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Female infertility, 10 kinds of food can be a culprit

Has always been healthy, no bad habits but how can you not look forward to the arrival of the baby, then you have not thought about in fact, cause you can not have children because of "hidden" in your side, but you did not find it? The following inventory of your easily lead to infertility in 10 "killer food", you want to be careful in Oh Mama!

1, long-term vegetarian diet can reduce female fertility

In recent years, vegetarian diet trend of getting popular. Especially the shape of plump women, even as a vegetarian habits, hoping to achieve weight loss goals. Admittedly, vegetarian weight loss indeed helpful. However, a recent medical study confirmed vegetarian, women are often vegetarian, would affect hormone secretion, severe and even lead to infertility.

Vegetarian female fertility in many of the study, University Munich, Germany Thomas Paulin most interesting conclusions. The college professor Baoke card children participate in the trial of the health of girls will be divided into two groups, one group in addition to eating a small amount of cheese and milk, other foods are all vegetarian; while another group is eating normal food.

In a 6-week weight loss program after the end, the researchers found that vegetarian women, 78% of the people there to stop ovulation physiological phenomenon, and almost the whole group of people than the normal menstrual cycle, time is short. But in the normal diet group, 67% of women ovulate normally, and no significant changes in the menstrual cycle.

2, high-fat foods may cause infertility

Experts study in mice showed that high fat content in foods can damage ovarian eggs and egg impede a healthy embryo, the results of this study can be used to explain the problem of infertility in obese women.

It was found that rats were tested infertility is mainly caused by a specific protein, "this protein determines the response of the ovary to fat," the researchers said, "to control this protein food for the search for causes of infertility caused by plays an important role. "

3 carrots

Carrots are rich in carotene, vitamins and other nutrients beneficial to human health component. Roth Gisborne, New Jersey Medical School gynecologist study found that women eating too many carrots, the intake of carotenoids may cause a large number of ovarian amenorrhea and inhibit normal ovulation. Therefore, to childbearing women should not eat carrots.

If you want to have your baby, if you do not want to menstrual abnormalities, do not like the bunny, like stop eating carrots all day. If you like rabbit, like baby carrots one by one, "Kacha Kacha" to eat, whether you might want to look like gold resulting in the ovary, progesterone secretion decreased, leading to amenorrhea (menopause), menstrual abnormalities, not ovulation, infertility it?

4, coffee

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences researchers in 104 pregnant women want to study concluded: coffee has a direct impact on the pregnancy. In these women, a cup of coffee per day more than women, the possibility of pregnancy is only half of those who do not drink such beverages. Therefore, they proposed that women who plan to become pregnant, you should drink less coffee.

5, sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds with the protein part of the inhibition of testicular components, can cause testicular atrophy, affecting normal reproductive function, it is young people of childbearing age should not eat.

6, alcohol

Research shows that alcohol is the main component of ethanol, ethanol can increase the body's catecholamine levels, vascular spasm, testicular hypoplasia, and even to testicular atrophy, spermatogenic function of structural changes occur, such as the male hormone testosterone deficiency, it will sound change appears small, breast enlargement and other feminine performance. Such a person prone to infertility, even if the birth, the next generation of the possibility of occurrence of larger deformities. Women can lead to irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, egg formation variation, no sex drive or stop ovulation and so on.

7, garlic

Cutting people eat garlic grams of righteousness, there is a clear role to kill sperm, such as eating too many young people of childbearing age, had a negative impact on fertility, it is appropriate to eat.

8, roast beef and mutton

Roast beef and mutton in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other habits of local residents, it was found that roast mutton, a small number of babies born to women with mental retardation, paralysis or deformity. After investigation and modern medical research, these women and their children are born deformed victims of Toxoplasma gondii infection. When people contact with the infected animal toxoplasmosis and ate the flesh of these often immature animal may be infected.

Investigation in Hubei Province has been the major supplier of meat cattle infection rate is: 11.32% of live pigs, sheep 34.5%, 11.8% of chicken, duck 9.4%; livestock and poultry slaughter, not if you wash your hands and grab something to eat, marinated dumplings taste salty after people, grasping raw meat and then grab cooked food, chopping board, regardless of raw and cooked, the tool mix raw and cooked, take from the cold storage of raw meat, meat or meat are available for those who ... ... contaminated by Toxoplasma gondii trophozoites. As for the women just love to eat meat infected with toxoplasmosis, a link is easy. After being infected with Toxoplasma gondii may not have symptoms of women, when their pregnancy, the infection of Toxoplasma gondii infection to the fetus through the uterus, causing fetal abnormalities. Toxoplasma infection is a major factor of fetal malformation. Therefore, pre-marital or pre-pregnancy check is necessary for Toxoplasma antibody.

9, Mao cottonseed oil

Long-term consumption of hair oil, make sick people suffering from the sun, showing sun attack symptoms, general weakness, sweating or less skin burning, flushing, palpitation and shortness of breath, dizziness, limb numbness, loss of appetite. More serious effects on the reproductive system damage. Experimental studies have shown that rats eating hairy cottonseed oil diet for 4 months or so, testis was significantly reduced, sperm cells were significantly reduced or even disappear, reducing the uterus, endometrial and glandular atrophy, mild atrophy of ovarian, renal parenchymal cells are light degree of edema. Adult men taking the extract gossypol cottonseed oil hair for 40 days, 60-70 mg per day, short term sperm all been killed, and gradually disappear from the semen; women can lead to amenorrhea or uterine atrophy. Therefore, young people of childbearing age should not be long-term consumption.

10, bitter gourd

Bitter melons and vegetables vitamin C content of the first home, and the sugar and fat content are very low, more suitable for obese people eat. However, a large number of raw bitter melon alone to lose weight is not only unscientific, but also some health risks. According to the scientists found that bitter melon does have anti-fertility effect, bitter gourd proteins in the first trimester and second trimester uterine endometrial differentiation, interfere with embryo implantation.

Scientists experiment with mice, found that pregnancy and early and mid-bitter protein through a series of response inhibition of pregnant rat decidua and endometrium, primary cells, the main reaction is: to continue to block the fertilized egg hatching reducing blastocyst attachment, trophoblast outgrowth reduction, tiles and the inner cell mass development and so on. However, in pregnant before? - Protein and bitter? Momordicin not affect follicular recruitment and maturation.

Using very simple words, is bitter for being pregnant (early and mid-pregnancy) of people, influential, eat more may lead to abortion, but for those who are not pregnant, is not affected. For men, scientists believe Momordicin will affect the normal development and activity of sperm, but this effect is reversible, that fertility will stop eating bitter gourd with the return to normal.

In addition, the food containing the following elements also help to improve fertility:

Zinc-rich foods: plant foods are high in zinc than beans, peanuts, millet, radish, cabbage, etc.; animal foods, the most abundant zinc in oysters, in addition, beef, chicken liver, eggs, lamb, pork and other zinc is greater.

Animal organs: the amount of these foods contain more cholesterol, of which about 10% of the adrenal cortex hormones and sex hormones, adequate consumption of these foods, to enhance sexual function have a certain effect. Rich in protein, vitamin foods such as lean meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

Stick-slip food: According to the research confirmed that arginine is an essential component of sperm formation, and can enhance sperm motility, normal function of the male reproductive system have an important role in the maintenance. Arginine-rich foods are eel, sea cucumber, squid, octopus, fish, pine trees, sesame, peanuts, walnuts.

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