Sunday, January 10, 2010

Morning, but easier to lose weight eat a lot of

China's well-known nutritionist Professor Li Ruifen has said that the emperor should be like eating the same breakfast, refers to eat to be a comprehensive nutrition, milk, eggs, staple foods, fruits, vegetables, nutrition, different, everything should be. Breakfast can provide all-day 30% of the energy and nutrition, is the second supplement to other meals are not back.

Many people feel that a hearty breakfast will make the body too much intake of calories, but a U.S. research team has found that women who eat more who want to lose weight is not a bad thing, but this principle is limited to breakfast.

The researchers put 60 overweight women, volunteers were randomly divided into two groups, one group of 4 months, insist on eating one meal a day is very rich breakfast, the other group was in accordance with the previous way to eat. 4 months later revealed a rich breakfast group of female body weight drop considerably, and nutrient intake is more comprehensive.

Let's take a look at the rich breakfast to lose weight in the end, including what food: a glass of milk, a turkey, cheese, two pieces of whole wheat bread, a piece of chocolate, a cup of soy milk or protein powder drinks

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