Tuesday, January 19, 2010

High-rise housing on human health hazards?

In modern society, high-rise buildings for residential, makes sense of "a small list of public floor" feeling, high-level vision more open, better air quality, noise; the natural wind, light is better, sunshine long time, and some towards the sun exposure to 78 hours old.

Well, is not the higher the better? Some people think that high-level clean air, noise is also less, but the scene is also very beautiful, but this premise is that you live in a small high-rise around what kind of environment, you do not live in the surrounding high mountains without running water, to see just in front of balcony of the "back of the head", "enjoy" the city's various photoelectric pollution can be said that a good view? !

In fact, many executives want to live in their own sight-seeing has become a "landscape" so that the same floor opposite the residents to their own small house looking transparent, I really do not know this kind of "landscape" so mind where to go to America, while the lower floors are due to line of sight and on the ground dead trees and low-rise buildings block does have a good privacy (certainly let everyone accident, but in fact it is so),

Speaking of tall natural winds, many households will feel the natural home to home to tend to the wind and sometimes big too far (especially in windy areas and so on spring and winter seasons), and later high-level air is not as imagined fresh, large and small chimneys almost surrounds the city, 30 meters above the inevitable build-up from hazardous substances.

8-11 layer is the so-called environmental studies on the dust layer, dust in the air, harmful substances in this highly to stay the course there is in fact due to "canyon effect" ( "canyon effect" refers to the main road surrounded by public transport or factory, as well as intensive residential high-rise), in the street under the action of wind, the air containing dust is not a smooth move, but in high-rise to a range between the upper and lower "wandering." With the air of pollutants near the ground rises to a certain height then dissipated downward or horizontal direction. The "height", about 30 meters. That is, 8-11 layers. Right now a lot of plot-intensive areas in the middle of high-rise housing there is a "high-density areas of pollutants." To put it plainly, these buildings, the dust will stay between 8-11 floor In the meantime, in this process, residents will work with the dust, "fate" for some time and then "goodbye." And where exactly is the noisy space, many consumers may think that reside in high-rise buildings will be able to "away from the hubbub," Who would have thought, the real vehicle noise on the first floor to listen to than to hear the real in the 8-14 level.

This is because the sonic line with the number of the trees and buildings. Sound transmission is usually the shortest route, and sometimes hear the same car trunk on top of the noisy sound, the original, and sometimes the sound will be free to go up until the high-level windows. Three-dimensional sound is transmitted, up no less than to the weak side, top floor of the acoustic waves received lower than the floor, with a little room. Low floors because of the low-rise buildings and by the surrounding trees and other objects of the stopper and the absorption of the relatively less noise, a factor in the choice of residential premises can not be ignored.
Another high-rise residents of the enemy is invisible electromagnetic radiation. Speaking of electromagnetic radiation, even few people can understand. Reinforced concrete structure forced electrical equipment from the house along the wave cycle, a considerable part is going up, until the top. Therefore, frequent headaches, or high-rise residents in a bad mood.

In addition, with increasing high-rise buildings, in order to meet their water needs, the construction of secondary water supply facilities also will be increasing. Commonly referred to as the secondary drinking water supply is a secondary water supply for short, is indirectly through the secondary water supply facilities, the supply of drinking water to the user. Secondary water supply facilities including drinking water for the protection of life and set high, medium and low reservoir and its associated piping, valves, pump units, frequency, pressure tank and other facilities. Due to the secondary water supply is "water - pipe network - secondary water supply facilities - user" link in the process of relatively open compared to municipal water pipe network more vulnerable to pollution, pond (box) If it is not regularly cleaned and disinfected, or mismanagement, the water quality is likely to cause secondary pollution.

According to reports, there are some residential roof cisterns and water tanks for many years no one management, health status of worrying, and some reservoirs and water tanks covered with moss, and some pools do not cover due to the long, falling into a lot of insects, Maintenance fees are also not a small sum of expenditure. The normal operation and maintenance of equipment should entice the owners. So, in general these layers will not be buying a lot of experts, the second water supply, secondary pollution, the second money.

Affected by the impact of attraction center of the earth, mankind has always felt close to the earth a kind of "Down to Earth" feeling, a sense of security, while in the air, high-rise buildings will have an unstable feeling, coupled with high-rise buildings itself, there will be a certain degree of oscillating nature of this sensitive if people plus some old traditional concepts, to make it easier to produce a psychological effect uneasy. At the same time, due to the high altitude thin air than the lower, oxygen decreased, attractive center of the earth have also been reduced, and the symptoms of patients suffering from really are not suitable for the office, especially those who suffer from chronic bronchitis, heart disease, angina pectoris, cerebral and visceral lesions in patients who have a long life at high altitude detrimental to the development of their illness are likely to be worse.
On the other hand, long-term high-rise living in the people particularly the elderly, would produce a certain non-secure mental, or even the nightmare of terrorist attacks lead to insomnia, as well as flu. The long-term changes in these psychological factors may lead to changes in physiological factors, thereby increasing the patient's condition so that the elderly who live in high-level of the unfavorable factors still at stake.

Especially if the kids want to grow up healthily, do not live in the floors above the sixth floor, the window environment is very important, reside in high-level, all day face a brick wall, can cause their children to themselves and not help the world's hostility .

Taking all factors, the small high-level best not to select more than sixth floor. The sixth floor of the best, and then followed by the fifth floor, fourth floor, second floor, third floor, seventh floor, eighth, ninth floor, ... ... on the first floor of lead (usually suspended in 2 m or less) such as heavy metals build-up, in fact, the elderly also will suffer.

Ideal for residential standard is: no more than the sixth floor of the house, surrounded by beautiful nature, one side is a park, one side is Xiushui, trees and water are excellent filters, to prevent dust through. However, such an ideal home to get really hard ah. If you can see mountains, forests, lived to be the high point of the visual enjoyment, the expense of what else is worth it, if only to see the only "concrete jungle", it would avoid the bar, in addition to meet about "lofty" in vanity, the other can do so what? !

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