Saturday, January 16, 2010

Computers are most easy to get the nine diseases

White-collar workers busy at work all day, like clockwork on the string, it is difficult to break down. For your body irregularities that occur from time to time, often turn a blind eye.

Professional of the modern woman is encompassed by the domestication of a career. Thus, health is ignored, the end has also affected the work!

Here, I have to remind them of the office workers are busy networking, we should pay attention to their health, be careful the following diseases:

One, headaches and headache is not a trivial matter

Symptoms: Head pain often hop hop manner, or seemed to have something tied around her head, wringing pain, accompanied by vertigo.

Reason: the work of Yongyanguodu, long focus on the screen, lack of sleep, stress too much, etc. all contribute to the direct cause of headache. In addition, the posture is not correct, the pace of work stress and sleep too much may trigger a headache.

Solution: relax and body at times, close your eyes or to do some simple stretching exercise outdoors. Open the windows for ventilation, or to leave the desk, wearing headphones listening to music. Do not eat indiscriminantly headaches with painkillers, it will only make people feel pain becomes dull, damage the brain nerves, but not solve the fundamental problems.

2, neck, shoulder pain

Symptoms: stiff neck, shoulders Suanma, spiritual malaise.

Reasons: low physical activity and heavy pressure to make muscle tension, blood gas to run bad, congestion caused by the formation of muscle capillaries.

Solution: When you feel muscle pain, tension, it is better take a bath every day before going to sleep, so that affected area warm. To avoid prolonged use of the same posture, not to let the cold shoulder due to relieve the pressure, make the appropriate exercise and shoulder massage.

3, low back pain

Symptoms: In addition to pain, waist become heavy, swollen, hardened, since can not be serious bed.

Reason: more women than men susceptible to low back pain patients, because female pelvic organs than men within the complex, the spine to bear the burden too heavy, are more prone to low back pain.

Solution: If a minor lower back pain, massage or stretching as long as you can, and take a good rest. If severe lower back pain, can not be strong Anrou, you can bath or spa heaters deposited so that the waist warm and smooth blood flow.

4, eye fatigue

Symptoms: eyes heavy, tingling, unclear at dusk to see the text on the computer screen in a serious condition, will have a feel like vomiting.

Reasons: wearing glasses or contact lenses inappropriate degree of pressure too, the computer screen with the Office of the brightness difference too. In addition, also contribute to dry eyes, tired eyes the main reason, because the tears covering the eye surface, secretion of small, easy to damage the cornea.

Workaround: Avoid the eyes dry, there must be a conscious wink to supplement the tears. Office of the air is too dry, non-corrosive eye drops should be attention to the selection carried out bit by bit.

5, hand, foot paralysis

Symptoms: no feeling or tingling hands and feet have become, in air-conditioned room, the situation is more serious.

Reason: cause muscle tension.

Solution: Note that the height of chairs and tables, high chairs can be transferred to your hands naturally rely on the height of the table, hands and feet should be avoided directly affected by the wind.

6, chronic gastritis

Symptoms: no appetite, nausea, eating before and after that stomach sink.

Reason: under immense pressure, lack of sleep, eat too much.

Solution: eat moderate stomach and full attention to rest.

Pay attention to strengthening prevention: 1) to mull over their food; 2) is not a partial eclipse, absorb nutrients; 3) reduce pressure; 4) to avoid mental stress; 5) of tobacco and alcohol.

7, constipation

Symptoms: If 2 ~ 3 days without stool, but did not feel sick, this is not constipation; if only one day there is no stool, but felt unwell, and this is constipation.

Reason: more women than men easy to constipation. Constipation can cause rough skin, feelings of irritability, but also prone to hemorrhoids, it should be resolved promptly. Young women suffering from this disease, as long as you can to change their lifestyles.

Settlement and prevention methods: 1) Eat more vegetables, absorption of dietary fiber; 2), skipping to exercise abdominal muscles to help defecation; 3) every morning to drink a glass of water or light brine helps gastrointestinal metabolism, and eating breakfast after going to keep into the toilet habits, and pay attention to the regularity of life.

8, chronic diarrhea

Symptoms: fever, body weight continued to decline.

Cause: stress is an important reason leading to diarrhea.

Solution: If the diarrhea continues, may lead to dehydration. So, should drink plenty of water to supplement water. Note that not drink cold water, and appropriate eating antidiarrheal drugs. Eat or not eat fried, greasy food.

9, ulcer

Symptoms: stomach ulcer - easy fatigue, chest pain, vomiting blood, stool bleeding. Duodenal ulcer - hungry stomach pain, vomiting.

Reasons: the pressure weight, eating without regular quantity.

Solution: make proper arrangements for their own lives, time quantitative feeding, actively cooperate with the doctors to guide treatment, to maintain ease of mind.

These are just IT personnel self-care knowledge, if the symptoms can not be relieved, need to resort to a doctor as soon as possible

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