Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter health insurance fine men abstinence

In the health science speaking, the winter solstice is an important solar terms, mainly because "the Winter Solstice a sun." In general, middle-aged, people should strengthen the body's health. The first step should be prepared to middle-aged spirit nursed back to health. The second step is to ensure abstinence fine. The third step is to strengthen the physical exercise. The fourth step is to conform to 4:00, good diet to restore. Science from the TCM perspective, the winter solstice is "winter tonic," an excellent season.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, nourishing generally be classified into four categories: namely, qi, blood, yin tonic, invigorating. Qi of food refers to the effectiveness of a spleen Qi, the Qi deficiency helpful as the role of food, such as rice, glutinous rice, peanuts, yams, carrots, soy milk, chicken and so on. Blood food, refers to those who have tonic effects blood deficiency of food, such as animal liver, animal blood products, longan meat, litchi flesh, mulberry, black fungus, spinach, carrots, pork, sea cucumber, fish and others have a certain the role of the blood. Yang foods, is to help with the yang fire, enhance the effectiveness of sexual function, the role of Yang Deficiency are tonic foods, such as dog meat, lamb, shrimp, venison, etc., there is Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Yang Wenshen help The effect, for lack of older kidney-yang, chills stand the cold, limbs not warm, waist and knee weakness, more urine at night, sexual dysfunction and so on. Walnut, leeks, medlar, pigeon eggs, eel, mussels, etc. have yang effect. Yin tonic food, is a nourishing Yin Ye, Sheng Jin Runzao the effectiveness of the Yin deficiency helpful as the role of foods such as white fungus, black fungus, pears, milk, eggs, grapes, cabbage and so on.

  With the improvement in living conditions, hypertension, coronary heart disease, high blood lipids, diabetes and obesity, these five "rich man's disease" not only threatens people's health, in particular, can cause sexual dysfunction, affecting couples sex life.

Authoritative bodies randomly 1290 40 ~ 70 year-old male survey found that "erectile dysfunction" is a common disease, men over the age of 40, about 52% or the light or the heartland suffers from erectile dysfunction. Of which mild 17.2%; moderate 35.2%; heavy accounted for 9.6%. Fully treated patients with diabetes prevalence rate of erectile dysfunction in 28%; heart disease was 39%; ongoing antihypertensive treatment of male patients was 15%; sick after the stress the greater the risk of complete erectile dysfunction disease the higher the rate. About 90% of the men was severely depressed feelings associated with complete erectile dysfunction. Globally, more than 100 million male patients with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction.


Not only can cause cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, but also due to atherosclerosis, so that lower body blood flow reduction, thus affecting the penile erectile function will lead to or worsen erectile dysfunction; a lot of blood pressure lowering effects of the drugs themselves have side effects of erectile function Therefore, in the selection of high blood pressure medicine when taken note of this.


And the relationship between erectile dysfunction is more closely after they fell sick the patient's scruples and fear of psychological disorders can lead to cerebral cortex, thereby affecting sexual function. Hyperlipidemia can cause vascular endothelial lipid calm occurred atherosclerosis, also contributed to one of the factors for erectile dysfunction.


Lead to vascular and nerve lesions, erectile dysfunction is one of the diseases most closely, the adult men with diabetes, approximately 23-75% of people would not be erection or erectile problems can not be sustained. The body weight of obese overweight sex life lead to inconvenience caused by emotional burden, and can lead to psychological problems.


Occur when high blood lipid heavier dizziness, headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation, chest pain, weakness, numbness of the mouth askew, unable to speak, numbness and other symptoms will eventually lead to coronary heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses, and a corresponding performance .


Body fat are often Heat intolerance, sweating, fatigue, lower extremity edema, varicose veins, skin creases on the risk of dermatitis and so on, severely obese people, to move slowly, walking activities are having difficulties, a little activity flustered shortness of breath, which affects a normal life, serious and even lead to the loss of labor force. Slow response action due to obesity, but also vulnerable to a variety of injuries, traffic accidents, fractures and sprains and so on.

"Rich man's disease" in the occurrence and development of urban people with bad living habits have a very close relationship, smoking, alcoholism, interpersonal tension, lack of physical exercise, dietary structure is irrational, as well as adverse environmental and genetic factors, are induced by "rich man's disease," the main culprit.

  Prevention "rich man's disease" on people's abuse, one to bid farewell to bad habits, stop smoking, alcohol; Second, we should develop good eating habits, eat low-salt, low sugar, low-fat foods, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits; 3 is to reduce the City tense pace of life, adjusting to live, work methods, so that a degree of relaxation, work and rest; Fourth, participate actively in physical exercise to improve fitness, resistance to disease

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