Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let men cherish a lifetime of seven kinds of women

A lady asked, how can a woman let a man will cherish for life? In the end is how such a woman look like?

Yes ah, make a man a woman will treasure for life, and makes you figure there are seven kinds of, first, honest and clean woman; second is responsible woman; Thirdly, it is thought a woman; Fourth, a man loves a woman is also loved by her parents ; five have their own space, but also enough space for a woman to a man; 6 is the very hall, the next was a woman of the kitchen; 7 is truly love you, woman.

The men, when you come across a woman possessing the above characteristics, please be properly you treasure her.

Of course, the seven kinds of features are not necessarily at the same time showing, but also not necessarily be considered to have all the characteristics of satisfaction, as long as you pick, you are most concerned about 3:00 characteristics, as long as she meets the 3 points, she is your most worthy of a lifetime to treasure people.

Women, you should try to persuade ourselves to become such a woman of the ... ...

1, can be honest and clean woman.

In the present era of such a fast-paced, one-night stand has been treated as an alternative fashion. People in the end what is required, just physical needs?

Were higher than the animals as a level of biological, should not be with the development of the times has evolved to such a degree. A good woman like a man in the face of their own, they should be the first to get along with the suitability of their future understanding of each other, with the deepening of the feelings which go with the flow of the place.

A casual and men go to bed on a woman, how can a man who dared to marry such a woman you home? ? ?

So, when you come across honest and clean woman, it should be properly grasp, went so far as this woman had more than too few.

2, there are social and family responsibility of women.

In modern society, to become only the stress that men have a sense of the times, in fact, a woman should also have a sense of responsibility.

Many women is to the right, in order to profit, for the money, in order to influence, on and men together, to become mistress milk 5 4 3 dairy milk. What is more, even a female college students online statement, preferring to give the rich and powerful men when the three milk 4 milk, do not want to return to the past life of poverty!

Many female university students during the school had become a rich man's mistress three milk! They just take the emotional and physical, as the exchange of their own think of a tool.

This woman, this can be for certain things, and with you, then another day will be in order to get something else and leave you.

Such an irresponsible women, men, do you dare to do wife? Good woman, should be on their own have a sense of responsibility to others in terms of money before it self-control.

3, there is an ideal vision of a woman thought.

Growing pressure of modern society, men expatriate lifestyle, in fact, has been suffering from a lot of great pressure. A thoughtful woman, should be able to share some of the pressure for men at least can have their own career and life values, rather than blindly attached to the man.

Women in society and pressure of life, the learned a lot, so that their own life experiences of more mature, there is flavor, and more strong and courageous.

Ideal vision of thoughtful woman, in terms of money before it self-control. Yes, who does not love money, ah, but do not have money, there is everything. Have money, you can buy true love do?

Feelings and marriage, if only based on money depend on to live do? When the wealth is not the time, she also followed gone. Therefore, the ideal of thinking woman aspiring to understand what they have to, rather than to chase fame and fortune and money.

4, love men to love their own woman.

Do not love their own women, men do not love you. Many women in love in love in order to pay a lot of people, but ignored their existence, at the end of the men deserted in return.

A certain sense, the men's change of heart is a woman used to come to. Men are always curious about, and no amount of love to the last man will feel it should be time for a long time will not treasure.

Therefore, the wise woman is his first love and cherish your body, love their looks, constantly update the changes in their external, so that a man had been interested in their own right. Encountered such women, men do not want to hurt row.

5, have their own space and also enough space for a man woman.

Such women have their own friends, when not happy when a friend can talk, not necessarily put their own troubles are throwing their own the other half, is the so-called spectators.

Also has its own heterosexual friends, but she is very clear, and his relationship, do not you worry, she will be very clear grasp of boundaries. She will give you enough space, you have your freedom, and she trust you. The career support you.

 6, going on to get the living room was the kitchen the next woman.

Although the old tune, but for the development regardless of how societies, men still want their wife out is glamorous, the home will have a table after the delicious meals.

However, for women who want to do this is very easy. Therefore, women refueling bar! Such women are very concerned about you, look after you. Of course, the time away will give enough respect.

7, with the woman who truly love you, man.

She is not necessarily the most beautiful woman, not necessarily the most cultured, and not necessarily the most intelligent, but he must be your favorite. You are sick she will take care of you when Shouhou; in trouble when you listen to you vent your complaint, give you encouragement; in when you need her to your selfless care, and the greatest help. Perhaps she had a little nagging, may be it is because love you!

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