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8 good habits to prevent male hair loss

8 good habits to prevent male hair loss(2009-10-09 23:09:51)
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Proper diet

Male hair loss is too high-risk people should stay away from greasy, sweet, spicy foods, increasing dietary grains, vegetables, fruit weight, eat black beans, black sesame seeds, eggs and other iron, calcium-rich foods, increasing the role of the hair with nourishing food such as milk, lean meat, poultry and fish. Western fast foods, fried foods high side, do not eat.

Moderate shampoo

Hair too frequently or too little is bad, more appropriate time is two to three times a week, shampoo and water temperature of 40 degrees is appropriate; shampoo and gently massage the scalp when, both clean scalp, but also the promotion of the scalp blood cycle; shampoo should I use non-irritant. Shampoo, the best to let the hair dry naturally, if you use hair dryer, pay attention to the temperature of the wind can not be too high, the wind overheating will destroy the hair Organization, scalp injury. Regular hair, both to remove dandruff and increase hair luster, but also massage the scalp, promoting blood circulation, increase blood supply to hair roots and nutrition.

Avoid exposure

The ultraviolet rays of sunlight will cause damage to the hair to make hair dry turn yellow, so the summer to avoid sun exposure, outdoor swimming, sun protection when you pay attention to.

Relaxed state of mind

Younger male hair loss and stress is too large, inadequate sleep, are inseparable. Pressure, long-term stress, anxiety, fatigue, leading to poor sleep quality will increase hair loss. Relaxed state of mind, improve sleep quality and help to improve hair loss conditions. Male hair loss genetic factors there is the family, parents should help their children learn to relieve stress.

To reduce hair perm

Regular hair, perm, make hair dull and flexibility, and even yellowing become dry. Hair color, perm time interval at least 3-6 months.

Mo long-term wear hats

Long wear hats, helmets, nausea easy for the bad hair, especially hair Department of oppression by the hat or helmet, easy to relax pores, causing hair loss, so time to wear hats and helmets should not be too long.

Away from tobacco

Smoking has been recognized as one of the risk factors causing hair loss. Male hair loss as far as possible high-risk families should pay attention to their children away from tobacco.

Do the Internet a long time

Too much playing online games are also caused by young men, hair loss one of the factors. The average daily use of computer time, the easier the longer male hair loss. This is over-stretched the nerves. A long time playing online games, the central nervous system is always in a state of tension will cause autonomic disorders, skin and blood vessel contraction dysfunction, scalp partial vasoconstriction, reducing blood supply can cause hair follicles caused by malnutrition

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