Sunday, January 10, 2010

Be careful of fat on his waist, Di Yaoku Blame

Low-cut jeans wear a lot of people's preferences, popular and sexy, but now you had better pay attention, and recently found many people, due to wearing low-cut jeans, causing upper abdominal body ...

Low-waist jeans sexy exposing Xiao Manyao good, but doctors advise wearing Di Yaoku issue could be a lot! The upper edge of pubic hair known as the "bikini line", waists, bikini line if closer, the more easily lead to double-waist and fat displacement, low-cut jeans wear compression-style law, it is easy for the pelvis above the pubic bone below the blood of intra-abdominal site cycle variation, skin allergies, constipation and other symptoms of metabolic syndrome, or because of the large intestine moving space for smaller disease leading to intestinal dryness, and some combined gastroesophageal reflux and other symptoms.

Low-waist jeans to wear for a long time, easily lead to upward displacement of fat, resulting in swimming circle upper body. Because Di Yaoku is stuck in the lower abdomen above, near the bone near the belly pants is not jammed, it often makes the waistline has increased but not realizing it.

Po stomach after long-wearing low-cut jeans, after squeezing the result, in addition to make up displacement of abdominal fat, abdominal fat will be forced to push up, resulting in fat piling up, resulting in two rounds of abdominal fat. Di Yaoku not only for fat people, thin people do not fit, because the thin people relative prominence of the pelvis, wearing tight-fitting Diyao Ku, the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve may be reined in, Ma prone lateral thigh pain, touched the skin near the pelvis, it will feel as if I were electric power to the hemp-like pain.

Whether male or female, to wear low-cut jeans, it is recommended to reduce wear of time, do not wear too tight, lest affect the blood circulation. After Di Yaoku off to change into loose clothing, but also raise the legs, inverted to improve the symptoms.

Physician reminder, pop can drive, but to operate within their means for so as not to jump on the bandwagon and Peidiao health, it too had more losses than gains

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