Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Worthy collection of child-rearing mothers "Heart Sutra"

Night Sleep

Into a sleep schedule to impose a newborn is an unlikely thing, but you can gradually help him to establish the difference between day and night. When he wakes up at night, you do not turn on the lights Do not say anything, to minimize and his exchange Wei Wan milk after he was gently put back into a small bed.

In contrast with the day and keep a "low profile" so you can let your baby know that is not active at night time, and he soon fell asleep again.


Breastfeeding is a mother, so that all things are tense and excited, they always want to start the sooner the better. Indeed, breastfeeding is a very natural thing, but it also requires patience and baby mother's co-ordination, because not come to the skilled need for a process. I suggest you plan ahead, and strive as much as possible during hospitalization to help doctors and nurses.

Two of the world

When the baby comes, a lot of things have been shelved, but we must ensure that the relationship between husband and wife not among them. I often help my friends take care of their children, so that they and her husband can go out at night. Of course, they will turn for us, "duty." Husband and wife alone time together is very important, if you have a child is no longer an emphasis on the relationship between husband and wife, and then when the children grow up, you will find that you and your husband has been very alienated.

Happy flying

Even if you and the baby were allowed to check in advance, the best placement is also a parents first went to the baby seat and carry with them the baggage handling, while the other and everyone seated until after the baby gate, this baby can be as short as possible time on the plane. After the plane took off, If you need assistance please do not hesitate to inform us that the plane usually have emergency health supplies, and we know how to heat baby's bottle.


1 year of the child's parents should pay special attention to prevent children from suffocation and poisoning, because this age children on what to put everything into their mouths. Inexperienced parents sometimes do not realize that danger exists. For example, they know that supermarket shopping bags can cause suffocation, but did not realize that other uses of plastic tape are just as dangerous.

 Beware of second-hand goods

Or borrowed to buy second-hand car seat sometimes, and is not worth, perhaps it has no "manual" or failure of certain parts. Again, you do not know whether the car seat is safe enough - once a great force of the seat belt of the baby may be at risk.

Crying of small customers

If your child crying in the store, it is best to take him away. When you do not live to coax a child crying when the easiest way is to come next time - this is you, the children, for other customers and staff alike a good idea.

Fatigue Signals

Just the birth of the baby's mother who, please do not be ashamed to health care workers or people around him asking for help, to know this is not a sign of weakness, while this stage is not when you are trying to flaunt. Must pay attention to their health, it is very important for your baby. Family matters cast it aside for the time being, let someone else worry about bar!


Many new mothers as long as a baby to hear sounds, they will immediately rush to adopt a baby from the bed up. Wait a minute! In fact, your baby may simply turn a body or a pacifier can not find comfort. If you wait a moment, then he could sleep peacefully again. Allowing oneself to relax your baby's crying does not mean that the sky is falling.

Important recommendations

First, as we have kept repeating like a lifetime: a good meal! You need because of the child's body strong. Another thing: We like to go take care of your baby, but sometimes also need to leave some of our own time and space, especially in the morning and evening every day.

Vocational Training

Generally speaking,''Yuesao are specially trained and have extensive practical experience''''So when an emergency incident such as a child swallowing or a gas leak, when''they basically can be done calmly. However, your nanny may not have any experience in this regard. So, once you optimistic about the long-term retention of a person and intended her words, the best in child care knowledge and common sense aspects of urban life "training." A more effective approach is to Yuesao "term" in the last week put the nanny to take home, so that they work for some time the two handover. While this may make you spend more costs, but can stand up and do more with less.

The most basic needs

You may be from parents, relatives, friends, books or TV shows get a lot about child-care proposals, at the end may not even the instinct of parents are found. I saw many such parents, they were confused the minds of a variety of proposals, resulting in that they no longer trust their own instincts did not even know how in the end that the child had brought. In fact, calm down and think about it you will find that you and your kids really need is to make them eat their fill, wash him, and often kissed

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