed.

29, with her quarrel with each statement of not more than 3 minutes (inclusive), the volume should not exceed 20 dB (inclusive).

30, to strengthen the exercise, a strong body, breath hold her up to the fifth floor

31, in her mind were as bad, rude and angry when hug her instead of her theories.

32, his wife is like a baby is not unreasonable, not wildly.

33, to keep our rooms have fresh flowers, and is updated frequently.

34, on time and come home to his wife to do delicious meals.

35, pulled his wife's hand after dinner go for a walk.

36, wife like "Ya-tzu" cosmetic, I gave my wife a year to buy their wives well dressed for.

37, try not to let my wife touch the cold water, because of his wife's poor health.

38, let his wife because he has done anything wrong and be offended.

39, there is one of our big house, there is a special study, there is a spacious balcony with rocking chair and leisure chairs. Should be wrapped around the rocking chair on the growth of grapes. Leisure time, can sit on a rocking chair chat.

40, at home with a professional sound, because we all love songs.

41, wife sick time to remind his wife to take medicine on time.

42, the wife wearing a new dress to buy when the can not turn a blind eye and say that very beautiful, very suitable for her.

43, my wife boil eggs, brown sugar, water, treatment of pain in those days his wife every month.

44, holding his wife to sleep every night.

45, winter, using his own body to warm cold hands and feet of his wife.

46, an annual travel arrangements and his wife go out together.

47, should be good at discovering the beauty of his wife.

48, in good faith and his wife, said: "I love you!."

49, cell phones would always open, so my wife can always find their own.

50, with the good news or bad news for the first one to tell you.

51, each small to be the first meeting after another deep kiss his wife.

52, a lot with his wife took to the streets to buy a wife favorite skirt.

53, when it rains Accompanied by their wives on the shoulder, a total of stays one umbrella.

54, do not mind to help his wife shampoo.

55, along with brushing of the time for the wife squeezing toothpaste.

56, learning a variety of massage ways to massage my wife, in particular, often do foot massage.

57, remember what his wife uncomfortable few days, the wife bought for health supplies.

58, do not have close ties with other woman and let the wife suspected.

59, at any time allow your wife to know that there is a sense of responsibility.

60, respecting the privacy of his wife, does not limit the freedom of his wife, I believe his wife.

61, take the time to accompany his wife to see her favorite soap operas.

62, no cheating wife, said things we should do.

63, only the wife is the most beautiful.

64, at night, and his wife say sweet words.

65, and his wife agreed time can not be late.

66, little effort is often to surprise his wife.

67 and did not pique his wife and can not quarrel.

68, often hug my wife, even in the street also. And his wife go out to holding his wife's hand.

69, and his wife look at the scenery when holding his wife from behind.

70, after dinner I am washing dishes, mopping the floor, Zanghuoleihuo can not let their wives do.

71, wife disagree with people standing on the side of his wife, if my wife wrong, and his wife said to him privately.

72, the right decisions for the wife, the important thing, I am a wife to rely on.

73, setting off firecrackers to help his wife when Wushang ears.

74, attentively listened to his wife to speak. Each call is linked to his wife first, not let my wife have a sense of loss, and I can not bear to hang his wife calls.

75, in a bus escorted his wife and secretly pro-wife.

76, planning a good wife's diet, nursed back to good wife's body, leaving their wives more and more healthy.

77, so that his wife's friends envy you have a good side you, I care of you.

78, in a time of visiting friends and relatives packed the room clean and tidy.

79, well my wife is very nutritious soup pot, and let my wife drink a little.

80, pick a good food to eat his wife.

81, and his wife go out with him in time to pay attention to his image, to be worthy of a beautiful wife.

82, always remember that March 8 is the day my wife met.

83, occasional flowers sent to his wife work here.

84, often to photograph his wife, leaving behind pleasant memories of each.

85, to remember his wife's desire to speak casually and quietly make it happen.

86, the summer night my wife points mosquito coils, to prevent his wife from mosquito bites.

87, sent his wife a decent thing, others can be proud of when asked to say this is my gift to her.

88, with his wife to eat around a variety of dishes.

89, wife of a person outside the play several times over phone, advised the safety.

90, and his wife threw himself into when kissing.

91, multi-and wife to communicate so as not to allow your wife to misunderstanding.

92, giving his wife the future, this life, and his wife to live through.

93, wife for me to do things to be thankful for.

94, to maintain self-motivated, to learn more knowledge, for our work for the future.

95, tells his wife's family, I will take good care of her, so that they can be assured.

96, thunder, when holding his wife said: Do not be afraid, there I am.

97, fish, when my wife picked out the fish bone.

98, love my wife a long time, long time love my wife!

