Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bad temper, how a woman should be added?

As a woman you occasionally lose my temper, and perhaps several moments will be better. If you often lose my temper, you have to pay attention to, perhaps you lack certain nutrients.

Vitamin B6

Pre-menstrual women oral contraceptives increased requirements for vitamin B6, such as inadequate intake can lead to headaches, Piqijizao, drowsiness, easily excited, Shenzhe depression can occur.

Vitamin B12

Women's long-term oral contraceptives and those who eat less meat can cause a lack of vitamin B12. After a lack of can cause glossitis, diarrhea, and megaloblastic anemia, often accompanied by sensation, limb ataxia and other neurological symptoms.

Vitamin B1

Is not only a lack of vitamin B1 can cause beriberi, but also involving the heart and cause people to irritability, drowsiness fatigue, nervousness, moodiness.

Bananas can improve mood: German Nutrition psychologists study found that production of a variety of emotions at that time the brain concentration of certain substances have a direct relationship between high and low. Pleasant emotions, often called the brain of a 5 - hydroxytryptamine substances; unpleasant emotions, then with the right brain norepinephrine increase in the. Many foods can be inside the brain serotonin and norepinephrine production of the right to a certain extent.

Bananas contain a can help the brain to produce serotonin substances, such substances can not only encourage people to become happy and peace of mind, and even pain can be reduced, but also can cause feelings of poor people's hormones significantly reduced. Therefore, the manic and depressive mood disorder, and other poor people should eat more bananas, in order to generate enough brain 5 - HT, thereby reducing the extent of repression of their pessimism, even bad feelings disappear naturally. The report shows that from the nutritionist: high and low nutritional value of vegetables, follow the color from dark to light the laws of the higher its value the color deeper. Therefore, in sequence, the nutritional value of food after purple black food, higher than the green, red, yellow, white and every other food products. Is reflected not only the color of food nutritional value, the right mood regulation also have quite a lot of roles. Purple foods in these two areas are among the best leader. Muscatel grapes skin and contains anti-hypertensive substances inside the grape juice can increase plasma vitamin E and antioxidants content.

Tea薄荷Reduce anxiety. Peppermint scent will help to focus attention and improve work efficiency. The study found that peppermint can increase driver alertness and reduce anxiety. On the other hand is eaten more candy and desserts are let you drowsy.

  Cheese, nutsEmotional disturbance. Slovakia scientists found that cheese and nuts in the lysine in arginine can make people's anxiety and mood lightened by half.

  High-protein saladTo maintain strong energy. Sauce in the salad oil can help slow the digestion of protein and carbohydrate speed, stable blood sugar and to maintain strong energy. Salad can be added lettuce, spinach, chicken and a boiled egg.

  FishEnhance thinking. Salmon or mackerel. Omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish such beneficial brain tissue, to enhance thinking skills. Salmon is also rich in preventing Alzheimer's disease chemicals.

 BlueberryA favorable long-term memory. Anti-oxidants in blueberries may protect the brain from free radical damage, reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Can improve the cognitive processes and promote thinking. Wild blueberry better effect. Note that the immature can not eat blueberries.

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