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Skincare soup seven women

Day at home, drink a bowl of delicious and nutritious soup, the mood became very comfortable and happy feeling overflowing throughout the atrium. What's more, the delicious soup does have the effect of cosmetic beauty. Now, come take a look at the following which several delicious taste, beauty is not the weak efficacy of the production method of beauty soup and let you easily drink a healthy beautiful appearance.

  Black bean pork ribs soup Sydney

Black beans and soy are both one, but the skin is black, containing anthocyanins, is a good source of antioxidants; is also rich in vitamin E, is also an antioxidant, can eliminate free radicals, reduce wrinkles and preserve our youth fitness . Therefore, a good black beans women beauty beauty products. Black beans and Sydney, ribs soup, eat it regularly can effectively improve dull dull complexion, pigmentation, oily black eye and facial flushing, acne and other skin problems.

Material: Sydney two big bowl of black beans, ribs 500 grams, ginger 3, 8 bowls of water


1, black beans washed, soaked with water 2-3 hours;

2, Sydney Wash peeled to the core, each cut 4;

3, medlar wash slightly immersion;

4, ribs Wash chopped up into pieces, boil water, picked up rinse;

5, boiling water, put all the materials, large heat and simmer 20 minutes, turn a small fire burning and a half hours, the next salt consumption.

  Fresh bananas stewed white fungus dried lily

Eat more potassium inFood, Such as bananas, kelp, etc. can make a person energetic, can effectively inhibit sleepy. Fresh lily in white fungus soup banana stew, there is Kuanxiong Qi, in addition to the role of trapped recover from fatigue, and even into the drink sweet soup is very good.

Material: fresh lily 120 grams, 15 grams of dried white fungus, wolfberry fruit 5 grams, banana 2, 100 grams of crystal sugar


1, the objects were washed, soaked Tremella remove stalks torn small duo;

2, banana slice, white fungus under Dunzhong;

3, just add water 1000 ml (4 bowls volume), capped Ge Shuidun and a half hours;

4, and then into the lily, bananas and rock sugar, half an hour will be stamped with Ge Shuidun.

  Ziyin Qingrun Harbor coconut chicken pot lily

Coconut is the province of Hong Kong Harbor area is very popular soup material, non-governmental think that it has lungs and cough, Ziyin addition to dry and so on.

Harbor coconut often with Lily, American ginseng, Chinese caterpillar fungus flowers, bamboo sewing chicken, crocodile meat is equallyMoistureQi of the ingredients together soup, water, cold does not dry, Ziyin Qingrun, Qingxin soothe the nerves,MoisturizingBeauty.

Materials: 1 chicken, candied 3, submarine coconut (dry) 30 grams, ginger 3, water, 8 bowls, and Lily (dry) 20 grams


1, submarine, and lily coconut washed with water soak 1 hour;

2, wash a good chicken slaughter, stripped of the oil block, chopped up into pieces, boil water, picked up;

3, slightly candied dates rinse;

4, boiling water, put all the materials, large heat and simmer 20 minutes, turn a small fire burning and a half hours, the next salt can be eaten.

  Papaya soup hairtail spy

Papaya has been highly recommended hairtail breast food, other than the breast, papaya, and octopus are extremely rich in nutrients, are quite good therapeutic effects of ingredients, both can be braised, roasting, stewing, of course, can also be soup, soup Cameo White taste Qingrun. Shu lungs and spleen, Liver and blood, Ze Yang skin hair, breast prolactin.

Materials: 300 grams of octopus, black fungus (dry) 15 grams, ribs 3D0 grams, 300 grams of papaya, ginger and 3, eight bowls of water


1, papaya peeled and washed, cut open seeded, diced;

2, black fungus clean, use warm water soft, remove stalks, torn to the size of a moderate block;

3, ribs clean cuts, boil water, picked up;

4, octopus washed abdominal black film must be Guajing, drain water, cut 5 cm pieces. Put two tablespoons of wok oil, heat until the oil till the Qi Cheng, the next block and ginger hairtail, small shovel from the fire Jianzhi yellowish sides;

5, boiling water, release of all materials, Wu simmer for 20 minutes, transfer to burn a slow fire for half an hour, the next you can taste salt.

 Sesame Chicken Soup Wu

Many girls will appear from time to time due to physiological causes of anemia. Without proper conditioning, year after year in the accumulated result in pale, brown hair, and other symptoms. This soup Zi Yang Shen liver, blood and hair, beneficial shrewd eyes, can be used for physical conditioning period only. Black sesame soup Fang of crude fiber than white sesame seeds, calcium, iron content is higher, better.

Material: Fresh black-bone chicken 1, 100 grams of lean meat, black sesame seeds 100 grams, 50 grams medlar, to the nuclear jujube 3, 2 candied ginger pieces 2


1, fresh black-bone chicken cleaned chopped boil water stand-by;

2, black sesame low heat saute inactive;

3, wolfberry fruit, lost nuclear dates, candied, ginger pieces washed inactive;

4, with 8 clever bowl, add all ingredients, using Wu Huo burn for 10 minutes and then change to slow fire to burn 150 minutes, seasoning with salt preference can be.

  Motherwort pot black fungus

Motherwort pot black fungus soup cold intrusion prevention and treatment of women, blood stagnate leading to abdominal pain by the Bank, one of the auxiliary therapeutic, it can pass through the rolling nourishing. If the winter, cold hands and feet were often placed in Guizhi 10 grams, fresh Motherwort black fungus soup is also a Summer Liang Su-soup.

Material: Motherwort 30 grams, 25 grams of black fungus, red dates three, ginger, 3


1, the objects were washed, Motherwort, black fungus slightly immersion;

2, red dates to go nuclear, together with the ginger into the cooker, the adding of water 750 milliliters (5 bowl volume);

3, Wuhuogunfei, the change burning a slow fire for half an hour can be transferred to an appropriate salt.

  Apple's thin seaweed soup

Apple has been known as the "full range of healthy fruit," contains a variety of vitamins and acids, malic acid may be metabolic heat, to prevent, the upper body obese, apples are rich in vitamins, with Sheng Jin, lungs, spleen, Yiwei , the raising of heart, Jieshu and hangover effects such as: kelp can contain a variety of minerals, is extremely rich in iodine content, in addition to calcium deficiency prevention and treatment of human things, its rich dietary fiber in the diet help to lose weight during the eat kelp.

Material: lean meat 250g, Apple 2, seaweed 100g, candied 2-3

Practice: 1, lean wash water after the boil for a short stand-by; 2, kelp soaked wash, cut into wide silk READY; 3, Apple to the core wash stand-by; 4, with 6 clever bowl, add all the materials , Wu Huo boil for 10 minutes, and then slow fire to burn 1.5 hours later according to taste with salt can be

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