A happy little woman love Thirty-Six Stratagems

The requirements of boys to girls too many Ouxiang for a long time to be a little woman could only write about the insights gained ~ ~
First count: whether Chishimehao eating, say: "You eat one, you do not eat I will not eat." He would pat your head and said: "Baby you eat!"
The second count: pull his hand, telling him holding his hand and there will be special and happy feelings. If he is embarrassed, said: "Executive sub-hands, and sub-long marriage," we are speaking to you.
3rd Total: he went to play when the time is necessary to take a serious stand there, and then after the end He said: "You have just spent that pitching is really handsome," but also the other way, he said that handsome guy disdain: "How can you beat him Well! is simply a telephone pole, it would not pass ... ..." (although just opposite the handsome guy you have been drooling) Of course, if another ready to drink a bottle of his favorite it perfect.
The fourth count: Work must also remember to call when the busy text messaging with him Sasa-chiao, and then, when he was concerned about the distressed, and a look so rightly says: "Do not worry, I will earn money to support you!" Absolutely the He laughable!
5th Total: climbing a mountain, when there are other boys back to see his girlfriend, even if tired, do not say: "You see people! I have to carry!" It was apt to give him the feeling, coming together of two surfaces of difficulty is not better? If he voluntarily, but also said: "I want to go with you."
6th Total: let him give you an umbrella, and then Accompanied by his arm. But do not let him give you Tizhuo Da bags walking in behind you.
Seventh count: If the face is the time to eat, and if he laugh at you, they Yang Qilian let him rub on it, to taste the feeling of being loved.
8th Total: Naozhe want to eat his meals, and told him so particularly tasty!
9th dollars: when the snow wear thick as a bear, and then in front of him popping into the hands of frozen red into his pocket.
10th-total: ready to tissues, to help him wipe their sweat.
11th Total: watching movie, if it is horror articles, if not afraid to have to put on a little afraid of appearance, to his arms drill, so that his "conspiracy" to succeed once.
12th-total: his friends and buddies to be warm, to participate in a gathering of their brothers to make their own打扮得漂亮elegance in their boys to play the game, do not show impatience, we should happily listening, occasionally ask questions. But do not are related to each of its meetings to give he and his friends were leaving a little boys room.
13th count: Like asking him to learn like you to know him, and try to understand basketball, football and computer games. Imagine if you and he talks about NBA, he will be pleasantly surprised and proud of how much!
14th Total: go overseas business trip, he brought a gift to give. Although he never asked, but you will find that those who do not worthless, he would tie clip, craft purse treasure.
15th count: and friends together, also take the initiative to issue him with text messages to share your joy at the same time tell him you want to share with him.
16th Total: holding a small fist, threatening him to allow him to replace your bank card password birthday, but never say in how much money he was Cary.
17th Total: busy time, tell him you are busy busy, but the occasional idle, ran to see him and let him surprised.
18th Total: occasionally send text messages in the middle of the night to give him that little bit afraid to hear his voice to fall asleep. If he did not back then that he had fallen asleep, do not call harassed.
19th count: If he does not care what you send to lose, and his downcast confess to you, we must forgive him, after a little angry. Do not Buyiburao. (A little angry is necessary, otherwise he will think that you do not attach importance to send him something)
20th count: There are men chasing you, to tell him. Then tell him how much you love him. While the boys that well, but you will also firm like him. (Whether determined to be verified, but once you have made up their minds, or he is good, so that all the good boys are not mentioned again in front of him)
21st count: Give him to buy men's skin care products, even if he is not known, the next date you will find that his body seemed to have a little male fragrance.
22nd count: In his trouble to help him when matters of rational analysis, advice and suggestions, give him confidence. Smart woman when a man proud to remind him of the weaknesses in the inferiority complex when a man told him that he was the best. Stupid woman when a man proud of his flattering, in a time when a man frustrated over and over again to remind him that a lot of things he has done wrong.
23rd Total: Dating After going home, we should reluctant to part with, and occasionally walk a longer distance of the saw he was still in situ, and ran in the past to give him a hug.
24th count: Do not play the game in his time the lessons of the side Laolaodaotao him, but in his eyes and pain from time to kick down the thin one side to give him massages, while painful that tone of blame him for heart
25th Total: stomach pain from time to let him give you cover their hands, telling him that his hand is the world's most warm!
26th count: Give him when washing smelly socks, but also accompanied by extremely painful expression.
27th Total: heavy stuff left him to mention, not trying to flaunt themselves. Instead, he will feel so lost face. However, its power, or their own bag to mention, he is your boyfriend / husband, not your slave.
28th count: Even if do not believe in gods, but also to the gods wish you would with permanence.
29th count: more than reading, watching news, and his time talking to him that you are a talented woman, rather than a belly of gossip.
30th-total: to give him playing time, but must be controlled. Agreed at the outset how long fun, and if he played Earned dripping need to delay, we should put on some angry look, and then repeated his plea, the give him a little bit small concessions. He would most grateful for your open-minded.

31st count: Learn jealous, jealous that a woman's life to keep on learning ability. Do not think you are pretending to look like a great degree, he will thank you. Eileen Chang is a good example of Hulan Cheng said: "I think that I went to prostitutes, and Ai-ling, will forgive me." It is this forgiveness, so he finally left.
32nd Total: No matter how much you hate him that Hupenggouyou must demonstrate in front of them enthusiastic hostess style. If that person really can not get along with, but also in some subtle put to him afterwards and say why. His friends need help, to be enthusiastic to help them, but also pay attention to help him grasp the scale.
33rd count: a strong demand that he put your picture on the wallet!
34th count: Tell him your greatest wish is that he will always be happy.
35th count: Learning to cry. This is also a woman's life to learn skills. The appropriate tears his pity, but he's fed up too many tears. When the strong show of your independence and strong.
36th count: Finally, we must love him, love him sincere

