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Multiple orgasm health pros and cons of

Multiple orgasm health pros and cons of(2008-04-07 12:48:23)
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Orgasm is generated over a long period of biological evolution as a human instinct. Is the body's natural ability to launch and bear orgasm response.

SoOrgasmic response is for women's health, there is no damageModern scientific research results show that orgasm can increase the body's functional state, is beneficial to mental and physical health. If you have sexual intercourse several times a day, and every time during intercourse, women are not sexual response or reaction is very weak, even more frequently, the body is not much impact, but has experienced several penis, vagina and out of the physical stimulation only .

If you are able to achieve orgasm every time, generally 20 to orgasm within 30 minutes of physical reactions such as pelvic congestion will naturally and gradually subsided, the body return to normal state. If the re-launch after orgasm, the body will not have any adverse effects. If every sexual intercourse had been fully aroused female sexuality into the plateau and who can not achieve orgasm, then long-standing pelvic congestion will be about 4 to 6 hours to subside over time, it may cause long-term pelvic congestion or congestion, resulting in the next abdominal bulge feeling, pain, or dysmenorrhea and so on.

In short, if the sex life several times a day, and only at a plateau and can not always achieve orgasm before the female can cause pelvic congestion, adverse effects on health; while in other cases, even higher than the number of times a day sex life more, it would not cause significant adverse health effects. The multiple sex life on a daily basis of the concerns or fears, it may result in sexual function and psychological abnormalities, human physical and mental health is more harmful

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