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Lonely, not against the reasons for

Lonely, not against the reasons for(2007-12-26 09:06:09)
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Woman and a friend out of travel, leaving a man a man at home. Woman was not at home, men drinking beer, and kept changing the TV channel, when the girl's phone call, she said, I am bored to your Jiazuo Zuo bar. A man said that no, I was about to go out. In fact, girls, men downstairs had.

Girls are men working under him many times he expressed a good opinion, men are clever refused. Men know that the young girl's heart is a blank sheet of paper, he did not leave any traces in the above qualifications.

To mention a lot of things in the hands of girls, as well as a bottle of red wine, stood in the men's doorstep. Man said, then I cook bar. Girl said, No, while busy in the kitchen. Men began to pack up the house, and occasionally see the girls in the back of a busy kitchen, suddenly there was a moving. Then a moment on, he immediately felt the pressure of this moment in the bottom of my heart.

In another room house, he began calling friends around the familiar home for dinner, but friends who were not in, the girl has been calling him, he went to the kitchen suddenly went numb, the girl to his side was a plate of steaming hot of the dumplings. His most favorite dumplings, but he and the woman were usually too busy, no time to dumplings.

Two dumplings, and two side dishes, a bottle of red wine, the girl's face feminine laugh, stirred his heart. Unable to explain why, he do not pay attention when the girl, turn off the phone, pull up the window, he could hear his heartbeat sound.

A bottle of red wine drunk, the girl said, dizziness, fell on the soft ground of the man's arms. Have to admit that girls are beautiful, and he held her tightly in his arms, it was in that moment, did he feel the girl's body is so weak in his arms wide like a child asleep inside His heart gave Yi Chan.

Girls sleep in his bed, he gently strip the door. At this time, the living room phone rang, and a woman calling.

Men are still drinking beer, and kept changing the channel, he clearly heard the girl's breathing softly, but his efforts so that my mind calm and cool again.

When the girls woke up the next morning already. Sleepless in one man, he prepared a breakfast for the girls. When eating, the girl asked, you do not like me? Man said likes. That you are not lonely do? A little bit, but ... ... afraid that I struggle you? Girls ask questions.

Men Seriously, life is a responsibility, like porridge and fried eggs on the table, even though the old to eat that little taste, but you have to do every day, had to eat, and sometimes even find it distasteful, but not Eat heart empty.

Girl was silent. Bid farewell to the girl, men feel that has never been easy.

Love is a kind of faith is required to pay a price, if you do not love or can not afford, then do not easily open their own heart. Temptation and loneliness, this is not a betrayal of the reasons ... ...

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