A single female college student's metamorphosis Quotations

1. "From college to the present, there is only a boy gives me the urge to stir up an object, but he would like to engage me when I get to quit, and so I do not take the time to think, and he wanted to promote his female friend! "
2. "Looked with favor on the beach yet? Quite good, you go to try to figure out each character's heart, is a rare book of life. With a different attitude to see is a man-eating society. This troubled world, you do not play someone else , When they play you. "
3. "Transfer beads to give you your mother bought you?" "Oh! How do you know?" "Look inside your bear does not look like a lady land."
4. "And no place had a man, not yet seen a man go do!"
5. "Male lust like a woman a good wealth, forgive the men who lecherous bar!"
6. "" What kind of woman to attract a man? "The title is good, should buy to go back and research."
7. "Said the 2050 book, when little boys over girls, the proportion of serious imbalance. But.. A good day to gnaw the total is less tired late?"
8. "These men's eyes are beads, beads inside without me!"
9. "I Zhaoa Zhao! Not stop looking! I looking for? I'm looking for dry food, water, and the legends of love!!!"
10. "You said that Andy is not now married, is tired of ranges I?"
11. "No money, no job, no boyfriend, no matter what!!"
12. "Loaded to force the men most likely to be touched, because they are filled with even touched."
13. "A man's love like pie ~ together together, the woman in love is a burst of wind chimes ~ a while child to child!"
14. "Rogue will be martial arts, who can not hold back."
15. "Osama bin Laden called Osama bin Laden was and what is Sada Mu." (No girls in our class impression students, They are a people.)
16. "Chairman Mao Chairman Mao's real name is called, right?"
17. "I was very lonely way to enjoy this silly now to fork life!"
18. "For a woman who spent his whole life to accommodate a self-willed men who no doubt is very bad, but worse is that no man let her accommodating!"
19. "In high school, I always thought 'Hong Menyan' is a banquet table, the Hong Men of flesh."
20. "I have 22, and still he's never been engaged in an object do it!"
21. "You do not like sitting in front of a PC for a long time motionless is not bad, especially the toilet easy to pipe Bie bad." "Ah? Han control child?" "Catheter." "... ..."
22. "I keep a dog, ready to go back 51 to cut the cecum it." "Ah?" "That's what you face? Cut I'll be sewn on." "... ..."
23. "People's nerves are very resilient, and the dead in the formalin pool house for a long time after the bubble then singled out for sciatic nerve stretch ah ah You can also stretch the stretch in a very long." "... ..."
24. "" Woman, wife and mother not do, doing evil spirit, "My God! Fairy sway of the now?" "You look at me like a fairy sister Mody ?""。。 you are like the monster."
25. "Walking in the school feel as if he had aged to do is the way to mummies to see what the young boy wanted to touch on two."
26. "You said it was strange,咱the freshman to the time bar, sophomore, junior to men than an ugly one,咱to a time when the junior, freshman, sophomore to a man than a bad, wait until the now let's graduate school of the small group were again full of water with a tender way with what is in! "
27. "This is an emotional change as clues to describe a psychological not a normal college girls not doing it the object of psychological sad notes of letterhead." (Excerpt from a woman who has been engaged in less than an object In school crush on her brother had written love letters in the first sentence.)
28. "Old people walking in the street take a look at me, not because I am a long strange is that they are Xiangzhui me."
29. "Women to men should be like the cat on the mouse, not a bite, to slowly torture!"
30. "Do not hang on a tree to a tree near the trees at the test several times over."
31. "Sister kissing ears when the bell would really have it?" "Do not know, I did not do that wicked thing."
32. "He do to, you said that there are objects to gnaw on tender Mody crazy people tired?"
33. "A woman to do is to self-improvement! So咱rich in long-term care after his 50, he built a five-story small building on the first floor lap 10."
34. "Did not come to a Goodbye Kiss? Then you are also inappropriate to the object at呀!"
35. "The men go, and they so what's a good spirited it? Has the ability of their own children to go!"
36. "My mother spent 20 on the overpass a few days ago I forget a side of life, said the past few years I have everything go to flow, such as in 2009, but can find an object like a. Destined to go to 2 16 was first love.. You find your mother give you counted it, I remember him Kanjia ah! "
37. "Sister who! I wanted to say to you from the bottom of the heart: the man is what ah? Man is the son of a bitch the whole TMD, Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
38. "Waiter ~ ~ on both men and land!" (Every time you go out to dinner when the waiter asked Diansha vegetables, these words are washed his mouth then swallow it.)
39. "I think the people are all beautiful children咱sleep !""。。。 this sentence you can only say in the door." (A night lights in the bedroom Xiankan, ah, ah J, and Q from the bottom of the heart dialogue.)
40. "And so I have money in the future, breast to eat something every day, possession of what he papaya, milk, and arrest Han Chi Sha !"(。。。)
41. "I want to bake in hand!!" (Old R drunkenness back to the bedroom, put the bedroom when the big hotels, full latrine to find baking phone, could not find housing would not return to sleep.)
42. "Come one man spoil spoil me!!" (A pure and upright manner to the unrequited love of young women with long-standing boys confession, got on is actually the one you're so pure I could not bear to spoil you..)
43. "Gender: Chick." (Employment, gender bar tables fill the small Y says.)

Between the sexes Ten Classic Comedy slip of the tongue

1. Office of the MM just another MM asked me why I can play the game on her machine to S machines. The answer, it may not do graphics driver. MM has requested to help download the latest version and install it. The answer, I have any good. MM said: "I will let you play for a while most good." 0.01 seconds later, the table, a chair can not see the whole person, except that MM ....( not sure why everyone went to the ground to find pen).
2. Xingjiao girls high school class there is a day and her bet, forget what the bet, and she asked: how do you lose? The answer: I've lost I tell you Xingjiao. Loud and clear voice, the results of the whole class laughing raucously 10 minutes ... ...

3. One at a female colleague came up to me: I would like to upload! (My computer is the company responsible for updating web page to upload) I said: You go to bed with me anything! She was annoyed to say: I just want to upload, I have to, I would like, you will not let me upload today, I'll ignore you, hum! To see her angry look, I can only say: Very well! Is that you yourself, or I help you? "She replied:" You helped me! "....
4. Day, the school clean-up. 1 PLMM BMU. Because the windows are relatively high. So, standing on the table. However, the following can not wipe the glass again. Even through. . MM shouting "" eraser "I'm Here." Startled even. Ask there? MM Says "I am about to ah, you help me wipe" class Comedy ... ... MM and even the red ... ...
5. In school class for model group. I do head one day I took a drawing to ask the same group a MM, when she can do that part out. MM is probably too busy dating bar, recently appeared rarely in the workshop. Pool of two palm, said to me: I would also like to give you to do. Problem I do not so much time. See you tonight Can I do it. Next to the two boys dropped bang in the hands of filing son, Wu Zhuozui out of factory ... ...
6. Even departments have plmm, once even to bring her conduct the experiment, an appointment after work to do experiment ... ... even forget the afternoon of the Internet, fast-mm work suddenly receive a short message: in the end do it or not? Even at that time looked totally bewildered, heart pounded in the ... ... say one thing: what to do ah? mm large channel: that is to do that pull, hurry up ... hurry ... people do! Yi Sha la, are quiet, and then guffaw ... ...
7. I am a girl next to me said: "Yesterday I do, it really hurts it, but also flow of blood ... ... the man is nothing gentle, erupted in put there laid bare, and Tongsi me." Girls A : "You just do not know anything about it, that is, the faster the less pain it, when I went last year and that is also the sauce son about her." Girl B: "wow, listen to you say very frightening, I had wanted to go this afternoon to do, but listen to you say a little bit afraid. "I:" Oh ... ... you still do not stress, relax a little bit, it then suddenly, over the like, later also convenient for ... ... "after discovery a lot of boys around the Circuit listened very happy ... ... (in fact, we have to go for piercing)
8. University metalworking practice, the instructor talking about boys and girls in co-operation, XX and XX a bed ........... you are faint. Fully operational when I next bed is two really funny, because parts have not fixed the boys and girls very happy to say out loud that you put the cylinder pretty fellow, my folders do not live!
9. Even regard the coat off of the unit to say, a cold, not off. Next to a mm say, put on clothes I do not know you. Storm Khan ... ...
10. Pour cola, MM's hands tremble, Coke poured into the cup. GG asked why the flow to be everywhere? MM helpless, said, "but I have clamped the"

