Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How many vegetables can not eat Ban Zhao

To raw vegetables, it is best to select those non-polluted green vegetables or organic vegetables in soilless culture under the conditions of production of vegetables, eaten raw can be rest assured. Wash can be eaten raw vegetables, including carrots, white radish, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, cabbage hearts and so on. These vegetables contain nutrients such as vitamin C and B family, are susceptible to the destruction of processing and cooking, eaten raw is conducive to the preservation of nutrients. The methods include drinking home-made raw fresh vegetable juice, or fresh vegetables, salad, may be appropriate to add a little vinegar, less put some salt. However, not every kind of vegetables are suitable for direct raw food, and some vegetables better placed in boiling water, eat Zhuo Zhuo 1; some cooked vegetables must be cooked before eating.

1st class: cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and so on, these nutrient-rich vegetables taste better after Billy, which is also rich in cellulose easier to digest.

The second category: vegetables containing oxalic acid more

More oxalate-containing vegetables such as spinach, bamboo shoots, water bamboo, etc. oxalate in the intestine combines with calcium absorption into the hard calcium oxalate interfere with the body's calcium absorption. Therefore, the former must use cold boiled water to remove most of oxalic acid.

The third category: Mustard Vegetables

Brassica vegetables such as rutabaga, etc., which contain a substance called glucosinolates by hydrolysis to produce volatile mustard oil, with the promotion of the role of digestion and absorption.

The fourth category: purslane and other wild plants

Purslane and other wild vegetables, and need to thoroughly boiled to remove dust and insects and prevent allergies.

In addition, lettuce, water chestnuts, etc. are also a good idea before the raw peeled, wash with water boiled eat, which is more health, it will not affect the taste and nutritional content.

Of course, not all vegetables can be used to make salad and starchy vegetables such as potatoes, taro, yam etc. must be cooked to eat, or else one of the starch granules do not rupture, the body can not digest. Lentils contains a lot of saponin and hemagglutinin, consumption of time if not properly done, will lead to poisoning. Lentil cooking time should not short-long, until cooked color, be safe for consumption. Fried bean sprouts are advised to eat, even if the cold, they will certainly cook them first.

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