Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do not drink boiled water overnight

Many people at home have a cold water storage bottles, inside the cool boiled water to drink at any time. However, this convenience of the potential health hazards. If you do not finish that day must be drained.
This is because a long time home of the water in the nitrogen-containing organic matter will continue to be broken down into nitrite, while it is inevitable that the involvement of micro-organisms will accelerate the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic matter. Nitrite bodily harm to the well-known, it has a strong ability to combine with hemoglobin in vivo, will hinder the normal blood oxygen transport function. Therefore, the best day of drinking water.

In addition, many families used to drink bottled water, seemingly well-sealed bottled water should also be finished in three or four days. Because bottled water, opening time for a long time, bacteria will be slipped into the intake to go along, and the fountain will be the formation of negative pressure in the water, but also inevitably inhale some air, while in the air of bacteria and micro-organisms would be "Cheng Xu and income. " If you do not finish the short term, the bacteria would be excessive, pure water is no longer pure

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