Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Men are more vulnerable than women, the five organs

Physically robust man with the slender compared to the smaller woman, there are several obvious weaknesses. Therefore, the man who, do not count on strong and do whatever they want!

 The first weakness: the "heart"

According to clinical statistics, men suffering from myocardial infarction were admitted into hospital for a woman of 7 - 10 times. The disease was mainly due to excess fat and heavy smoking, drinking and causing, in addition, work intensely emotional troubles are also one of the causes.

  The second weakness: "the liver"

In chronic hepatitis patients, men are four times more women. The main reason is alcohol. The liver can only break down each day, converting 60 - 80 of alcohol, more than this amount would be harmful to the liver. Another high-fat foods on the liver is also very unfavorable.

  The third weakness: "rectal"

  CancerMales was higher than females. Men generally eat more fat and protein than women, medical studies have shown that, in the absence of adequate fiber-containing foods, while eating too much fat and protein is an important cause of colorectal cancer occurred.

  The fourth weakness: "stomach"

Men like drinking, smoking, drinking coffee, the men at the table devouring, men often eat too much, however, when men enjoy express, their protests are expected to pour in stomach; stomach pain, vomiting, hematemesis, ai Acid ... ... medical research found that menStomachThe incidence rate of 6.2 times higher than women on average.

  5th weaknesses: "Prostate"

According to the study, men in the 50 years of age, about 60% of people with prostate diseases. The reason is that the male steroid hormone secreted by glands around the urethra change it to increase. Enlarged prostate was pressed into a flat shape, and then the bladder pressure caused difficulties in urinating. Prostate problems can easily be ignored, little suited to go to hospital for examination and timely treatment to prevent exacerbations.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Science contraception, away from the crowd

Recently, many media reported the two since the story of teenage pregnancy, childbirth, causing the public's attention and sympathy, a lot of enthusiastic people would donate money and materials to help the girls support their children, finding a job, return to society ...... In fact, teenage pregnancy, childbirth is a pieces of very dangerous thing, because they belong to the unwanted pregnancy is completely far from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy care, without any protection during pregnancy, childbirth is usually very poor condition. I think that the treatment of these "children" the most fundamental is the church that they protect their own "skills", the Church of their birth, in order to provide them with appropriate contraceptive methods, and to help and urge them to insist on the use of contraceptive methods. December 12 branches in Wuhan, we have opened a family planning meeting of all members, all for domestic unwanted pregnancies, induced abortions have expressed concern over the current situation and concerns will be issued in the whole of society and everyone agrees to "scientific contraception, away from the crowd" initiatives:

"Science contraception, away from the crowd," written proposal

The 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development Program of Action explicitly pointed out: "From any point of view, abortion should not be put as a family planning method. All the relevant national government agencies and non-governmental organizations should take positive steps to enhance their women's health commitment, by expanding and improving family planning services, the reduction of abortion as a major public health problems. must be the most important position on the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, and to make every effort to reduce abortion. "In 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO ) released a reproductive health strategy, in turn, "promote scientific contraception, to strengthen post-abortion family planning services" to include "the promotion of reproductive health" priority areas of concern.

At present, China's annual average of more than 800 million cases of sub-abortion, abortion rate up to 29.3 ‰, much higher than the average level of developed countries. Even more noteworthy is that, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities to repeat abortion rate is higher than 50%, unmarried flow increased year by year, to bring serious harm to women's health. Relevant data: secondary infertility in 88.2% patients with history of induced abortion; repeat Liu Chan led to a marked increase in the incidence of infertility.

My reasons for the high abortion rate: in general, the first people of childbearing age lack of scientific knowledge of contraception, and second, the lack of attention to the needs of young people and services for contraception and the third is yet to fully carry out standardization of post-abortion family planning services, resulting in women's In the flow will still be exposed to risk of pregnancy in the accident. In view of this, the Chinese Medical Association Family Planning Branch Special to the broad masses of medical workers and the whole community to the following initiatives:

1, establish self-protection awareness, from what I start, consciously, the correct use of scientific methods of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

2, medical workers, especially family planning, full-time staff, to actively take the initiative to undertake the duties of disseminating scientific knowledge of contraception for the majority of people of childbearing age to provide a safe and reliable contraception and adequate counseling.

3, at all levels of health care and family planning services, not only to the people of childbearing age technology to provide quality family planning services and reproductive health education in the window to play the role of active regulated post-abortion family planning services, but also neighborhoods, communities, or towns, and villages to promote and improve family planning, reproductive health knowledge of universal coverage.

4, at all levels of government administrative institutions should do a good job from management to the service concept of change management within services, and give full play to the grass-roots primary health care and family planning service network-to-edge horizontal, vertical in the end role in puberty, wedding, After the abortion, post-natal, hoping change of contraceptive measures, and so accident-prone critical period of pregnancy, contraceptive requirements as much as possible to have populations with thoughtful, careful family planning services.

5, the community, such as women's federations, labor unions, schools, shops, mass media and non-governmental organizations, must care about women's health, combined with their own business to carry out reproductive health education, the formation of the whole society to promote reproductive health, a good situation.

Respect and care for women are the embodiment of social civilization and progress in building a "harmonious society" today, more far-reaching significance. Let us, headed by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao's leadership, learning and practice the scientific concept of development, common to assume the responsibilities and obligations of family planning and create a "science of contraception, away from the crowd" health social atmosphere, protect the women's reproductive health and their legitimate rights and interests, so that they are a more healthy, more self-confident state, society and the family propped up "half the sky"!