Sexy and charming woman twist

In one called "Lane wrote," The human body exhausted the possibility of formal beauty of the solar system. More beautiful curves, Olive, and repeated the parabola. Suxiong woman - love of ivory crown - from the oval and parabola obtained its exquisite formal beauty. Overall, the front face and body is attractive, but the back is nasty. senses, study the eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and tactile organs, all located on the front . " At the same time in this book, not without prejudice to say "there is Venus chest and she begins to control, while the hip placed in Saturn's evil influence, and is disgusted with the place, so when a person would like to express contempt for another person, almost the most common way is to invite him to kiss his buttocks. "

This argument has now been broken, probably because the hip is more sexy place, perhaps there has been little in the back of the second face is a woman's understanding is different from the traditional way of. Therefore, when the autumn to the time when people can not Suxiong against women and hidden charm and she begins to re-create the illusion of time, the girls are not heavily made the Body is no longer the number of style and flair with the expression of time, it was discovered that a woman The Dongrenzhichu, perhaps because she twist of the hips.

Women's twist is that women's hips twist, because women are now more of a high branch to borrow from the fulcrum, with the help elevate the role of high heels of women's buttocks, making upturned buttocks become a image, so in the man's eyes, the chest is easily generated by the need for aesthetics, while the twist of the hip women's desire to put the kind of sexy, in the wriggling in the atmosphere exudes sexy.

Games in the face of women doing aerobics in the image, almost the most greedy eyes of men can not stare at women's breasts tightly, so make a woman disturbed by any man will be uncomfortable, a woman's breasts are even more maternal breath, but also the need for positive face, while the women's hips and she brought leisurely twist style, letting the men in a woman unaware of the time, full of Yi Yin's imagination. Think of a woman's flexibility and women's style is graceful and dynamic come from, of course not have learned from the front. When faced with thousands of beautiful women, your line of sight will be the first to be attracted to the tall woman's "The Cup of Life" on. However, there are many women of her style can not be manifested in her Xiongru out.

Women who are genuinely moved by the walk and women, slim and graceful woman's image, where the penetration of the style and charm shed almost all aspire to the impossible for a woman with hips twisting elected. While those which have Luyin Pi or in the female body appears in front unconscious Zidu men and women are mostly associated with the twist.

In fact, for the role of women in the hip can best embody the flirting in this sense is that China's three-inch golden lotus, its practical effect is either to walk through this restrained, so that a woman's genitals have been tempered, and thus can improve the sexual intercourse pleasure; second, a woman can not be immersed in the provocative men's when women's Buttocks achieved the role of the Xiong Ru is not less than women.

Fashion model now has done fashion shows, and now almost to the era of naked, without bra breasts conceal is not adapted to all women, because different Xiongru the shape and flexibility, as well as the status of pectoralis major developmental How will directly affect the breast shape, imagine when the breasts become the breasts of Venus is not in the traditional when, perhaps a way can be done by Beautiful, but when the breast is no longer a full, well-proportioned, tall and straight, added moisture, women's sexuality will be lost. Of course, breast puberty or in adolescence, it's charm and captivating realm, but also by a woman no matter how twisted can not match. The best way to party a living creature in front of you when she's angry and vitality must be female in the background through the most dramatic of the hip shaking, but to call on the role of male sexual awareness . Said a woman in Greece, where a frail woman, and a plump woman can not be comparable to the Greeks for the worship of the human body is naked Tan was extreme. The famous "Venus Nice Bottom" is in accordance with the then two sisters look like shape, which two sisters because of their charm is famous throughout Greece buttocks. We are talking about "has not translated to say Venus", the talking is the beautiful buttocks.

In the ancient Romans, where the hip is the object of praise, or even an object of worship, hip beauty can not be what is evil things. Because a woman's Buttocks for the provocative and the role of a sexy, is the other parts can not be achieved, because the human hip than any other of any animal to be large and flexible, in fact, those where bestiality tendencies, his embodied in the buttocks of sexual stimulation for the animals, and obtained almost the same feeling of sexual pleasure. But also from the aesthetic point of view, when the back with a vastly different style, the women's buttocks is almost always a sensational role, and the wonderful mix of women, back and buttocks are a pair of the best running mate, while the dancing and walking of women, put the back of this style of women who cited Xinjing deductive shaking, but in most women there, they must also feel out of wearing or not wearing high-heeled shoes for women, the impact of the buttocks is not the same, And when, after the hip elevation, there would be a strange impulse to start stored in the body, but the only way to release, it is when the woman and the beloved man having sex, she can not even take off their high heels. In addition, from a purely sexual point of view, raise the hips also makes women's genitals can become a more prominent position before the doorway, so that the hidden form of female genital desire to enter into a state, combined with walking back and hip rhythmic swing, put a silent expression of sexual call out.

Often we have seen on the market to see these kind of belong to a write-in memory, does not belong to vibrate the breast but the twist in the atmosphere.

Perhaps the hip and breast Lenovo Lenovo differences are also linked both breasts may be more than the aesthetic value of the buttocks, while the buttocks by the associations to people, and copulation is the most direct, in this rich area, it is and reproductive Contact The closest one area, and the women's buttocks expression of sexual signals, but also means that most breeds, and the past ", heavily female, hypertrophy of the buttocks of an ancient ancestors waited property harvest, rich peace of a flourishing population," a symbol of The modern dance can directly act on the part of the human body and get exaggerated, still lies in women's buttocks and female physical coordination and rhythm.

The so-called sexy information, the so-called sexy commotion about hip twist and women have the most direct link, but now on sexual harassment, sexual advances and sexual expectations of a strong sense of expression, the most intelligent and the most value exploratory way, that is from the contact, touching a woman's hips begin to convey and receive information, readily agreed to the woman, the woman's worth of exhibition style and charm, and then bathing in love with you

Underwear, a woman love another

To be a multi-faceted woman lace

What better than the lace to express a woman's feelings?

Store a variety of colors of all brands of various styles of lace underwear a woman is sufficient to constitute the city's imagination: With regard to the body's imagination, on the emotional imagination, and on the imagination imagination. Exquisite lace, just right of the arc, as if recorded in the dream woman prime of life and beauty; fashion colors, as the passionate enthusiasm of the summer, becoming more modern more sexy and more personalized - a woman can be most vividly express their inner all affair. Another woman underwear like love: twists and turns, hazy, mysterious, crazy, Yushuohuanxiu. A woman change the color underwear modeling process, and that she release to express their feelings, or course.

