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Woman whitening rejuvenation of the 23 small beauty secrets

The summer sun began to glare, andWhiteningNursing can not afford to ignore Oh. Collected a number of whitening little tip, you were a try! Around Oh, people are used, the effect一级棒!

1, milk whitening: Prepare a small cup of milk, (the summer time, can also put milk into the refrigerator, before putting the cool, and will be more comfortable). Steam the face with steam, willMakeupCotton smoke filled milk, apply to the face 15 minutes or so, take down, the milk with water to wash his face. Long-term adherence, you can make fair and clear complexion even.

Two, three fingers wide and two-finger length to prepare the surface with a spot to stab washed aloe leaf, and then a three-centimeter-long cucumber,? Egg white, 2-3 grams pearl powder, an appropriate amount of flour (used for thin thick tone ). Will aloe vera, cucumber juice into the juice machine into the bowl, after, and then into the egg white, pearl powder, transferred amount of flour into a paste so as not to flow down shall prevail. Wash my face clean, will be transferred paste put on a good face, dry cleaning, getting on the Skin of water,SkincareGoods can be, 1-2 times a week.

3, tomato honey whitening

The whitening formula can simultaneously for whitening the face and hands. In particular, acne skin, oily effective to prevent infection, so that fair-skinned and meticulous.

Recipe: tomato half, honey appropriate.

Usage: can be stirred into a tomato tomato juice stir after adding an appropriate amount of honey to the paste. Apply to face or even hands, to be washed away about 15 minutes. Recommended to do 1-2 times a week

4, the green pepper, cucumber, a quarter of bitter gourd, celery, green apple, or other branded beauty drink vegetable juice, vegetable juice such as inside there is sufficient vitamin C, for the whitening is very effective.

5, Chinese whitening: Material: Angelica, licorice, nuts, angelica, mung bean powder, sandalwood Dividers Yan Mo.


(1)Wash: Add appropriate amount of water, you can.

(2) attaining a: Add honey, milk and 1 / 4 of the protein, an appropriate adjustment Fuyu full face (eyes and mouth of course, can not be deposited), can be dried and then washed with water. 1 ~ 2 times a week (not too many times, the skin will not stand), can be used for acne, black classes,Freckles, The same can also be adjacent to the pores to narrow the nose, used the good people feel the skin become white and tender, and inexpensive.

6, honey, protein, membrane; fresh eggs one, honey, a small spoon, mix the two evenly, before going to sleep with a clean soft brush brushing this film on the face, during which can be massaging and stimulating the skin cells, promote blood circulation. After a period of time to be air-dried, washed with water twice a week is appropriate. SuchMaskYou can also dilute water discharged after the hand-wringing, the winter can prevent chapped.

7, take a fresh eggs, wash Kaigan, add 500 ml of high-quality vinegar soaked in a month. When the eggshell dissolve in vinegar solution, the solution to take a small spoon mixed with a cup of boiling water, stirring after taking a cup every day. Long-term use vinegar egg-juice can make the skin smooth and delicate, to wipe the face all the spots.

8, Material: Angelica 6 grams; egg yolk 1; honey 1 tablespoon; small cucumber juice 1 tsp; olive oil 3 tsp.


(1) The first Angelica powder, packed in a bowl, add egg yolk, stir evenly.

(2), then add honey and cucumber juice, and mix thoroughly after the smear on the face, about twenty minutes later, and then rinse clean.

(3) Wash the face with a cotton pad and picks up olive oil, Fuyu face, about 5 minutes.

(4) and then with hot towel covering the face, this time without pads removed.

(5), such as towel cools, then remove the towel and a sponge, wash the face can be.

9, egg white mask: The egg white into the bowl (to the yolk) to effect mixing white foam, add 6-8 drops of fresh lemon, stir well directly coated on the face, with convergence of the skin, anti-inflammatory anti-wrinkle effect.

10, milk Mask: Use fresh milk 1 tablespoon, add 4-5 drops of olive oil, flour, and mix thoroughly after Fumian. This mask, with the convergence effect, long-term use on the skin to eliminate facial wrinkles, increase skin vitality and elasticity, so that the skin fresh lubricant is suitable for middle-aged women or more pregnant women facial wrinkles.

