Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nine misconceptions about breast cancer

City high incidence of female breast cancer is a common factor in delayed marriage and childbearing, fewer number of births, shorter breast-feeding time, and fast-disordered city life, which have led to endocrine disorder, induced breast cancer.
Breast cancer is the No. 1 cancer killer of women? Wrong
Not the cause of breast cancer, the largest number of cancer deaths among women, but it is women, the highest incidence of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society data, in the United States, breast cancer incidence rate is about 111/10 10000. China is a traditional low-incidence areas of breast cancer, according to the National Cancer Research Office of Yang Ling and others studies, in 2005, China's women with breast cancer incidence rate 24.8/10 million, ranking first in various types of cancer and lead to 48164 people死亡. Even more frightening is that from 2000 to 2005, China's incidence of breast cancer increased by 38.5%, and the momentum rapidly.
Breast cancer is a genetic disease? Wrong
The pathogenesis of breast cancer is still not clear. However, scientists have discovered two genes associated with breast cancer: BRCA1 and BRCA2. These two genes mutated women, 40% to 80% of the risk of breast cancer, but another 20-60% can not use genetic records to explain, 80% of breast cancer, and there is no clear family history records. So, even if you do not breast cancer, family history, it must never be taken lightly. Meanwhile, those who have a family history of women, should be more close attention to their breasts.
Breast cancer patients is a woman? Wrong
While the majority of men is concerned, only the fault of the breast to give him trouble during adolescence had a breast hyperplasia (I believe that many men have had such an experience). However, according to some studies, the incidence of male breast cancer is about (0.85 ~ 1.30) / 100,000. Because male breast fat tissue less likely violation of subcutaneous lymphatic cancer network, a very high fatality rate, the United States in 2005, 460 men died from breast cancer. So, fellow men, were also changes in their breasts should not be taken lightly.
The use of antiperspirants can cause breast cancer? Wrong
There is no evidence to prove the use of underarm deodorant or to reduce the secretion of sweat can lead to increased incidence of breast cancer. This argument may be derived from people's lack of knowledge of anatomy, or from the mouth of some unhealthy skeptic.
Taking birth control pills can cause breast cancer? Wrong
A large number of studies (for example, Marchbanks2002 published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" of the survey) indicate that oral contraceptives do not increase women's likelihood of developing breast cancer, but there is a family history of breast cancer, women should pay attention to the small increase in risk. Modern oral contraceptives contain only very low doses of hormones, but women taking oral contraceptives contribute to conditioning the menstrual cycle, reduce ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer incidence rates, reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis. Like with any other drugs, taking oral contraceptives, we should, where appropriate, the pros and cons.
Breast self-test is the most effective means of early diagnosis? Wrong
Breast X-ray examination, especially for recent mammography camera inspection is the most reliable means of early diagnosis of breast cancer. Fingers that can sense the 1.5 centimeters size of the tumor, while the X-ray can be found less than 0.5 centimeters of the tumor, and determine its nature. For the breast self can not exaggerate its effectiveness. Guide to the U.S. early diagnosis of cancer from 2005 onwards will no longer recommend breast self-test as a method of early diagnosis of breast cancer. Experts recommend women over 35 years of age, should be conducted every 18 months, a professional breast examination, including X-ray inspection and palpation of professional doctors. The busy life of those who have family history and hypertension in women, experts suggest starting at age 30.
High fat diet can lead to breast cancer? Wrong
Several large-scale studies have not given high fat diet and breast cancer, increased incidence of a clear link between. However, the refusal to high-fat foods is indeed a wise choice, especially if you are already overweight so. Indeed, obesity can increase the incidence of breast cancer because the fat tissue may secrete estrogen, excess body fat will increase the body's estrogen level, which is the incidence of breast cancer risk factors.
Breast cancer medical certificate is equivalent to death sentence? Wrong
80% of breast cancer diagnosed no transfer of medical records, five-year survival in these patients up to 80%, and some patients after treatment with high quality of life for many years. Even those who have breast cancer metastasis, or you can continue to live a long time. In particular the treatment of breast cancer with each passing day, as long as soon as possible to find that breast cancer does not mean the end of life.
Treatment of breast cancer is equal to mastectomy? Wrong
A variety of breast cancer treatment, more than half of the patients to receive breast-conserving treatment, even if removal of the breast, does not necessarily require total removal of the breast, there are a lot of surgery can be a means to preserve the appearance of the breast, which can be largely reduced in patients with mental pressure.

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