Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quest for the ideal city to live a high degree of healthy

In Europe, living in the six-floor and above are considered harmful to health; in the U.S., high-rise residential housing prices cheaper than in the lower half; in Russia, first floor fall from grace ... ... in fact, each floor has its own micro-climate. Different floors, the impact on our lives are also different.

Recently, Russia's "Science and Life" published an article exploring a high degree of human beings to live a reasonable question. From the first floor to the third floor, people are living in the canopy, under very close from the ground, often able to beat the windows to listen to the tree --- to say that the psychological comfort, here is the best: the reality of contact with the outside world, do not Look down people. But close to the ground less than life: slow air circulation, air ventilation blocked, shadows and humidity increase, was seriously polluted. Because cars and asphalt roads to make the air full of formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen ... ... at least 200 meters away from the car trunk road be considered safe. Most people believe that on the third floor is the ideal, but rather it is assembled here, a large number of hazardous substances. The fifth floor is much less harmful substances, as they began to sink or dissipate the horizontal direction.

Well, is not the higher the better? High-level clean air, noise is also less, but the scene is also very beautiful. However, urban ecologists thought that, living floors should not exceed the sixth floor. For high-level air is not as you think it is fresh, large and small chimneys almost surrounds the city, 30 meters above the inevitable build-up from hazardous substances. Psychologists and ecologists believe that if you want the healthy growth of children, do not live in the floors above the sixth floor, the window environment is very important. Reside in high-level, all day face a brick wall, can cause their children to themselves and the world involuntary hostility.

Ideal for residential standard is: no more than the sixth floor of the house, naturally beautiful, one side is a park, on the other side is Silk. Trees and water are excellent filters, to prevent dust through. Another high-rise residents of the enemy is invisible electromagnetic radiation. Reinforced concrete structure forced electrical equipment from the house along the wave cycle, a considerable part is going up, until the top. Therefore, frequent headaches, or high-rise residents in a bad mood. Living in the first floor is often affected by noise. In fact, living in the 20 floor is hard to avoid the noise. Sound transmission is usually the shortest route, but sometimes also heard the car trunk on top of the noise. It turned out that the line with the sound of trees and buildings much information. Sometimes, the sound can not reach high-level windows, they are free to go up. This factor in the choice of residential premises can not be ignored

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