There is such a couple, because marriage is too flat, his wife, the husband is getting confused indifference to her and very sad. Then one of her girlfriends for her advice and suggestions, the girlfriend suggested that she bought a pink sling-yan lace underwear, his girlfriend seems quite a study of a variety of underwear, of course, pointing to her Jiangshan, telling her lace is a kind of wonderful thing, it vividly expresses a woman's sexy, personality, fashion, elegant, a woman's patents, is also a man of the cloth can never be touched. For this reason, a kind of inextricably lace underwear for men of mystery, but as a woman from time to time Otherwise create a little mystery of the body, with a view to arouse the dream through underwear between husband and wife kind of a long absence, the beauty of passion.

As a result, a woman and her girlfriend each picked two Shenqingkuankuan underwear. Unfortunately, the husband who is cold to live up to the woman of his enduring infatuation. Non-US underwear is not really her husband had empathy, the object is the girlfriend who had style. His girlfriend's underwear on a man who is a real temptation, but his wife's underwear but they have also bring out the woman's helplessness and loneliness of ruthless men. It seems, then tenderness and then re-dream sexy underwear but that is only an ornament, heart away, and the only underwear underwear only, is a beautiful piece of goods. The so-called lover's eyes out of beauty is a sentient first, and ruthless beauty have changed even when the facilities of the East.

Underwear is a woman not so much a kind of tenderness, but rather that it is a favorite of women of their own, this love is a woman to own. In appreciation, buying, wearing a series of process, a woman full of expectations of their own, full of pity, there is a little bit of narcissism in this endeavor. Compared with the outer clothing, underwear is a more purely clothes to wear for yourself, so, pay attention to women's underwear is more care must own, full of expectation of life and reality and fantasy. Even if the reality makes a woman more than a disappointment, favorite underwear at least a little pleased with her, because of the unique woman underwear affair.

Woman in underwear emotions, is essentially a secret pleasure, with what a woman does not do emotion poured effort? So, smart woman would do a sexy, modern, elegant, classic, sweet, "multi-faceted lace woman" bar.

  Men good "color" view of underwear

According to the analysis of psychologists, ladies from the boyfriend, his favorite color to wear underwear, watching his attitudes.

  To stimulate the pursuit of the red underwear

He loved the color of the underwear, said he loved sensual stimulation, in the selective partner, it is usually prefer to plump type, that will bring about such a provocative posture, he likes new and exciting sex, and very care about each other's sexual response, in addition to meet their own and I hope to meet each other.

  Romantic love black underwear

Black men underwear preferences, often revel in sexual fantasy, the black represents a romantic mystery. Black underwear, there is a compelling high-minded, sexy, and noble wonderful unity. Will make the black color is full of light and shadow on the charm. His physical demands do not need too much, but like to indulge in sexual fantasies.

  White underwear with conservative values

White underwear, emerging youth and clear, is clean, telling a tale of colors. If he likes you to wear white underwear, said he has a strong enrichment of a few for you, like have certain type of collectibles in general, more conservative sexual attitudes. He looks pure love of the girl, got a little older and a bit of tendency, whether in spirit, as well as physical requirements, was like that. Whether you wear any clothes, as long as white, do not be too sexy, he can also rise to the impulse.

  Yellow underwear moves with

If he loved yellow underwear, and love the red underwear sexual attitudes are very similar. In sexual behavior, all are very eager sensual pleasure, but like the yellow underwear, you do not pay attention to whether the fullness of the other type. As long as an access to the female body, or see the yellow underwear, it may cause sexual arousal, but does not mean he is erotic.
  She loved her underwear Jiusong Bar

Indeed, for men, women underwear may be sent to one of the best gifts. In fact, the man gives a woman to buy underwear, has long been commonplace. But the men selling women's underwear, is indeed a novelty. Shanghai Huaihai Road has a "female department store" chain stores. Where the ladies lingerie counter, the first time appeared a man went so far as a salesperson. In addition to the idea of new accidents, kinda and considerate person.

Stepped into fashion today, women like men, also men's underwear set forth requirements. In their view, the man with the charm of the exquisite to the performance through the modification of stress, such stress is not limited to the choice of outerwear, underwear and outerwear for the perfect mix of real refinement. They can not imagine a quiet demeanor of attractive men and ignore his underwear, just as men can not stand under the beautiful beautiful clothes even wearing the same underwear poor quality aliasing. As a result, virtuous wife for her husband used to buy underwear. Even unmarried girls, will be on Valentine's Day Valentine's sent to their own set of high-quality brand-name underwear, so that a man's masculine and feminine underwear, including the details of expression.

Sexiest men and women love moments 10

Male Version
1. He tied an apron, wash your hands to do the initiative cook soup. If only two of the world, you pick one a sexy design, the backs look warm "cook-fu", turned, and that is appetizing and tasty erotic chef!

2. Prior to launching the car, stretching the body in the past, for your safety belt and pulled out Koulao - took the opportunity to kiss, so as to "punish" you tend to forget about such an important thing!

3. Always busy-looking, he has to cross the road suddenly stopped, gently Qianzhu your hand, walk with the zebra crossing. Occasionally, a disclosure of the tender and thoughtful, more lethal than the sweet talk anytime, anywhere.

4. Shy from his coat pocket and took out a rose, whisper to say "Happy 7th anniversary of acquaintance." And you thought he would like before either forget or simply do not think is not important.
5. Seriously, but also slightly a little nervously clenched your hands, your eyes look straight forward, cautiously asked: "how your MC has not come yet? Is not ... ... I have to do dad?"
6. Along with watching television when the naturally grabbed you, carefully pulled out a gray hair for you.

7. Willing to be good at, and the courage to admit that they are "wife tube strict." When he was in front of your friends laugh at yourself, "his wife tube strict" when, how charming!

8. DIY toys for his son to focus unparalleled. In the enthusiastic production of toys for his son when, in fact, he was also immersed in recollections of childhood in a beautiful - a man's sexy is not only a Philips shaver advertisement of the kind, of course, is even more perfect if we can at the same time both a .

9. When he was carrying a bucket instead of washing his car directly entered the car wash. He makes a clean body clean cars - yes, the car is a man's lover, this time, he seriously looks really charming.

