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Treatment of different types of abortion which

After the abortion took place, they should first diagnosis of abortion belongs to which category, for a variety of different types of abortion, adopt a different method of treatment.

1, threatened abortion:To conduct ultrasonic inspections and other laboratory examinations, to determine whether the fetus to survive, if it survived, while more than 90% of threatened abortion can continue pregnancy. Of pregnant women to eliminate the spirit of excessive stress, maintain emotional stability may be taking the correct dosage of sedatives, such as the luminal 0.03 grams, 3 times a day. The best bed rest, to prohibit sex life. The so-called bed rest, not lying in bed all day, a not dared to touch, it is not necessary, but increase the emotional burden and stress caused by abortion. Can be carried out for the cause of drug therapy, such as progesterone, vitamin E, or herbs, but do not abuse the unilateral order to avoid delay in treatment opportunity. The patient not to insist on miscarriage, because embryonic dysplasia is the most common abortion, the main cause, insist on miscarriage, even if successful, not necessarily get a perfect child.

2, it is inevitable abortion (also known as an inevitable abortion):The main symptoms are more than the amount of vaginal bleeding, paroxysmal pain in the lower abdomen, there is Zhuizhang flu, cervical mouth has been opened. After a clear diagnosis as soon as possible so that embryo, placenta discharge. Early curettage, when feasible, (Palace of Heavenly Purity) surgery. Late-time application of oxytocin to promote fetal and placental tissue discharge. More than the amount of vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal paroxysmal pain, there is Zhuizhang flu, cervical mouth has been open.
Treatment is inevitable (inevitable), after abortion was diagnosed clear as soon as possible so that embryo, placenta discharge.
1. When the line of early curettage (Qing) surgery.
2. When the late application of oxytocin to promote fetal and placental tissue discharge.
Prevention and Care
1. Daily during pregnancy to have the law, pay attention to rest, avoid heavy labor.
2. Pregnancy, early and late to prohibit sex life.
3. Contraception, abortion should be pregnant again a year later.
4. Habitual abortion by both husband and wife should be checked and find out the reason for the proper prevention and treatment.
5. Adjust the mood, feeling good, eating should light and delicious, nutritious, digestible, bogey cold, hard, spicy, greasy.

3, incomplete abortion:Often occurred in the late period of pregnancy (10 weeks later), the placenta is developing or has formed part of the aborted fetus and placenta, when discharged, the entire placenta or part of the placenta was still attached to the uterine wall, uterine contraction can not be very good, so many vaginal bleeding . Residues can form the placenta placental polyps in the course of time, repeated bleeding, and easy to induce infection.

Inevitable abortion and incomplete abortion care: a diagnosed, should be removed as soon as possible the principle of uterine contents.
Patients with a stable mood, eliminate the psychological tension caused by heavy bleeding.
2 take the initiative to clean up Intrauterine preoperative preparation.
3 Preoperative, intraoperative use of oxytocin the condition of patients in order to reduce bleeding.
Uterine discharges four double-check to determine if complete.
5 shock position, to be transfusion, blood transfusion, with the anti-shock measures to quickly restore normal blood pressure patients.
6 postoperative antibiotics, strengthening perineal care, perineal scrub 2 times a day, using sterile perineal pad.
7 Observation of vaginal bleeding and uterine contraction, as appropriate, the use of contractions agent.
8 good hospital guide, within one month ban on bath and sexual life, the implementation of contraception.

4, complete abortion:Bleeding has stopped or significantly reduced, Needless to special treatment. Can also be prophylactic antibiotics 3 days.

 5, missed abortion:Should in principle be hospitalized as soon as possible in order to avoid coagulation dysfunction, curettage routine laboratory tests before the patient's coagulation status, make blood transfusion preparations.

6, habitual abortion:In addition to using the treatment of threatened abortion methods, abortion should find out the cause, treatment for the cause. For example, relaxation of the cervix mouth who can be used for suturing inside the mouth surgery. It should be noted that, where abortion has taken place patients should be six months before pregnancy, contraception, abortion, pregnancy too fast easy again.
Habitual abortion Note
For a history of spontaneous abortion than women, prenatal care is particularly important, which will directly affect the physical and mental health of pregnant women and the normal development of the fetus, specifically should be prepared to the following points:

1. Life must be rules:Living in peace for, such as the morning more fresh air, and to participate in appropriate activities each day to ensure enough sleep 8 hours, conditions allowed to nap, both can not Snooze, should not be too labor (such as lifting heavy loads or climb Lu-risk ). Itsunori Qi stagnation, leading to difficult labor; workers is gas decline, leading to fetal injury abortion. Develop a regular daily bowel habits, to ensure smooth bowel movements, but it should avoid using laxatives.
2. Should pay attention to personal hygiene:Chang Huanyi, diligence and bathing, but not bath, swimming. With particular attention to perineal hygiene, prevention of virus infection. Clothing should be large, belts do not tighten. Peacetime should wear flat shoes.
3. To select the right diet:Food should be easy to digest. In particular, to be elected a variety of food rich in vitamins, trace elements in foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, eggs, meat and so on. Gastrointestinal Deficiency persons, Shen clothes smell of cold foods such as mung bean, white fungus, lotus seeds, etc.; physical Shen Yin Huo-wang, who served rooster, beef, dog meat, carp, etc. of the goods, easy to get angry.
Private therapeutic side to prevent habitual abortion and threatened abortion is effective. Here are two:
(1), lotus seeds, longan meat, 50 grams of slow fire soup, plus mountain powder 100 grams porridge. Pregnancy, and then began eating, a ~ 2 times a day is suitable for vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, fall, Yaotuisuanruan, white tongue fur short, there is a history of habitual abortion.
(2) Pumpkin Di 3, Di Lian Peng 6, a total of baked yellow as the end points three times clothes and rice soup to send, the day served, suitable for a few months of pregnancy fetal movement abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and the color red, Mianchi mouth dry, 5 upset fever, urine red blood of a short heat-type aura abortion.
4. To maintain the ease of mind:Studies suggest that spontaneous abortions because of maternal hyperthyroidism caused by subcortical excitability experiment proved that the functioning of the nervous system plays a decisive role in the state of abortion. Therefore, the spirit should be comfortable during pregnancy and avoid all kinds of stimulation, using a variety of ways to eliminate tension, boredom, fear, to reconcile emotions.
5. To be careful Ring intercourse:To have a history of spontaneous abortion for pregnant women, pregnancy 3 months within 7 months after the intercourse should be avoided, habitual abortion in this period should be strictly forbidden intercourse.
6. To have regular prenatal care:Second trimester should begin regular prenatal care, doctors may be to discover and deal with irregularities, and guide health care during pregnancy. It is worth recalling that, there have been spontaneous abortion or habitual abortion in women, pregnancy diagnosis and treatment should be preceded to the Obstetrics and Gynecology, if the pregnancy after threatened abortion, such as vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and other more timely medical treatment.

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