Friday, January 15, 2010

Top 7 strokes appliances to prevent radiation damage

Prolonged use of blanket sleeping women, can significantly change the menstrual cycle, pregnant women, if the frequent use of furnace, after the birth can increase the incidence of cancer in children ... ... the past 10 years, on the electromagnetic waves on the human body, continuing reports of damage.

So computers, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and even hair dryers and other electrical appliances in daily contact with people, because they are known as the "invisible killer" of electromagnetic radiation and appears frightening them. So in the end the existence of electromagnetic radiation of these appliances, radiation, how much? Experts say, in fact, daily life, electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, we must learn to take the initiative to protection, but it need not be too nervous, panic.

Detected a safe distance from the radio

Experts said that any electrical current there as long as the pass on the electromagnetic radiation, the large air-conditioning, TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, humidifiers, small hair dryer, cell phone, charger and even wiring board will produce electromagnetic radiation, but generated by a variety of electrical appliances amount of radiation is different.

With regard to the specific amount of radiation reporters after a round in their efforts to search for were found to have different domestic electrical appliances introduced a standard form of radiation. However, SAPIO magazines published in Japan released a group of commonly used household electrical appliances electromagnetic radiation detection data.

Household electrical appliances commonly used form of electromagnetic radiation detection data reference (mG: milli Gauss)

Although the radiation is everywhere, not all of the electromagnetic radiation causes harm to the human body, if the controlled magnetic field strength within the provisions of the human body's role is positive and beneficial, such as physical therapy machines sold in the markets is the use of the thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation to reach elimination of inflammation and therapeutic purposes, so the key is to control the electromagnetic radiation in a safe range.

If consumers want to know their environment, in which the amount of radiation can take instrument detection methods. However, the current domestic price of a few hundred dollars tester for measuring the deviation of the data may be, and some imported testers need several hundred thousand dollars, ordinary people hard to accept.

Monitoring can be a simple way for people to understand the use of electrical appliances a safe distance: Use can receive AM (amplitude modulation) channels of radio, open the channels will be transferred in the absence of local broadcast, and to be measured near the television, refrigerator, microwave oven, or computer and other household appliances, will find that the noise emanating from the radio which suddenly larger. After going some distance, the smaller the noise would be restored and the original production; so that you can measure a safe distance, normal life with this electric maintain a safe distance can be measured.

1. Do not let electrical crowding together.

Do not display too centralized or appliances are often used together, especially television, computers, refrigerators should not be focused on display in the bedroom so as not to expose themselves in the ultra-dose radiation risk.

2. Do not stay behind in the computer. The computer be placed is very important. Do not let the screen as far as possible toward the back of someone's place, because the computer is on the back of the strongest radiation, followed by the right and left, the front of the screen instead of radiation weakest.

3. Water absorption of electromagnetic waves. Interior to maintain a good working environment, such as a comfortable temperature, clean air. Because water is the best medium to absorb electromagnetic waves can be put on the computer more than a few bottles of water surrounding. However, it must be plastic bottles and glass bottles because as absolutely can not use metal cup filled with water.

4. To reduce standby. When the electric suspension, it is best to prevent them a long time in a standby state, because at this time, produce more weak electromagnetic fields for a long time also have radiation accumulation.

5. Promptly wash hands. The surface of the computer screen a large number of static electricity, its gathering dust can be transferred to reach all parts of the face and hands bare skin at the time a long time, prone to rash, pigmentation, severe cases may even cause skin lesions and so on, so after use promptly wash hands.

6. Supplement their diets. Computer operators should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, as well as milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement the human body, vitamin A and protein. Much more I can drink tea in water, in tea polyphenols and other active substances conducive to the absorption and resistance to radioactive substances.

7. Then cell phone do not impatient. Moments and charge the phone when the call connected to the release of electromagnetic radiation the most, it is best to ring the phone off after 12 seconds to answer the call. When charging, do not answer the call.

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