10. He made the right decision for each one, they all appear to be so confident and chivalrous: business, buying funds, investment works of art ... ... Yes, women actually are more willing to do little woman, especially, when he always do Your backbone.

Female Version

1. Husband cooking, from the back tightly grabbed his waist, his face attached to a solid back - in fact close during the exercise dance it!

2. When he repairs computers for your small problems, a good ironing silk underwear ... ... At this time, your eyes sparkling crystal clear light, admirers looked at him, mercilessly praise him: "Fantastic!" , "how do you know it all ah!

3. A weekend morning, breakfast will be cooked, as well as the soft-boiled eggs peel Xianggang like himself, sent to his bed, let him enjoy the rich and "delicious" breakfast.

4. To maintain the good habit of dating. Blurred in the dim lighting, soft-Man some of his language to talk about the past it has not yet known, immersed in the past recollection of the expression would make it especially attractive.

5. Pick a set of sexy underwear, his place on the shower room at a fixed location for washing clothes. When he saw one, and even bathing have become incredible - come out, just to see you wearing another leaning against the door waiting for him.

6. Cooking singled to put on the set of European-style maid containers, is the kind of tight shirt short little skirt, matched with lace Little Red Riding Hood ... ... Who says that the kitchen will certainly be a woman become Huanglian Po?

7. Tuosai hand softly touching the hair. Many men have unanimously admitted that they have no intention to move to and fro would be a woman of little tricks like the hair come into view.

8. At some point, you look at a loss, or deep in thought in the moment of loss. Men would like to appear better than the kind of woman a little slow domineering woman, ignorant and helpless look, in fact, very sexy.
9. With passionate eyes intently looking at him. Stand it like a woman without a man's eyes, of course, If we add a little shy, he will feel even more sexy.

10. Her sexy, not just the devil figure Flaming; his sexy, not just gas profile of a hero than the Pan. In many cases, in fact it was in her sexy, and his usual intentional or unintentional, those little details. This is how we are always impressed by the details

Husband, I am not your free prostitutes

I do not know how the modern man, and forgotten love Mody? Yesterday, a man told me that women marry men are in fact similar with the mistresses, but no particular sub-mistresses, wife have a marriage certificate protected by law. I argue that women also work to make money to go home for the elderly and children 2 busy. In fact, any connection with the man I say from now on the economic situation of families looking to make money, but a woman is a kind of hobbies. Because most families or by men assumed the burden for the room to support their families ... ...

It sounds as if we women rely on men to rely on a man stand to become ignoble, K, What kind of logic? !

Today I saw a reposted elsewhere: his wife, in fact, you are just free of prostitutes. Man Lane said, "there is no distinction between his wife and prostitutes, the prostitutes and his wife are women, and men will have sex with their bodies, only prostitutes for the money, while the wife is to help men, continuing the family line." I was very surprised to say this view will who are not psychopathic men is the lack of caring woman.

On the sex organs, no one can be divorced from its essence. Is it just from this point of speaking, the rush to conclude that "a wife is much better than lovers and prostitutes cheap"? Is marriage is the body and the physical interaction between the Bo do? Is addition to vent without the mutual spiritual comfort to do? Do men do not want a woman as water, tenderness do? Is a woman does not want a man stalwart arm Bay do? I do not understand how such an absurdity, and relish the streets in the network, such as flooding in the four Smirnov?

As everybody knows, sex, the basic is a man in a dominant position.

If someone insisted that a woman is a man of free prostitutes, then can I believe that man is a woman's lifetime sex slaves?
If so, then why require that marriage does? Have been not very good so go on living together? What to a child, but also serve what the old ones? Under no obligation to give the clients of prostitutes seem to have children, while the sex slaves toiling in addition to the evening set an example to support their families and also pay for the room? Would not the man is not a big loss? ! Do all of them have to go to marriage registries Ji Houhou Ben ah? This is not sick Mody? !

This is the essence of marriage Mody? Distorted the bar!

"Why modern women have changed the cheap? Why modern women do not want to get married? Why modern women prefer with others are unwilling to do when the lover's wife. You look at those men, travel with the lover, not a wife; wine field with the lover, not a wife; friends to sing with a lover, not a wife; love flowers, then send the lover, not a wife. "

What is really eye to see what kind of world Mody? My eyes to the world why it is so beautiful. I see women are eager to love, desire a happy marriage, eager to have bald to the old marriage. Take a handful of reluctant to do so is only willing to do Valentine's wife, to prove that the modern examples of people's love, I do not think of any convincing. Do you know Valentine's is money in the end between the right color or transactions? Do you know how many little love to the last is not all of them have cried to refuse to positive?

Therefore, I believe the vast majority of women treated marriage as I do the traditional and serious. For those in business and officialdom's ugly so what? Real backbone of the women would go and another woman to share a man? At least I will not. But also in China, the Valentine's Day, not Valentine's patent. Many men and women in love, marriage of the couple, not the usual live this happy day?

I remember arguing with my husband when I jumped out a very powerful one: do not think you earn a year four or 50000 I'll rare you! I tell you, without feelings, I will not see you more than a second! I am with you, because I love you!

Is a husband, I will not be your free prostitutes. I did not pay to earn you more, so I did not hesitate to put your earned money to spend on themselves. I'll own to dress the United States and the United States, and walking in the street like a flower. We will not only boast flower to the United States, and often boast you have this piece of fertile black earth, ha ha ~

Is a husband, I will not be your free prostitutes. Every time you make love to me before if you do not play I will look at you weird expression until you are ashamed to make up for it "class." Sex is not a person's enjoyment I think you know, I know you like most around me let me lean on you a solid chest, Dia Dia crying you: husband kind of you.

Is a husband, I will not be your free prostitutes. Would certainly be a fight when I speak up, but every time you come to coax me. Of course, I am also a good coax woman.

Is a husband, I will not be your free prostitutes. Because I would also like to cook for you to do your cooking, your nanny to do laundry for you, but also to be your close nursing care you take care of you forces you to take medicine, and Tim clothes.

Yes, her husband, because I love love you

70 classic male-female relationships Comedy "Analects of Confucius"

Forums often very interesting to see if many of them classics of the wonderful words, it is help laughing while they ponder a long time. Are recorded on the 70 men and womenThe "Analects of Confucius", we were taste ......

