Saturday, January 30, 2010

Taste disorders are the body of the red light

Taste" exception refers to the mouth of people consciously taste abnormalities, such as the mouth sour, bitter mouth, mouth salty, mouth light, etc., it is often when the viscera a manifestation of disease occurs. Thus, taste abnormalities can be used as a basis for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, one. Therapeutic conditioning of taste abnormalities have a certain secondary effects.

I Ham - kidney

Some middle-aged people often feel a salty mouth, as if his mouth like a total his mouth, not fresh salt. Chinese think that this is due to kidney deficiency, caused by body fluid on the pan.

Diet: You can immerse themselves in water with wolfberry fruit drink, when the heavier salty mouth, the mouth with not fresh wolfberry fruit, wolfberry fruit softening to be swallowed after chewing.

I light - weak stomach

Whether to eat delicious meals, or light dishes, always feel uninteresting, even without food when I felt light, this time a good idea to look at the tongue, if the tongue is a thin layer may be hurt the spleen and stomach. When this happens, we should not blindly eating the food to Kouzhong Flavor, nor Dun Dun drink soup, eat vegetarian, because it will add to the two dishes to the extent of weak spleen and stomach.

Diet: Chinese yam, Chinese dates are spleen qi of food, can make a weak spleen and stomach to be nursed back to health, the Chinese yam, jujube 10 grams each, placed in boiling water for half an hour, made of yam jujube drink, drink every day 200 ml to about a week to drink, the situation will get better.

In addition to mouth light, if they feel that the body fatigue, weakness, you can use 10 grams of Agastache rugosa, white Kou Yan 6 grams (post below), Amomum 6 grams (post below), fried Baizhu 12 grams, 15 grams of Health Yiyiren, dried tangerine peel 8 grams, 10 grams Divine Comedy, Hawthorn (saute) 12 grams. Jianfu.

Mouth acid - Food stagnation

Without food hawthorn, plum and other sour foods, but feel in the mouth You Suanwei day, or even to eat sweet and sour foods I still feel that this phenomenon is caused by food stagnation is often said that the product of Chinese food. At this point, is a thick layer of fur, yellow or white.

Diet: You can boil water to drink Hawthorn, Hawthorn is to help digestion, to resolve the plot fresh and very effective in the cheapest food. Hawthorn 30 grams will be adding an appropriate amount of boiled about 20 minutes after meals, taking effect is good.

If you also feel that bloating, you can use JGC 15 grams, 15 grams capillaris, Picrorhiza 5 grams, and light-Wu cornelian cherry 2 g, Poria 10 grams, 12 grams bergamot, Citrus aurantium 8 grams, Qingpi 10 grams, fried clothes.

I suffer - liver and spleen Huosheng

Mouth often feel bitter, take a look at the yellow tongue fur is thin, if so, mostly due to strong anger.

Diet: There are these symptoms of diarrhea anger to use Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Bupleurum 10 grams, 9 grams of Huang Qin, Radix Codonopsis 9 grams, 9 grams of ginger, gentian 9 grams, 9 grams of Pinellia, date 4, licorice 6 grams. Add water to cook into 300 ml, 2 times a day, warm clothing.

In addition, if the gallbladder are bad people who eat a big fish, big meat, he will suffer symptoms of mouth appeared, this time may be gall bladder disease recurrence should be added in time with the medication

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