Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ten or so because of your sexuality

For sexuality is a big man, but the intensity level of each sex are different. U.S. and British medical experts through long-term investigation, research, and that the following 10 kinds of factors, the greatest impact on human sexuality.

1, genetic factors

The strength of sexual desire may be affected by genetic factors.

2, hormone levels

The effects of male hormones on sexual desire most, if the body of male hormones on the low side, regardless of sex, sexual desire will be diminished.

3, sensory stimulation on the

With sight, taste, hearing, smell, touch and other feelings that can arouse the nervous excitement of men and women to arouse sexual desire.

4, previous sexual experience and social experience

Past sexual experience enjoyable and social experience of the people, easier to arouse sexual desire; On the contrary, it is more difficult to arouse sexual desire.

5, after the recovery time for sex life

Many people in the sex life orgasm, they need some time to re-arouse the sexual desire of another, but also vary the length of time.

6, environmental factors

Such as the environment, atmosphere, temperature, season, diet number, with or without taking drugs.

7, cultural influences

Ethical, legal and other human binding.

8, mental state

Such as anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, pain, discomfort, and confusion and so on.

9, age factor

In general, men 18-25 years of age, sex of the most high, while women 35-40 years of age in the most high libido. However, with increasing age, male hormones decrease skin reaction retardation, genital blood flow and pressure of life are poor people's loss of libido.

10, health

Only a healthy body in order to maintain a normal libido. If suffering from diseases (such as endocrine diseases, genital diseases and other wasting disease), are sufficient to warrant sex greatly affected.

In short, to maintain healthy, balanced, happy, is to arouse sexual desire in basic conditions

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