Friday, February 5, 2010

A happy little woman love Thirty-Six Stratagems

The requirements of boys to girls too many Ouxiang for a long time to be a little woman could only write about the insights gained ~ ~
First count: whether Chishimehao eating, say: "You eat one, you do not eat I will not eat." He would pat your head and said: "Baby you eat!"
The second count: pull his hand, telling him holding his hand and there will be special and happy feelings. If he is embarrassed, said: "Executive sub-hands, and sub-long marriage," we are speaking to you.
3rd Total: he went to play when the time is necessary to take a serious stand there, and then after the end He said: "You have just spent that pitching is really handsome," but also the other way, he said that handsome guy disdain: "How can you beat him Well! is simply a telephone pole, it would not pass ... ..." (although just opposite the handsome guy you have been drooling) Of course, if another ready to drink a bottle of his favorite it perfect.
The fourth count: Work must also remember to call when the busy text messaging with him Sasa-chiao, and then, when he was concerned about the distressed, and a look so rightly says: "Do not worry, I will earn money to support you!" Absolutely the He laughable!
5th Total: climbing a mountain, when there are other boys back to see his girlfriend, even if tired, do not say: "You see people! I have to carry!" It was apt to give him the feeling, coming together of two surfaces of difficulty is not better? If he voluntarily, but also said: "I want to go with you."
6th Total: let him give you an umbrella, and then Accompanied by his arm. But do not let him give you Tizhuo Da bags walking in behind you.
Seventh count: If the face is the time to eat, and if he laugh at you, they Yang Qilian let him rub on it, to taste the feeling of being loved.
8th Total: Naozhe want to eat his meals, and told him so particularly tasty!
9th dollars: when the snow wear thick as a bear, and then in front of him popping into the hands of frozen red into his pocket.
10th-total: ready to tissues, to help him wipe their sweat.
11th Total: watching movie, if it is horror articles, if not afraid to have to put on a little afraid of appearance, to his arms drill, so that his "conspiracy" to succeed once.
12th-total: his friends and buddies to be warm, to participate in a gathering of their brothers to make their own打扮得漂亮elegance in their boys to play the game, do not show impatience, we should happily listening, occasionally ask questions. But do not are related to each of its meetings to give he and his friends were leaving a little boys room.
13th count: Like asking him to learn like you to know him, and try to understand basketball, football and computer games. Imagine if you and he talks about NBA, he will be pleasantly surprised and proud of how much!
14th Total: go overseas business trip, he brought a gift to give. Although he never asked, but you will find that those who do not worthless, he would tie clip, craft purse treasure.
15th count: and friends together, also take the initiative to issue him with text messages to share your joy at the same time tell him you want to share with him.
16th Total: holding a small fist, threatening him to allow him to replace your bank card password birthday, but never say in how much money he was Cary.
17th Total: busy time, tell him you are busy busy, but the occasional idle, ran to see him and let him surprised.
18th Total: occasionally send text messages in the middle of the night to give him that little bit afraid to hear his voice to fall asleep. If he did not back then that he had fallen asleep, do not call harassed.
19th count: If he does not care what you send to lose, and his downcast confess to you, we must forgive him, after a little angry. Do not Buyiburao. (A little angry is necessary, otherwise he will think that you do not attach importance to send him something)
20th count: There are men chasing you, to tell him. Then tell him how much you love him. While the boys that well, but you will also firm like him. (Whether determined to be verified, but once you have made up their minds, or he is good, so that all the good boys are not mentioned again in front of him)
21st count: Give him to buy men's skin care products, even if he is not known, the next date you will find that his body seemed to have a little male fragrance.
22nd count: In his trouble to help him when matters of rational analysis, advice and suggestions, give him confidence. Smart woman when a man proud to remind him of the weaknesses in the inferiority complex when a man told him that he was the best. Stupid woman when a man proud of his flattering, in a time when a man frustrated over and over again to remind him that a lot of things he has done wrong.
23rd Total: Dating After going home, we should reluctant to part with, and occasionally walk a longer distance of the saw he was still in situ, and ran in the past to give him a hug.
24th count: Do not play the game in his time the lessons of the side Laolaodaotao him, but in his eyes and pain from time to kick down the thin one side to give him massages, while painful that tone of blame him for heart
25th Total: stomach pain from time to let him give you cover their hands, telling him that his hand is the world's most warm!
26th count: Give him when washing smelly socks, but also accompanied by extremely painful expression.
27th Total: heavy stuff left him to mention, not trying to flaunt themselves. Instead, he will feel so lost face. However, its power, or their own bag to mention, he is your boyfriend / husband, not your slave.
28th count: Even if do not believe in gods, but also to the gods wish you would with permanence.
29th count: more than reading, watching news, and his time talking to him that you are a talented woman, rather than a belly of gossip.
30th-total: to give him playing time, but must be controlled. Agreed at the outset how long fun, and if he played Earned dripping need to delay, we should put on some angry look, and then repeated his plea, the give him a little bit small concessions. He would most grateful for your open-minded.

31st count: Learn jealous, jealous that a woman's life to keep on learning ability. Do not think you are pretending to look like a great degree, he will thank you. Eileen Chang is a good example of Hulan Cheng said: "I think that I went to prostitutes, and Ai-ling, will forgive me." It is this forgiveness, so he finally left.
32nd Total: No matter how much you hate him that Hupenggouyou must demonstrate in front of them enthusiastic hostess style. If that person really can not get along with, but also in some subtle put to him afterwards and say why. His friends need help, to be enthusiastic to help them, but also pay attention to help him grasp the scale.
33rd count: a strong demand that he put your picture on the wallet!
34th count: Tell him your greatest wish is that he will always be happy.
35th count: Learning to cry. This is also a woman's life to learn skills. The appropriate tears his pity, but he's fed up too many tears. When the strong show of your independence and strong.
36th count: Finally, we must love him, love him sincere

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