1, sitting on milk big name for itself, enjoy the mistress treatment.
2, no money, no power, no longer on the Hi point, you tell me?
3, to sweep the floor, I absolutely do not Shuawan, if I have absolutely no sweeping Shuawan, both work together? You when I was an alien ah!
4, no appetite, I could not even see you, and also to talk about sex?
5, a woman must own a bit better. Once worn out, on the other woman to spend your money, live in your room, sleep in your husband, but also beat your children.
6, even if I was a toad, I would never marry his mother toad.
7, I love you! None of your what?
8, next life I can still see you, because apart from me, you are the most silly.
9, quarrel, when the difference between men and women such as the difference between rifles and machine guns.
10, men fantasies with me, and I imagined heaven.
11, when the dizziness when I finally understood what it meant to love。
12, women have numerous QQ numbers just to take liberties with a man, a man used a QQ number above to fill a variety of women ... ...
13, I heard that a woman such as clothing, brothers as brothers. In retrospect, I actually busy divvying up the streaking for 20 years.
14, What should I die for your love ... the whole ...
15, the reason why angels can fly because they are themselves very lightly ... ...
16, I would like puppy love, but it is late ... ...
17, in line with China this yearFamily planning work successfully completed, I decided not to contact with the opposite sex friends, thank you co-operation.
18, something happens secretary dry, nothing to do for the Secretary.
19, good woman is a school, so I have to go to school.
20, embrace is really a strange thing, obviously depend on so close, but not see each other's face.
21, I do not know who bed-law, my wife do not know who's bed.
22, when you wear the wedding of love, I donned a monk's cassock ... ...
23, housing prices higher and higher, so fewer and fewer good men ... ...
24, men are two, one is lust, is an extremely lecherous; a woman can be divided into two kinds, one is pretending to be pure, one is pretending to be not pure.
25, although flowers Lord, I'll loosely soil.
26, the wealthy man, no money to guy is difficult.
27, came between the situation exactly? Sage answer is: "waste."
28, I can not give you happiness, But can give you comfort.
29, Keguan please self-respect, a small woman, not only the prostitute entertainer.
30, in bed, practice is the only martial arts standards.
31, you give me a love, I have you one-night stand.
32, Shi Tai! You are from the Laona bar!
33, a man lies he could deceive a woman one night, a woman lies a man's life can be deceiving!
34, mandarin ducks playing in the water, all his mother drowned; fly together, are his mother fall to their deaths.
35, my wife asked me to a third party!
36, like it is a touch of love; love is deep love.
37, if you can not give you a woman to wear the wedding dress, you should never stop you untie the hands of her buttoned!
38, I do not like only a woman on a bed many times, but love and a lot of women is only the last bed.
39, I am ugly, but I am persistent!
40, the rich get married.
41, in the event he was always Zuohuaibuluan before temptation; in the absence of use of torture before he was always faithful and unyielding!
42, killed in I do not say that you do not make honey trap!
43, ah! I called her name in a dream? Certainly nightmares of!
44, one mountain can not allow two tigers, unless a public and a mother.
45, midnight time off the assembly line, or else it will change back to the Princess Cinderella.
46, men, upper body is a self-cultivation, lower body is the essence; woman, upper body is the bait, lower body is a trap.
47, undress and I was beasts put on clothes I was Yiguanqinshou!
48, jealously guarding its availability, people can only be a waste; many queens, people know how to frugality. But I am now, but in all day to waste in the yearning for frugality.
49, there is a very old legend, saying that at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications on campus can see the beautyPeople will live forever ... ...
50, Love is made out of!
51, as a friend Liangleichadao, in order to plug a friend twice in a woman.
52, ugly girl, I generally do not Lut her, but you is an exception.
53, climbed the wall and so on Apricot.
54, to spend more away from the bed closer.
55, Nai Heqiao are sold on the old lady on the Pepsi, how can you teach me forget you?
56, to participate in beauty contests for those women, can not find a good man, because good men are married, like me.
57, I do not want to marry but to marry my wife and my wife.
58, Rose really cheap, can send his wife had.
59, I would rather you holding another woman like me, do not want you holding me like other women.
60, not afraid of beauty to me as a satyr, afraid of ugly to me as a rogue.
61, Love is a Fan Jian, but also time and time again Fanjian. When you do not Fanjian, and a woman to make money!
62, you still let me kneel down washboard it, kneeling electric heating really can not stand ah.
63, I would not meet online friends unless the country changes monogamy.
64, my friend's cell phone in his girlfriend's name is "he" Later, they split up, they become "it" ... ...
65, contraceptive effect: not successful, then adults.
66, men rely on housing, sows can be a tree.
67, give me a woman, I can create a nation.
68, if I Niu, early fall in love with me ... ...
69, in Egypt, a man can marry four wives, it is much Leia, or China will be good.
70, Spring beauties lock in limitless, I am lure affair, come.

More "Analects of Confucius" 70, "see my eyes, smile, I Huazhiluanchan", and think really should be the sentence: "It easily; live, easy; life is not easy."

Women in Love nine precepts

1, input too fast

When you first met with him later, do not expect to spend every weekend with him, or adhere to advise him to re-arrangement of his home, do not hurry, you do not yet married!

  Second, identify the other early

Want to break up with her boyfriend, the quickest way is to tell him you love him, you have to provide him with a child, he was mostly spared from the reaction without a trace.

  Third, self-deception

Are you a clear knowledge of his motives behind the performance of each one? He is very plain and your attitude? Whether he was dating at the same time with other girls? Do you only contact once a week, while you may be entrusted to a lifetime and passed his target? Or you thought he was addicted to gambling, such as life, violent temper are not any serious problems.

 4, dressed exaggerated

You should show confidence, decent and generous, and appeal is not to show off too much sexy, men believe that the attractiveness of natural than the artificial processing of the face much better.

  5, talking too much

Do not think you have to constantly continue to talk, silence is golden, even if you are eager to understand each other, but also do not need an appointment at the most a few years this will be very familiar experience of a lifetime as tells, silence is often the women's charm 1.

  6, the money too much attention to his

If you have ordered a lobster dinner, and tell him your favorite gift is the diamond, then enjoy eating it on the Dayton bar, you will no longer see him, no matter how wealthy a man, it would not like people to tell him how to spend, or spend money on who's shoulders, men like the knowledgeable woman, rather than those bent on finding a lifetime meal ticket people.

