Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fever not eat protein-rich foods

In winter, cold weather vagaries, which will lead to the occurrence of the disease can easily lead to a fever. Therefore, fever diet pay particular attention to:
Jichi eggs, fish, lean meat and other protein-rich foodsMany people think that eating eggs when they are sick with fever, not only light, easily digestible, and nutritious, to restore health benefits, but this practice is unscientific. Fever patients to eat eggs, the body heat will increase, because heat can not be distributed, as "fuel" will burn even more formidable. Indeed, nutrient-rich eggs contain, but not eat during a fever, especially fried poached or scrambled eggs. This is because the egg contains mostly eggs and egg protein, globulin, is a complete protein, 99.7% can be absorbed by the body. Consumption of eggs would produce a certain extra calories, so that body heat increased, exacerbating fever. At the same time, do not eat meat, fish and other protein-rich foods.
Yichi liquid or semi-liquid food and fruitPatients with fever diet should be light, digestible, and rich in vitamins, generally liquid or semi-liquid food-based, such as rice soup, porridge, noodles, lotus root starch, etc., and with some fresh fruit. Fever, you can eat clear soup noodles, purée porridge and other food. To the disease can be restored later to add more lean meat, fish, tofu and other protein-rich foods

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