Friday, January 22, 2010

Six patients in the room of ancient law of sex

Music while festival, which is ancient in the surgery room, on the highest principles of sexual health and leading ideas. As early as Mawangdui Han Dynasty of silk manuscripts, "health side" on the clearly stated, "there must be saints together men and women may also face." "Is" is "law", elaborate on them is "music while festival, then peaceful Shoukao," the controlled sex life happy and will enable the people calm, health and longevity.
In order to achieve, "while music festival", you must comply with the following six aspects.

First, the nature of things before the event should have a full preparation stage, any of its natural produce. In short, that "obtaining the appropriate action, after the first kidney heart." It emphasizes that sex should take based on the impulse from the heart, and then be implemented according to physical condition.

Second, the couple had intercourse prior to caress each other and play, this is "the first opera and music, in order to attain a sense of God and meaning."

Third, the "men waiting four female designate five levy", which is before the men and women in several states of sexual excitement. It shows that both men and women have been moving passion, heart qi and chi, can be further Huan-ai of the.

Fourth, listening detect-shaped, united to complete. The ancients emphasized that both spouses should be good at observing each other's sexual arousal response and performance, affordable way to make each other can enjoy orgasm.

Fifth, the use of eight benefits, such as governance gas, caused by foam, to know when the build, gas, and Mo, product gas, to be lean, will be dumped; to avoid the seven losses, such as closed, vent, exhaust, do not, trouble, and must, fee. (Explained in greater detail, see "Life Times" No. 244 11 Version)

Sixth, dynamic and less diarrhea, works fine in the plot. Refined gas is considered a great treasure of people, sex, men learn to accumulate Vitality

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