Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will the women's frigidity genetic

Or sex refers to the female sexual response is suppressed, also known as sexy paralysis. In general, the main factors affecting sexuality in the following areas:

One is age.The strongest in adolescent sexuality. Increase in sexual desire with age would gradually decay into old age, sexual function decline, sexual desire decreased significantly.

The second is the disease.Malnutrition, endocrine diseases, diabetes, myocardial infarction can affect libido and sexual response, serious and even complete loss of libido or sexual.

Third, drugs.Many common drugs can affect libido and sexual function, of which anti-hypertensive drugs, antipsychotics and sedative-hypnotics relatively clear.

4 is a psychological factor.Of psychological factors on sexual desire has a critical impact on women is especially true. If you do not feel the woman partner's interest, there will be reduced libido.

Some experiences in life would undermine women's sexual potential. If a strong conflict between the parents, fatigue, emotional trauma, especially the unpleasant experience of first sexual intercourse, the experience of being raped and so likely to produce female sexual aversion. However, the sex is a human born with a kind of instinct, from infancy had been in existence. It is subject to genetic influence is very small, although there may be individual differences in sexual desire, but this factor with its psychological and social impact suffered by comparison, is negligible.

The formation and development of sexuality is also a process of psychological maturity, it is subject to relatively large influence of parents, this stems from the psychological sexual attitudes and sexual frigidity as long as the necessary psychological counseling will be removed.

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