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Carrot juice unexpected effects!

Carrot, also known as carrot, originating in Central Asia area, the late Yuan Dynasty, from entering China. Carrots have a high reputation in the West is regarded as vegetables in the top grade. The Dutch made it a "national dish" one. Carrots contain nutrients very comprehensive. According to the determination of hectogram carrots containing 7.6 grams of carbohydrates, protein 0.6 grams fat 0.3 grams, calcium 30 mg, iron 0.6 mg, and Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 ﹑ ﹑ vitamin C and so on, in particular, carotene content of vegetables among the best in each hectogram contains about 3.62 mg carotenoids, equivalent to 1981 international units of vitamin A, but was also unchanged at high temperatures, and easily absorbed by the body.

  TCMThat the carrot sweet natured, a spleen and stomach, kidney ﹑ ﹑ impotence natural gas and other under the effect of hysteresis can be used to treat male erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ night blindness pertussis embolism.

In recent years, Information at home and abroadHave reported that carrots have a prominentAnti-cancerEffect. The study found that people deficient in vitamin A, incidence of cancer is two times higher than normal day, such as eat a certain amount of carrots, a great benefit in preventing cancer. Because carrots are rich in carotene can be transformed into a large number of vitamin A, therefore, can effectively prevent the occurrence of lung cancer, even cancer cells that have been transformed also to stop its progress or to reverse the roles; study also found that carrot contains more abundant folate, as a kind of B vitamins, also has anti-cancer effect; carrots in the lignin, but also improve the body's immunity and indirect anti-cancer function of killing cancer cells, it is a good carrot The anti-cancer food. It also contains carotene blood pressure drugs such as succinic acid potassium salt composition, therefore, for patients with hypertension, but also a dose of medicine.

According to reports, the Polish civil society has been widely used in carrot treat.

Deworming: Fasting day, drink 1 / 4 cup fresh carrot juice, continuous adhere to 7 to 10 days and can be rid of the body of the pinworm and other parasites;

Increase in milk secretion:Lactating women insist on eating every night cooked carrot can increase the secretion of milk;

Risk of prostate diseaseOf men drinking fresh carrot juice every day for at least 1 tablespoon, persist in a few days can significantly alleviate the symptoms of prostate disease;

Colds, flu and sore throat: Half and half with carrot juice and the honey made from juice agent, drink three times a day, each time a spoon, treat colds, flu and sore throat.

 Patients with hypertension:To drink carrot juice a day for each 100 ml, 2 times a day for 30 days for a course of treatment.

 Constipation:Desirable carrot Ji Zhi, against the amount of honey, each 80 milliliters, a day sooner or later each one time.

Night blindness ﹑ corneal xerosis by:Carrot 250 grams, 250 grams of liver, fried, 1 times a day, 7 day a course of treatment.

Pertussis by:Carrot, 500 grams, Ji Zhi, plus amount of crystal sugar steamed open warm clothes, 2 times a day.

Chickenpox Patients:Desirable carrot 200 grams, 100 grams of water chestnuts, wind Li 150 grams, 150 grams of coriander, Shuijianbi day one.

Scalp itching and multi-chip by:Desirable carrot 200 grams, 100 grams of pork ribs, salt, MSG ﹑ amount, Wen Huodun day 1. The Road carrot stew pork chops are the role of beauty salon.

Malnutrition in children: Carrot a day after a meal to eat, and even served a few days. Taboo spleen Deficiency who can not be eaten raw.

Carrot soup can stop diarrhea:500 grams of carrots, on the incision, remove stems and cut into small pieces, add water Zhulan, the residue filtered. 1000 Kejia boil sugar, water can be.

Cough:Drink carrot juice. In a cup of fresh carrot juice where a few drops of vegetable oil, and then drink a day from time to time. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, can enhance the resistance of respiratory system, and cough. Vegetable oils can play the role of lubrication and relaxing voice.

Vitamin deficiency:Honey carrot juice. Honey, 40 grams, 250 grams of carrot. Squeezing carrot juice is blended with honey, stirring evenly. Fasting morning and evening hours two times to send warm clothing. The juice of various vitamin deficiency and effective. Insist on eating a carrot a day, you can play a very good lung health effects.

Beauty: Carrot anti-acne mask. Material: fresh carrot, 500 grams flour 5 grams, production methods: one to take fresh carrot washed, broken up two cases of the crushed and the juice of the carrot, add flour and 3 will be the carrot in the Daocheng mud mud, Fuyu face, every other day time, 10 minutes.
Effect: The anti-acne mask has to remove acne, chemical scarred, acne treatment, anti-surface wrinkles effect.

Carrot food taboos:

1, should not eat raw carrots:Carotenoids are fat-soluble substances, and only when dissolved in oil can be in human liver, intestinal wall under the action of the enzyme in carotene, into vitamin A, is absorbed by the body. Such as raw carrots, there will be 90% of carotene into the human body, "passing" and be excreted out, not achieve the role of nutrition. So, should not be eaten raw carrot.

2, carrots should not drinks:U.S. food experts have warned the people: "carrot drinks" of eating is detrimental to health. Because the rich carrot carotene and alcohol together into the body, they produce toxins in the liver, causing liver disease. Where people want to change the "carrot drinks," the tradition of eating carrots is not appropriate to do tapas, drinking and when not to take carotenoid nutrients, especially not immediately after drinking carrot juice drinking, so as to avoid health hazards.

3, excess carotene supplement easily lead to female infertility:According to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine studies and animal experiments show that an excessive amount of carotene may affect ovarian progesterone synthesis. Carotene, may result in reduced secretion of women in serious cases, cause amenorrhea, not ovulation. This may be interfering with β-carotene synthesis caused by steroids.

4, another main diarrhea radish, carrots to fill, so their best not to eat the same.

Carrot now a world-recognized nutritional .1991 years of January 1 the European Economic Community to a resolution of the carrot as a fruit. In accordance with this resolution, in the production of candied carrots, the carrots are called fruits.

  5, unfit for human consumption after shredding a long immersion in water for washing or the Radish

6, taking Hydrochlorothiazide unfit for human consumption when

7, when not eating too much vinegar; so as to avoid loss of carotene

8, food should not be too short when the time to chew

9, not with the rich in vitamin C, vegetables (such as spinach, rape, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers, etc.), fruits (such as oranges, lemons, strawberries, dates, etc.) with fresh damage vitamin C, reduce the nutritional value

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