Sunday, January 31, 2010

Attention! Do not try to eat these foods dinner

Do not eat these things as dinners

High blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic liver and gallbladder diseases in the past 10 years, showed a high incidence trend, this is improper eating dinner necessarily linked. Many families sumptuous dinner dishes, chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs filled with tables, most of them are high-protein, high fat, high-energy food. This kind of breakfast and lunch dinner meeting, one-sided pursuit of intake of high-fat, high-protein food habits, coupled with insufficient physical activity will inevitably be laid for the future health "time bomb."

Around 18:00 to eat dinner is best to really eat well, eat healthy is nothing difficult.

First of all, eat dinner sleep incense, specifically how to eat according to each person's physical conditions and needs of the individual, depending on the degree of self-feeling hungry. Do not eat dinner, let alone stays off. Dinner, preferably in the evening about 6, so as not more than 20:00. Is best not to eat after 8 o'clock anything, except for drinking water. And, within four hours after dinner, do not go to bed, so can fully digest the food eaten at night.

Secondly, the dinner should choose carbohydrate-containing fibers and more food. Dinner should have two or more vegetables, such as spinach salad, both increase the vitamin can also provide fiber. Pasta may be appropriate to reduce, appropriate eating whole grains. A small amount of fish you can eat.

The third night, try not to eat the fruit, desserts, fried foods, try not to drink. Many people have the habit of drinking at dinner, this habit is not conducive to healthy, too much alcohol at night will hinder metabolism, because alcohol is not a break to stimulate the stomach, leading to poor sleep. In need of special attention is dinner not to eat calcium-rich food, such as dried small shrimps, fish bones, etc. must not eat, so as not to cause urinary tract stones.

More to eat dinner with a good brain too much

The long-term high-intensity needs of people with brain choline supplement and enhance memory. Mental here to recommend a nutritional dinner recipe: 100 grams of steamed crucian carp, or biscuit firing tofu, 200 grams of celery, or spinach salad, a cornmeal in Wotou, a small bowl of seaweed soup (do not add dried small shrimps), or a bowl of purple rice congee

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