Monday, January 11, 2010

What maintenance can keep the young women?

Pink princess dress, magic magic wand, the handsome prince on a white horse trippingly come ... ... the hearts of each and every woman has a dream of a beautiful princess. While the days will be cause for weeping aged; gone, but so long as maintenance, age does not impede the realization of a dream girl, 31-year-old Namie Amuro not still be able to wear a princess style fashion magazine cover Mody board?

PART1: health and beauty have

"Princess Dreams" subtext is actually youth and vigor, in order to retain their youth, not to some beauty, but will not work. Currently on the market actually contain cosmetic plastic surgery and maintenance of two concepts, princesses and beauty tips is "the law of maintenance, healthy shaping."

The so-called law of maintenance, is to foster care and regular visits to the salon to do some good habits. On a regular basis to do beauty skin care and can completely remove dirt, eliminate toxins, promote metabolism, anti-aging, in particular, is a woman from the age of 25, the skin began to slide down a dream by some simple skin care products to resist aging is not very realistic . The choice of beauty salons must be regular as far as possible, and to have a certain degree of stability, after all, the different characteristics of each person, with one pairs of skin condition you are more familiar with the beautician is not an easy task. If you do too beauty salons can also be too expensive, then try their own care, but the premise is to do your homework and can not pull for a few recipes on the Internet anxious to try, so beauty is not only difficult to play a role, and even they will give off to the opposite effect.

Referred to plastic, presumably will make you think of the "operation" of this terrible word, although many institutions are shaping the development of the minimally invasive, but is always still left some wounds. Brought about by the beauty of plastic, although artificial, but also the complete sense, and the fastest bear fruit, so choose plastic surgery to achieve their own beautiful dreams is a way worthy of serious consideration. This is to remind you that journalists harbor the dream princess readers to carry out cosmetic surgery to be sure to choose a trusted large organizations, it is best to see examples of results, rather than an effect of thick piles of plans.

PART2: Food conservation is very important to

See this title, and perhaps some readers would wonder, retain their youth, into a princess, and eat and drink, though? Of course, a relationship, if the external beauty care is exogenous, then attention to a healthy diet is the internal of the.

A reasonable diet and human skin condition, health status are closely related, many girls blindly taboos in order to maintain body is very undesirable. If you observe the use of a diet to lose weight around the girl, you will find that although the body is indeed thin, but will also accompanied by facial hair yellow, dry skin conditions such as, not only that, weight-loss diet is often caused by fleeting, once to resume a normal diet is easy to rebound.

What kind of diet that is the dream of girls to maintain a good assistant does the Princess? In fact, this tips kindergarten perhaps we know, "eat breakfast good enough to eat lunch and dinner eat less", a normal diet, and eat snacks, nature can bring a beautiful appearance and slim body. A lot of food for girls are "beauty foods", such as soybeans, soy is rich in soy isoflavones and protein, not only can reduce a woman's risk of breast cancer, but also to relieve symptoms of female climacteric syndrome, delayed cell senescence women , so that the skin to maintain flexibility, beauty, promoting bone formation and blood cholesterol, and other effects.

PART3: youth attitudes and ultimately,

Maintenance can be as simple as eating is not just beauty, mentality and mood is also on the maintenance can not be ignored. Keep a young attitude, will go to a pro-active search for beauty care your skin will pay attention to adjust their diet, from that point on, the mentality is the basis for everything.

In addition to the young mind, every day a good mood is also an important factor in retaining youth. While not a perfect science and the interpretation of the link between mood and beauty, but everyone felt a good mood a black eye, small acne will be fewer, the skin will become more shiny. Therefore, in order for your princess dreams, first of all to have a young attitude Zaiqu cultivate an optimistic mood bar every day!

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