Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life should not discard the "good" nutrition

People's lives become increasingly sophisticated, especially diet. The oranges pressed into juice, the soy milk beaten into thin minced fish balls made, in fact, that people "Qucuqujing" in the process, many important nutrients also will be lost. All you need to learn a simple recipe for, we can firmly retain these good nutrition.

  Pork skin, Women most in need of eating. Many people think that, throw pork skin and fat, eat only lean meat is the most healthy. In fact, "contains a very rich pork skin collagen, and fat content is very low, very low heat, throw away is indeed a pity." Ho Ji-Guo said. Collagen to the maintenance of cell morphology and the organization of the plasticity of great significance, it can prevent dry skin, dehydration, delayed cell senescence, and thus play a role in skin care beauty, women should eat more points.

  Scales so cold, turning waste into treasure. Scales contains more lecithin, a variety of unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus content was high, a special health care products. There is increasing human memory, slow aging of brain cells, promote blood circulation, prevention of high blood pressure and heart disease effect.

  Scraped off the scales, scales can be made into jelly.Drain the fish-scale rinse with water and put inside a pressure cooker, add an appropriate amount of vinegar to remove the smell. 250 grams per 400 grams of fish-scale increases in water, with large heat and simmer for 10 minutes, and then Gaixiao Simmer for 20 minutes. Until scales white, curled, soup was mushy. Fish out the scales and impurities, the liquid condensate into the container Serve cold-like, into the refrigerator storage, the taste is more delicate. When consumption of salt, soy sauce, vinegar, parsley, green onion salad can be.

In addition, the fish-eye is also a good nutritious food. Contain unsaturated fatty acids, can enhance the brain, memory and thinking ability, to prevent memory loss, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure and other diseases of great benefit.

  People eat and orange, do not throw orange envelope. In fact, it is because the orange envelope contains a product called "rutin" of nutrients, can there be less pleasing bitterness. This substance can make people's blood vessels to maintain normal flexibility and density to reduce the fragility and permeability of blood vessel walls to prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage. So, determined to cerebral vascular disease, the elderly, Chi Juzi must stop when you throw an orange envelope.

  Once on shore, soybean milk, bean dregs to baked buns.Soybean residue can be regarded as the most nutritious of the "waste" because it contains a lot of calcium. In the 100 grams of bean dregs in, it contains nearly 100 milligrams of calcium, which is almost equal to milk calcium. "In addition, bean curd residue of dietary fiber seems to have quite good, can promote gastrointestinal motility, the effectiveness of the prevention of colon cancer." China Agricultural University, Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, Associate Professor Ho said the country into account. In recent years, the United States, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries scientists have discovered that rubbish contains more anti-cancer substance "saponins" and frequently eat tofu residue, can reduce get breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. the risk of cancer. Although nutrition is good, but the bean dregs poor taste, which is the main reason for people to abandon it. In fact, if a little processing, the same can be delicious bean dregs.

The simplest approach is to mix salt, bean dregs, flour, eggs, green onion, bean dregs into the cake pans Luo Cheng, and milk mix is a nutritious meal a good breakfast. In addition, you can also okara and oats, coconut with boiled bean dregs porridge, sweet and delicious into the refrigerator is a good dessert

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