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How to answer the top ten health drink

"In our daily life, the water is too general too common. But perhaps for this reason that most people do not know how to drink water every day, drink water, drink plenty of water ... ... and when to drink water directly affect our health. "on this topic, the experts to answer 10 of our water and health issue, but also the people most concerned about the" drinking problem. "

I asked: What nutrition water in the end?

A: There is a lot of people are concerned about whether there is a wide variety of water and nutrients, but they ignore a fundamental fact - the water itself is a kind of nutrition. We usually talk about the six nutrients the body needs, in fact, carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. Animal and plant water is indispensable for survival of a nutrient, while the body of water is the most abundant element. As long as there is sufficient water, people can survive for weeks without food; but without water, the number of days it will die. So, whether you drink water, tea or soup, the daily intake must be sufficient "water nutrition" in order to maintain the body which sets the normal operation of complex machines.

Second question: Is drinking water replenishment best?

A: Some one-sided argument. Drinking water replenishment effect really good, but because the taste of a single, could make people think "do not drink." Research shows that people are drinking their favorite beverage intake of more water typically.

Chinese Nutrition Society of the latest edition of "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" also pointed out that the vast majority of drinks on the market today contain more than 80% of the water. Main function is to drink water needed to supplement the body, while a pleasant taste experience to consumers. However, many drinks contain a certain amount of heat, while in the pay increase calorie intake. So, Coke and other beverages must control the amount of time. In addition to drinking water, the morning cup of milk, a cup of fruit juice between meals is also a good choice.

Three questions: water, pure water and mineral water in the nutrition difference?

A: From the composition, the drinking water and mineral water contain minerals and pure water is pure water. In northern China such as Beijing, boil the water jug will bear a thick wall of the scale, and this is the performance of existing minerals from drinking water in this sense is also a mineral water. Well, is not the water contains minerals than without the good? Not necessarily, after all, very little mineral content in water, mineral supplements on the human body will not be required to bring a big impact. Therefore, drink mineral water that can cause long-term excessive intake of minerals and even poisoning is wrong, that the long-term nutritional deficiencies cause pure water to drink is wrong.

Four questions: soup can pay?

A: Certainly, because the soup is more than 90% water, which is a good way to pay. However, the soup should not be too salty to drink, or eating too much sodium, the osmotic pressure of the body will change, you must drink more water to go in and - this is why we sometimes feel soup Yue Heyue thirsty. So be sure to control the salt soup, chicken, mushroom soup have been very tasty, can not salt.

Five Q: Can the overnight drinking water in the end?

A: There may be some micro-organisms in water overnight breeding, but also harm the human body that it does not say so serious. As long as there is no contamination, the nature of the water will not change, so drinking water will not have any problems overnight. Spring water we drink, is likely to be more than ten million years ago, the.

Six Questions: repeated boiling of water to drink?

A: Some people call this water as thousands of boiling water, drinking fountains or in those in the kettle of water to be heated again. Generally speaking, the nitrite content in water which will be higher. Large amount of nitrite poisoning can, directly, because the role of nitrite and human blood to form methemoglobin, so that the oxygen-carrying function of blood loss, make oxygen poisoning. While boiling water in a thousand would not be such high nitrite content, but nitrite in the human body when a certain dose of carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic substances, can be serious harm to human health. So, try not to boil the water again. The hot water drinking fountains are the best "the cup is burned," and not to have been in the "heat - insulating" state.

Seven Questions: pH of the water really matter?

A: The Japanese in the 90s last century, has developed a water electrolysis, refers to the use of electrodes used for sterilization of water into acidic water and alkaline water for health, both the efficacy of water is by the Japanese Ministry of Health (MOH) recognized. However, this alkaline pH value of water must require more than 8.5 will have lower gastric acid, mediation and other functions of intestinal flora. At present, some of the market known as the "alkaline" water, claiming that after drinking, the body's acid-base status can change, it is not possible, basically the concept of speculation.

Eight Q: Can water detoxification?

A: First, what is the "detoxification", has made it clear that no one can express the concept. But human metabolism needs water, drink plenty of water can promote gastrointestinal motility, defecation relief, from this point of view, that there is nothing wrong detox drink water.

Nine Q: to drink "eight glasses of water", the amount in the end how much?

A: This question really troubled many people, because everyone drink the cup size is different. Pagoda in our new meal, add the image of water, emphasizing the importance of adequate drinking water. Mild weather conditions in adult life, 1200 ml of drinking water per day at least, that is, two bottles of mineral water. Some people may ask, had previously been said, can not be less than 2000 ml of water every day, why there are only 1200 ml of the? In fact, refers to 2000 ml of water a day needs of the total amount of fruits and vegetables contains a lot of water, even the staple food, the meat has, the body needs water, a large part comes from the food.

Ten Questions: early morning wake up, how to drink water before going to sleep at night?

A: The morning's first cup of water is the life-saving water, because the metabolism of the human body through the night, the body needs a wash all waste. Our cells like a dry sponge, when the water into the future to capture this water, and then about 40 minutes to discharge out. The metabolic process that we are concerned detoxification. The following morning, the glass of water preferably three: the first is clear water, water, pure water and mineral water can be, can reduce blood viscosity; second is lemonade, citric acid can increase the appetite in the morning while citric acid molecules are small, does not affect kidney metabolism, is conducive to urinate; third is salt water, it is very good for constipation.

As the evening pay, you can choose honey water, milk or yogurt, but the fear of people who try not to get up in the night to urinate in the water before going to sleep. In addition, get up in the night to urinate at night, you can drink a glass of water, not drink the morning people get up in the night to urinate on the line.

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