Wednesday, January 20, 2010

7 kinds of bad habits detrimental to brain health

According to reports, the researchers found that the long-term satiation, hooded sleeping bad habits detrimental to health of the human brain.

  1, long-term satiation:Modern Nutrition study found that eating fullness, the brain known as the 'fibroblasts growth factor' will have more substance. If long-term satiation, then, will inevitably lead to cerebral arteriosclerosis, premature aging brain and mental deterioration occurs and so forth.

People in dealing with the quantity of food, "eating want to eat" is still quite a lot of people's diet requirements, three meals a day are those who drink a lot of people Kuangchi Sea, unrestrained eating people's stomach, intestines, etc. from time to time in the digestive system working state of tension, the internal organs have also been unable to maintain the use of overload.

  2, contempt Breakfast:People do not eat breakfast blood glucose below the normal supply of nutrients to the brain in short supply, Hisayuki harmful to the brain. In addition, the breakfast quality and intellectual development are also closely linked. According to the research, generally for children to eat high-protein breakfast on the best thinking in the classroom generally is relatively extended, while the vegetarian children fell mood and energy relatively fast. Sweet excess: excessive sweets children are often low intelligence.

  3, long-term smoking:German medical scientist studies have shown that perennial non-smoking so that varying degrees of brain tissue showed atrophy, susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease. Because the long-term smoking can cause cerebral arteriosclerosis, the course of time lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, nerve cells in the lesions occur, and subsequent brain atrophy.

  4, lack of sleep:Brain, the primary way to eliminate fatigue, sleep. The long-term lack of sleep or poor quality, it will only speed up the brain cells of the recession, smart people will become very confused.

  5, Shaoyanguayu:The brain has the leaf area solely on the language, often speaking will also promote brain development and function of the brain exercise. Should be some more content-rich, with strong philosophical or logical words. Day quiet, stern of the people do not necessarily smart.

 6, Air pollution:Whole body oxygen consumption of brain is the largest organ, an average of 500-600 liters of oxygen consumed per minute. Only an adequate supply of oxygen can improve the efficiency of the brain. When using the brain, particularly the working environment need to pay attention to air health.

  7 hooded sleeping:As the concentration of carbon dioxide in quilts, oxygen concentration falling for a long time inhaling moist air, the brain is lethal

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