Sunday, January 10, 2010

The five categories of women to men Yi

Common male sexual dysfunction are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, non-ejaculation, loss of libido and so on. Its causes addition to its own factors, the factors from the woman should not be ignored.
The first category, the woman does not meet the

This marriage is more prevalent. As the woman's fear of premarital pregnancy, pain and bleeding, was found, love fell through and so on, for fear of sexual intercourse is often psychological, with asexual life experience. The woman often can not match, or be rejected, often leads to failure of first sexual intercourse, and even affect future sexual function. The conservative-minded married woman, or marriage are not satisfied, or in physical discomfort, bad mood, emotion transfer of such circumstances, often take a passive or reject the way of the passage of time can lead to loss of libido or impotence and other male sexual dysfunction.

The second category, the woman makes a mockery

Husband due to physical fatigue, feelings of irritability, and so physically weak after the illness, leading to occasional erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and so on, not only can not understand this woman, but to be blame or ridicule and even vicious allegations against a similar humiliation and ultimately can result in sexual function difficult to restore. If the woman of the man's personality, interests, work, status, etc. to be laughed at Pinmao may hurt their self-esteem can also be caused by loss of interest in the man's sex life.

The third category, the woman dropped charm

Differences between the two sides of the personality, hobbies different, or the woman's words and deeds of vulgar, physical ugly, poorly dressed, sex life and rigid behavior or infidelity, couples often leads to feelings of estrangement, so that the man lost the woman of charm. Male loss of libido, impotence, ejaculation, etc., is not for us.

The fourth category, the women's side pregnancy birth to a child

Women's side pregnancy, childbirth, due to abstinence longer the man a long period of depressed state of sexual desire, may also lead to impotence, premature ejaculation and so on.

The fifth category, the woman's illness

Woman suffering from certain chronic diseases such as heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, vaginitis, cancer or male semen allergy, male sex life can not be arbitrary, which can inhibit sexual desire, leading to sexual dysfunction. In addition, the woman eroticism, fear can produce psychological affect male sexual function.

Of these factors is often not a single, but complex. Broadly speaking, any man can cause unpleasant factors that may cause the man's female sexual dysfunction. Therefore, its prevention and control measures can not take a word, the main can be summarized into the following points:

1, to strengthen pre-marriage sex education so that young men and women have the necessary knowledge;

2, guide both spouses recognize the importance of sex life, strengthen mutual understanding and trust;

3, ill treatment by both husband and wife, to an objective understanding of his illness, giving a detailed psychological counseling or sexual techniques guidance;

4, if necessary, to give drugs adjuvant therapy.

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