11, banana mask: mash the banana peel into a paste after the Fumian ,15-20 minutes after the wash, long-term adherence can delicate facial skin, fresh, especially suitable for dry or sensitive skin facial beauty, good results. This method allows the skin fresh lubricant, and can remove facial acne and freckles. This method is suitable for any kind of skin, once a week, can soften the horny skin whitening.

12, Tremella mask: white fungus, Angelica, Poria, Polygonatum, 50 grams, a total of Yan Mo sifting every night to take powder 5 grams, 3 grams of water and mix thoroughly with flour coated face, wash away the next morning. Tremella, Angelica, Polygonatum able to nourish the skin, Poria can be cured surface patches, and guide the various drugs directly into the skin, but the face should be used with caution in people suffering from dermatitis.

13, Apple Mask: The peeled diced apple or a pound mud, and then apply on the face, in the case of dry atopic skin, can increase amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil, oily skin and should add some egg white. 15-20 minutes later, can be washed with hot towels. Every other day, a course of 20 days, with the skin with smooth,Moisture, Bai Ni's role, but also the skin to eliminate acne, freckles, dark spots and other symptoms.

14, olive oil mask: the olive oil heated to about 37 ℃, and then adding an appropriate amount of honey, and then gauze pieces soaked in oil, remove the covering the face, removed after 20 minutes, there is the prevention of skin aging,MoisturizingFreckleWrinkle effect, suitable for dry skin, particularly those.

15, lemon mask: after a fresh lemon juice doubled if the water, then add three spoons of flour paste notes into the surface subsequently deposited on the face ,15-20 minutes, remove, or a fresh lemon slice directly affixed to the face 15-20 minutes or so removed, wash the face. Once a day, seven days a course of treatment. This mask has a convergence effect, make skin fresh, lubrication, delicate, long-term adherence can delay skin aging.

16, Cucumber mask: Take fresh cucumber juice by addingMilkHoney moderate, the wind a few drops of essential oils and mix thoroughly coated surface after 20 to-30 minutes after the wash, or clean-cut thin slices of cucumber directly affixed to the face with a moisturizing, whitening, wrinkle effect.

17, Angelica Mask: Take Angelica 10 grams, 10 grams of white monkshood, a total of research to fine, add water and honey, an appropriate adjustment Award Fumian, 20 minutes after the wash, there is wrinkle removal, Xiaoban, whitening effect, apply to face pigment by plaque in patients with composure, or cinnamon.

18, honey, tomato mask: first crushed tomato juice, adding proper amount of honey and a little flour into paste, apply the face to maintain 20-30 minutes, with the skin moist, soft white, soft role, long-term use also has cured spot treatment of skin wrinkles and acne and other functions.

19, yogurt, honey, lemon juice, 100 mg each, plus five vitamins E and mix thoroughly, and retain Fumian 15 minutes, then wash with water. This method can promote skin shed dead cells on a worksheet, the new cell regeneration to achieve the purpose of skin fitness.

20, 100 ml of milk, 50 grams of strawberries, smashed drunk, tune into a paste, rubbed his face retained wash away after 20 minutes. This method prevents dry skin, aging, skin smooth, moist and delicate.

21, fresh milk, 50 ml, add 4 to 5 drops of olive oil and the amount of flour and mix thoroughly Fumian, 20 minutes after the wash. This method is long-term use can increase the vitality of the skin elasticity, skin becomes cool lubrication, delicate white.

22, yogurt, cream of equal parts, mix and mix thoroughly after Fumian retain wash with water after 20 minutes. This method has a convergence effect, long-term adherence to eliminate facial wrinkles on the skin, apply to middle-aged women or more pregnant women facial wrinkles

23, with milk, eggs and green, as well as lemon juice, as well as release points, honey, as well as pearl powder, plus points, VE After mixing evenly, put mask soaked paper, bubble a few hours later deposited on the face, it is the spouse of the face, ah, even the skin sensitive and very dry, honey, milk is nourishing, and milk also whitening, lemon with VC, there is VE

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