Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scientists say longevity may be more lazy

German scientists 皮特阿克斯特 to those who do not like the adoption of the recent campaign to improve health and prolong the life of lazy bring the gospel, the university professor pointed out that, after a busy day, after work, if we can lazily on the couch lie on a moment to participate in physical activity is more wholesome than that.

Professor of Akst said: those who work to idle mode after a day of rest than those who achieve the health and fitness goals through sport are more intelligent. In addition, people who nap every day at noon for the use of lunch time, than those who play squash are more likely to live longer. Of course, a person who sit all day long, limbs do not move, the whole body deprived of the chance events would lead to poor blood, muscles gradually shrink, and internal organs will also accelerate the degenerative changes to the aging faster. If a person eat three square meals a day and doing nothing, bored, not only ideologically, but the passage of time, will produce a sense of loss, these feelings will make people spiritual malaise, depression, and even lead to the body's physiological functions of various organs disorders, affecting physical and mental health.

Professor of Akst also admitted that moderate physical exercise, such as leisure walking or jogging, rather than taking the time to exercise in the work space is useful for the human body, and if physical activity over a certain limit, it will have a negative health impact.

Akst wrote: diligent and lazy there is a question of degree, the degree to own hands: insufficient physical activity is equal to no movement, while the movement is excessive harm than good, and individual's health situation is different, and how diligent and exercise the degree of control of natural not the same. If a person over 50 years ago has been insisting too much long-distance running, then this would only be used for other aspects of the person appears to lack of energy. For example, you might be plagued by memory loss, or prematurely show age.

"The new lazy-ism": I am lazy I am happy

Rhythm of tension in modern society, a variety of pressures people miserable. Like "I'm lazy and I'm happy," "Life is proud to be doing lazy" and "new lazy" idea appeared, that is not strange. "The new lazy-ism" based on the concept of simple, open and sincere attitude, calm face of life, explore Shanfanjiujian to the clutter of life and work skills. Opposed to hard work, hard money, but also against the "catch-up than the school," the fanatical consumerism, and their goal is the pursuit of fresh, pure, natural, healthy new life.

Rose Mountain in northern Italy have held a "lazy Congress" presents a strange slogan: What not to do to stay busy! And recommended as "great calm and absolute relaxation" of the decompression method. More than 1,500 came from Italy's "lazy" to participate in the meeting. To reflect the lazy lazy life of purpose and adapt to the characteristics of the original meeting was postponed one day held a meeting time was defined as "nearly 11 points", all the laziness of the General Assembly is also just half an hour.

The Assembly also held a small exhibition of a different era "lazy" their brainstorms. Among them are: antifreeze hand snowman mold; they would not dirty the hands of the chute-type litter bins; simple fast food; a variety of comfortable hammocks and so on. As the General Assembly, "lazybones Club," chairman, comedy writer Fantuo Ni said, the purpose or Yue lazy highest state of wisdom is to seek a shortcut to more with less, and Red Dust and limited time in the fight for health and longevity.

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