Friday, January 22, 2010

The Merry Men and the genes do?

Caroline, Sweden 2 School of Medicine research team published a report, a gene affecting the brain may prompt men reluctant to get married, after marriage, family problems and even more prone to divorce.

This is the first time male academics feelings and marriage attitudes and directly linked to genes.

Prodigal son born

The study was behavioral genetics Ha Sewa naloxone who chaired by Sweden, 552 pairs of twin brothers and their long-time companion for the study.

The research team testing the blood of these men, careful analysis of genes "vasopressin receptor 1a". Under the influence of this gene, the hypothalamus secretes hormones vasopressin receptors. The study found that the gene variant 334-type allele was associated with a male partner if they can establish a close relationship.

Waer Lun said: "there were two men of this allele with no or only one of the men, compared to last year, double the risk of marital crisis. There are one or two men of this allele without it as compared to men, the former wife's marital satisfaction lower. "

The United States, "National Academy of Sciences," 2, log off the team by the study. Report writes: "No man of this allele, 20% of a marital crisis, there are two men, this allele and 34% year on year. At least one such allele in 30% of unmarried men, no man, this gene was 17% year on year. "

Forecast controversy

Waer Lun statement said: "It is true that a number of reasons a person's emotional problems arise, but this is the first time a specific gene variant with the 'men how to deal with a partner' associate."

He said that they study from the vole be inspired to start this study.

American scientists in 2004 found that, due to vasopressin receptor 1a gene variant is different from the male prairie vole vasopressin receptor in vivo a high level of fidelity to the spouse. Its cousin, the male meadow vole body of this hormone receptor less inclined to grass is always greener. But artificial meadow vole body to enhance the level of this hormone receptors, it only began to be faithful to their spouses.

Waer Lun said that he had thought, "Maybe this same gene on human influence" and therefore launched an investigation. Because studies have shown that vasopressin influence on men than on women, they are mainly men as the research object, then the above findings.

The U.S. "Washington Post" reported that the discovery leads to a vision: He would like to get married? First check he genes. Some scientists say the finding unusual and does not use genetic information to determine matters of personal love and marriage.

Waer Lun also emphasized the influence of this gene is limited, can not be used to predict individual behavior in real life.

Acquired to improve

Waer Lun said that the phenomenon has yet to be extensive research, he hoped that test more unmarried men.

Biological anthropologist at Rutgers University, the United States海伦菲舍尔to "love" for research. She said that if this gene does have such an impact, "means that some people took to the road to marriage and confidence. But, like good wine are also willing to give up booze, no one said that biological (genetic) can decide the fate of. "

Her own example, saying that even if they know their favorite men have this gene variant, it will not refuse him as a partner.

She pointed out that although the results of the study team, Waer Lun can not "plan ahead", but help "to remedy the situation."

"This genetic information can be many ways to help couples. Informed of the existence of such defects can help them to overcome it," she said

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