Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anti-radiation must learn that the recipe for home appliances

Refrigerator electronic fog damage to the nervous

Many of the elderly like to put on the fridge in the living room, this approach is very unscientific. Refrigerator work in a high magnetic field location, its electronic fog nerve damage.

Protective measures should be placed on the kitchen refrigerator, etc., often with a vacuum cleaner to dust on the heat pipe tip siphoning off.

Radiation to the face from TV spots

Wash the face after a row watching television 12 hours, look in the mirror will find his face a bit muddy, then a piece of white facial wipes, wet wipes will leave a layer of black. This is because the dust in the air by the impact of TV radiation adhesion face.

Protective measures to watch TV and do not want to head-lights. Moderate distance to watch TV, you can screen diagonal length as a standard, no more than 7 times you can, 4 to 5 times the distance of the best. Continuous time spent watching TV less than two hours, preferably between 5 to 10 minutes rest.

Ozone Sterilizer to stimulate the respiratory tract

Disinfection cabinet can be effective sterilization, the public generally accept that. However, once the ozone leaks, when a serious life-threatening.

Protective measures when using ozone disinfection cabinet, in a certain distinction between the doors during the period of its work in order to avoid leakage of ozone. After disinfection the best 20 minutes before doors opened.

Yuba light burns eyes

Yuba light bulb is very bright, in a short time can quickly heat up the bathroom. However, a long time bathing in the Yuba light the following, easy to burn the eyes.

Protective measures may use infra-red lamp frosted class Yuba. With the general type heating bulb performance compared to the product is not dazzling, not to hurt the eye, but also to protect the skin from light stimulation. The use of Yuba, avoid the eyes look directly at light bulbs, to minimize eye contact with the light bulb.

Audio distortion caused by deafness

Feeling pretty good home theater, surround sound, deep bass sound better than a bad cinema. Statistics show that more than 80 decibels the noise in the live environment, resulting in the possibility of deafness up to 50%.

Protective measures the total sound volume control at maximum volume of 1 / 4 to 1 / 3. Every time, after listening to music, to develop a knob to adjust the volume to a minimum off the habit, the next boot, it will not be music, a sound of noisy neighbors scared himself.

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