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Women's self-rated symptoms of kidney deficiency 10

Ten women kidney Performance:

  Symptoms of a chloasma

Analysis: Shenqi enough and can not nourish the skin, often appears in the zygomaticus yellow butterfly's extinction, cinnamon or short black plaque, the border clear, and frequently accompanied by irregular menstruation. Note: Avoid sun exposure to maintain a good mood.

 2 black eye symptoms

Analysis: Chinese medicine theory, the black representative of the kidney, black eye socket, says there is kidney, and not only kidney, and many other devices are sick, tired, night will be quoted on the plot ring to the kidneys work, physically weak then the spleen is also lacking will gradually form a black eye. Note: You can not stay up all night.

  Symptoms of three stand the cold

Analysis: kidney-yang yang for the body of the fundamental activities of life entirely yang agitation, such as the kidney is less than, the body can not be very inviting, there will be afraid of the cold. Note: winter, you can eat dog meat, mutton, Chinese angelica to tonic.

  Symptoms of four Chinese medicine, kidney qi Chongsheng can the blood and adjusting the

Chong pulse can the Conception Vessel function was normal menstrual cycle, normal cycle and so the kidney qi is the lack of an important cause of irregular menstruation. Kidney deficiency caused by those who often accompanied by dizziness physically weak, waist and legs become soft, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Note: If the less menstrual and pale, you can often eat red dates. Ginseng is available in winter powder, donkey-hide gelatin made Gaozi take.

  Infertility Symptoms 5

Analysis: kidney-yang inadequate intake can not be refined into a pregnancy. Often accompanied by pale menstruation, lumbar pain Chu, dizziness, stand the cold, fatigue, weakness and other symptoms. Note: If it is congenital health defects in persons, drugs will not work.

  6 lumbar pain symptoms

Analysis: Chinese medicine that "the House of kidney waist," kidney deficiency can respond as lumbar pain, which is characterized by a dull pain after exertion. Note: You can always do some massage, acupuncture.

  7 Symptoms of osteoporosis

Analysis: Kidneys bone, kidney easy to osteoporosis, this in the post-menopause is especially common in older women. Note: I usually can eat a high calcium foods such as soup bones.

  Symptoms of dry mouth and lips dry 8

Analysis: Chinese medicine, for the water, the kidneys, kidney deficiency will lead to uneven distribution of body water, it will appear dry mouth and lips dry kidney. The same time, often accompanied by symptoms such as elevated blood sugar. Note: To regularly check the blood sugar.

  Symptoms 9 enuresis Kiyonaga

Analysis: Kidneys of water, lack of kidney-yang, there will be more than the amount of nocturnal color clear and at the same time will be accompanied by cold extremities, fatigue and so on. NOTE: To check kidney function, to prevent kidney failure.

  Symptoms 10 Hongre sweating

Analysis: ovarian function decline after Hongre, sweating, heart palpitations and other menopausal syndrome, Chinese medicine, kidney qi is the fundamental decline.

  Therapeutic Method:

1. Cardamom milk would be celery, green onion cut into filaments, and 4 cups yogurt or milk wine mixture, and add some minced meat and the right amount of salt, cardamom, fully into the refrigerator after mixing. Every morning to take half a cup (20-30 grams).

2. Dangeng celery celery 300 grams less will be washed, cut into sections, into the boiling pot of water a moment, add a little flour and 1 cup of thick broth, then add 1 egg yolk, the best hot drinks.

3. Carrot Soup Carrot 2, cut into thin, and cold milk (heat off) 150 grams of mixture, stir, add salt. A daily cup of divided three times to take consecutive week, the most effective.

4. Honey Walnut Fruit small to take 200 grams of broken up, with figs, dried apricots, raisins 100 grams of each mixture, together with 100 grams of honey and carefully reconcile Serve. Daily consumption of a food scoop.

5. Bujiu in 1 kg of ginseng grape white wine by adding 20 grams cinnamon, 20 grams of ginseng, sealed immersion for 15 days. Then open the day, drinking a cup of (50-80 grams).

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