Monday, February 22, 2010

Keyboarding most vulnerable to injury ear noise

British study found that brake the sound of elevator sound, keyboarding sound of acoustic noise is the most easily overlooked noise sources are hazardous to health.

GermanyDoctorsRobert Koch had predicted: "Sooner or later one day, in order to survive, humanity will have to struggle with the noise, like dealing withCholeraAnd the plague did. "From" New Scientist "report once again sounded the alarm. The report pointed out that noise pollution has long been directly or indirectly, undermine people's health. Audiology at University College London, Professor Deepak and even said that the premature death also noise.

Latest statistics show that 2% of Europeans suffer from noise pollution and persistent nightmares, at least 15% of people said they worry not stand the noise. This, the Chinese Center for Disease Control environment and health-related product safety director of Gold and Silver Long pointed out that the noise would affect the nervous system, resulting inInsomniaA trance, in addition, may also cause high blood pressure, weakened immunity, as well as hearing loss.

"European Night noise guidelines" put forth a noise exposure limit, such as cardiovascular disease limits long-term in the night to accept a 50-decibel noise; the negative impact on children's learning is 55 dB; general interference with only 35 dB. If long-term exposure above 90 decibels of sound, may cause some degree of hearing loss. According to reports, roughly 55 decibels in the noise of busy restaurant, while 75 decibels is the equivalent of busy blocks noise.

In addition, the experts also pointed out that many of life could easily be overlooked source of noise.

Electric cars or car brake sound. This noise generally will outpace the 90 decibels, so it is best not to apply the brake.

Elevators, etc. issued by the low-frequency noise. That frequency sounds below 500 Hz, such as elevators, water pumps, boiler noise. It can reach ear bones may lead to sympathetic nervous and trigger heart palpitations, high blood pressure and so on.

Open-office keyboarding, telephone voice. United States Environmental Analysis at Cornell University professor Gary Evans said that in the open-plan office, even as the conversation, tap the keyboard, phone ring tones so the noise will be slightly negative impact on health.

Neighbor's noise sound. Office for National Statistics figures show that over the past 20 years, residents in the amount of noise complaints turned over 5 times.

Order to reduce noise pollution, countries have introduced some measures. When renting an apartment in Switzerland, after 10 pm are not allowed to shower; the United States, New York and even the provisions of domesticated dog at night can only call five minutes during the day and can only be called 10 minutes. In addition, the experts pointed out that if there is ringing in the ears, earache, answer the telephone or unconsciously, tend to use the side of the ear, often heard when such issues do not know anyone else speak, in respect of attention and timely examination and treatment.

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