Friday, January 22, 2010

Nutrition actually better than stinky tofu cheese

In the past, stinky tofu is generally considered to be "unhealthy" food, now has transformed into a good thing. In recent days, according to Taiwan's "Healthy" magazine, stinky rich in plant lactic acid bacteria, has a good effect the regulation of intestinal and stomach.
The report said that tofu contains vegetable lactic acid bacteria, the same with the yogurt. The "father of plant-derived lactic acid bacteria research," said Japan's Tokyo University of Agriculture discovered by Professor Sanae Okada, stinky tofu, kimchi and other food products containing high concentrations of plant bactericidal substances, including tannic acid, alkali and other plants, while the vegetable the survival rate of lactic acid bacteria in the intestine than in the high lactic acid bacteria of animal origin.

Sub tofu tofu tofu dry and two kinds of milk, are popular snacks. Stinky tofu is small, but the production process has been more complex and usually fried, add brine and fermentation process such as with a few in the entire production process, the requirements have been carried out under natural conditions, the requirements of temperature and humidity is very high. Beijing Food Research Institute of Brewing Fei Lu told reporters that it is the nutritional value of raw materials dried tofu had a very high soy protein content of 15% -20%, with meat rather the same time, rich in calcium. After fermentation, the protein broken down into amino acids, but also resulted in yeast and other substances, so there improve appetite, promote digestion effect. Tofu milk of its very low saturated fat content, but also does not contain cholesterol, also contains unique health components in soy - soy isoflavones, it is called China's "Su-cheese", its nutritional value is higher than even the cheese.

Stinky tofu in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease have a positive effect. 1 Scientific research shows that, once made of tofu, nutritional composition of the most significant change is the synthesis of a large number of vitamin B12. Per 100 grams of tofu may contain about 10 micrograms. A lack of vitamin B12 can accelerate the aging process in the brain, and induce Alzheimer's disease. The addition of animal foods such as meat, eggs, milk, fish, shrimp, contain more vitamin B12, the fermented soy products can also generate a large number of vitamin B12, in particular, contain higher concentrations of stinky tofu.

Although tofu is good, can not eat. Fei Lu said that the first, stinky tofu excessive salt content does not conform salt intake per person per day less than 6 grams of standards, particularly in patients with hypertension should pay more attention; healthy person should also be capping a day, better not more than one. Second, the deep-fried stinky tofu, fresh tofu is usually short-term immersion, "stinky brew" so stinky brew of bacteria and fungi break down the protein in tofu, bean curd and thus make the organization of relaxation, emitting a foul smell, and then deep-fried, nutritional content decreased, so try to eat less.

Stinky tofu in the food, we might as caught in the bread and porridge inside, or eat, taste the best. After dinner, it is recommended that people eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, they contain vitamin C can be blocked by N-nitrosamines generated

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