Friday, January 22, 2010

What are the skills of breast caressing

The breast is very important to one's sexual organs. Men caressing breasts only learn in order to make women tasted the supreme pleasure. According to the U.S. "Men's Health" magazine recently reported that its own characteristics of each woman's chest. Therefore, the treatment of different types of breasts, caressing a different approach should be used.
Plump type A study conducted by the University of Vienna found that the sensitivity of breast fullness-type flat-type breast less than 24%. This may be because breast on the nerve signals in the passing of time-consuming and more sensitive. Therefore, for this type of breast, it should be in the breasts on both sides, that is, the location near the armpit to do more.

Flat type This type of chest is very sensitive to weak stimulus will be able to make them excited. The best way is to use the palm to live coverage of them, fingers gently pressed down, or gently shaking them during sex.

Sag in the chest This type of breast is not only bad visual effects, but the sensitivity is also the worst. At this point, male lovers can lie down, close to the two chests. This position will also give sagging breasts move up, so that women can ease tension and help them experience the beauty of sex.

Had received breast augmentation surgery in the chest If the operation is successful, the breast can still maintain a high sensitivity, but the chances of a smaller. After breast augmentation, women's breasts withstand pressure, or strong massage. Men should focus on the skin surface of the chest gently with your fingers around the nipple circular motion, enhance incentives degrees.

Lactating breasts The new mother's breasts, particularly soft, men should have more touching its lower half. Gently hold the breast, and gently hold up, these detailed movements have long been able to let your baby feel comfortable sucking in the chest.

Nipple This is a barometer of female desire. High straighten representatives have full access to the state, and slowly explained under the soft peak is gradually receded. And breast like nipples of different sizes, the sensitivity is also different. Big nipples due to nerve endings more and more sensitive, therefore, in the press Do not pinch too much force. For small nipple, the areola area will be more sensitive than the nipple, but also in the upper half of the breast caressing, easier to activate women's desire. About 3% of women, which is the inversion of the nipple. This phenomenon mostly genetic, and its no different from nerve endings and small nipples

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