  7, premature to invite him to go home

Unless you feel that he is inviting you into his life, do not invite him to go home. Some men think that the invitation to go home, that is to invite him to go to bed, so wait for some time until after you have a better understanding, it will not produce a similar embarrassing situation.

  8, and other intimate too fast

If you first met him when they went to bed, then he would think the number of a man intimate with you too? Therefore, this intimate performance tends to scare each other, the initial understanding of the most appropriate to do a candid chat with a stroll in the next month, these will become a solid emotional foundation.

  9, is too hard to please each other

Do you think for him the laundry, cooking and housework, he will be more like you? I request you to carefully think about it, if you knowingly sell his cloth to wipe your feet, he would not set foot on a foot polite

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gynecologist to listen to the 13 private message

1. In addition to doing monthly breast self-inspection, the "genital self-test" is also a female doctor who will do. If you find the following four kinds of circumstances any one of immediately do check:

a. emerging black spots;

b. A week later the swelling has not subsided;

c. small, white spots;

d. vulvar skin becomes thin.

2. Vulvar sarcoma around the emerging small you are worried about? You can check the first DIY: Using a small piece of cotton cloth dipped in vinegar after 1:00 on the small table sarcoma on 2 minutes.

If small sarcoma color white, then, should see a doctor to see if minor surgery to remove the need to implement; if the color does not change, then, most are harmless.

3. Do gynecological examination immediately after voiding to prevent bacterial invasion. Before the examination may wish to drink a large glass of water, so you will have done inspection urine complacent.

4. "Missionary influence," gal on the body are prone to urinary tract infections position, because men, the groin was very easy to filth, and the "missionary potential" position which will give the maximum close to the groin female male urethra in posture. Multi-position change it, not only to add taste, but also disease prevention.

5. When you get to know the men and the new feelings of heat to prepare "that" should be mindful of the time! About one-third of men in sexual health issues would be lying. Therefore, the best of his knowledge, etc., when a few more and then a passion.

6. Even if you pay special attention to hygiene is also particularly susceptible to urinary tract infections, then the gene probably is your problem, medicine also can not explain why in the end it will be.

7. Today "Heixiu" Next week pregnant? This is entirely possible! Not to say that today a general decline in sperm quality of men do? Yes, however, the activity of sperm from a man just 48 hours to 8 days in duration! They are no longer so-called "rhythm" of each sex should have a contraceptive method.

8. Contraceptives should be eaten every day, if you forgot a period of 3 days, then the equivalent white "to eat."

Nine. Do hearsay, and orgasm does not have any helpful pregnant, in fact does not help the stock sperm high enthusiasm, and instinctively know where to rush this.

10. You know, being circulated among doctors saying it? "Man's best friend is a dog, a woman's best friend is a condom."

11. When the doctor give you prescribe, we must remember to ask: "I'm taking oral contraceptives, you open these drugs affect the effectiveness of birth control pills do?"

12. Oral contraceptives containing estrogen, good bone health, but some injectable form of contraception was able to accelerate osteoporosis. Thus, the doctor best suited to your method of contraception.

13. You know what? When you near the time of ovulation, your cervix will be slightly raised, but was open-like, but also softer. At this time, sex when you use the posture, it would make you have more enjoyable feeling.

Life should not discard the "good" nutrition

People's lives become increasingly sophisticated, especially diet. The oranges pressed into juice, the soy milk beaten into thin minced fish balls made, in fact, that people "Qucuqujing" in the process, many important nutrients also will be lost. All you need to learn a simple recipe for, we can firmly retain these good nutrition.

  Pork skin, Women most in need of eating. Many people think that, throw pork skin and fat, eat only lean meat is the most healthy. In fact, "contains a very rich pork skin collagen, and fat content is very low, very low heat, throw away is indeed a pity." Ho Ji-Guo said. Collagen to the maintenance of cell morphology and the organization of the plasticity of great significance, it can prevent dry skin, dehydration, delayed cell senescence, and thus play a role in skin care beauty, women should eat more points.

  Scales so cold, turning waste into treasure. Scales contains more lecithin, a variety of unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus content was high, a special health care products. There is increasing human memory, slow aging of brain cells, promote blood circulation, prevention of high blood pressure and heart disease effect.

  Scraped off the scales, scales can be made into jelly.Drain the fish-scale rinse with water and put inside a pressure cooker, add an appropriate amount of vinegar to remove the smell. 250 grams per 400 grams of fish-scale increases in water, with large heat and simmer for 10 minutes, and then Gaixiao Simmer for 20 minutes. Until scales white, curled, soup was mushy. Fish out the scales and impurities, the liquid condensate into the container Serve cold-like, into the refrigerator storage, the taste is more delicate. When consumption of salt, soy sauce, vinegar, parsley, green onion salad can be.

In addition, the fish-eye is also a good nutritious food. Contain unsaturated fatty acids, can enhance the brain, memory and thinking ability, to prevent memory loss, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure and other diseases of great benefit.

  People eat and orange, do not throw orange envelope. In fact, it is because the orange envelope contains a product called "rutin" of nutrients, can there be less pleasing bitterness. This substance can make people's blood vessels to maintain normal flexibility and density to reduce the fragility and permeability of blood vessel walls to prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage. So, determined to cerebral vascular disease, the elderly, Chi Juzi must stop when you throw an orange envelope.

  Once on shore, soybean milk, bean dregs to baked buns.Soybean residue can be regarded as the most nutritious of the "waste" because it contains a lot of calcium. In the 100 grams of bean dregs in, it contains nearly 100 milligrams of calcium, which is almost equal to milk calcium. "In addition, bean curd residue of dietary fiber seems to have quite good, can promote gastrointestinal motility, the effectiveness of the prevention of colon cancer." China Agricultural University, Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, Associate Professor Ho said the country into account. In recent years, the United States, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries scientists have discovered that rubbish contains more anti-cancer substance "saponins" and frequently eat tofu residue, can reduce get breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. the risk of cancer. Although nutrition is good, but the bean dregs poor taste, which is the main reason for people to abandon it. In fact, if a little processing, the same can be delicious bean dregs.

The simplest approach is to mix salt, bean dregs, flour, eggs, green onion, bean dregs into the cake pans Luo Cheng, and milk mix is a nutritious meal a good breakfast. In addition, you can also okara and oats, coconut with boiled bean dregs porridge, sweet and delicious into the refrigerator is a good dessert