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After the three-year-old woman to keep the secret of youth

After the three-year-old woman to keep the secret of youth(2008-04-08 07:17:42)
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A woman over a 30-year-old girl had been no tender, to the peak of physical development, but also to the golden age of life. But the irresistible law of nature - have begun to patronize their aging body: the face began to wrinkle, the body slowly Fa-Fu, the skin becomes rough, and his face has slowly lost its apple-like pink, the body began to appear that do not co-ordination. Particularly, some had three-year-old is at the peak of the cause of women, work pressure, too much pressure can easily make the body produce too many free radicals, which radicals are often an important reason leading to aging body; because they were busy, very little time for outdoor exercise is easy to Fa-Fu. The cosmetics only serve to mask facial wrinkles, once the remover, but accelerated the aging process. How can we really slow down aging body, and maintain the youthful glow dynamic?

1. Adhere to the scientific and reasonable diet:

1. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits: fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and trace elements, in particular the timely removal of free radicals lead to aging of vitamin E and C;

2. Calcium: insist on drinking a glass of milk a day, both to enhance physical fitness but also calcium;

3. Drink boiled water: Water is one of the human body essential nutrients, drinking 1-2 liters of water a day, the body can maintain the vitality of the skin can also tender Run;

4. Eat breakfast: It is recommended an appropriate consumption of foodstuffs containing high quality protein breakfast foods, do not refuse to eat eggs, breakfast is best to eat an egg.

二. Prevention of body fat fu suggestions:

Adhere to the appropriate physical exercise: Outdoor exercise can keep fit but also anti-aging, but also to prevent the body fat fu, should stick to 2 hours a day exercise.

三. To ensure adequate sleep:

Adequate sleep may be to eliminate fatigue and resume physical strength, reduce facial wrinkles.

四. Promptly remove toxins from the body:

1. Clear lungs toxins: Every morning and evening before going to sleep, to the fresh outdoor air at and do deep breathing exercise;

2. Removal of blood endotoxin: the human body, such as free radicals can not be discharged in time will produce damage to normal cells, leading to aging, multi-eat foods containing antioxidants may be removed in time blood free radicals; in the blood will have all kinds of garbage every day, if not timely and clear, not only will speed up the aging body, but also lead to high blood lipids, high blood pressure.

3. Remove intestinal toxins: toxin feces are more part of our daily eat junk food, part of the refuse generated within the gut to keep the stool can also be smooth either detoxification beauty.

五. Maintain the mentality of balance:

Maintain a balanced and optimistic, cheerful state of mind, to maximize the mobilization of the body hormones, can enhance the body's immune system and can slow down aging

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