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Purified water do for your health benefits?

Drinking pure water is consistent with the hygienic standards of water as raw material by electrodialysis, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, distillation and other appropriate processing method obtained, and does not contain any additives for direct consumption水. Nevertheless, purified water, but not long-term consumption. There are three reasons:
 Changyin pure water unsafe
China Green Food Development Center, said: "Safety, quality, nutrition," is reflected in the quality characteristics of foods. The first feature is its security, that is consumed in a reasonable manner and under normal consumption of food does not cause physical harm features.
We all know that an adult needs to drink every day about 2000 milliliters of water, in order to maintain moisture balance, if an adult of about 2000 milliliters per day of pure drinking water, long-term effect will not cause physical harm it ?
Water Resources Research Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology Professor Jin Riguang said: "The pure water of the water molecules extreme series and wire-based structure, and easy through the cell membrane, the body will lead to a useful life of the relevant elements of the in vitro loss of some sensitive people Yuehe Yue do not quench their thirst, Yue Heyue drink, reducing the body's immune system and may even trigger certain diseases. "
My cardiovascular disease expert, Professor Wang Shiwen soil CAS pointed out: "Long-term consumption of minerals, a small soft water, is caused by atherosclerosis of the one of the reasons." Naval Medical Research Institute provides a clinical response: "The Zhoushan Island Warrior drinking weak rain widespread feeling after six months. "tested, the lack of rain in the minerals, similar to its water quality and pure water. This is a reasonable amount of drinking manner and under normal consumption of examples of harm caused by the body, it can be said that pure water is safe foods?
China has hundreds of millions of adults drink every day with the same amount of pure water (2000 milliliters or so) of tap water, natural water or mineral water, drank more than ten years, decades have not heard nor seen one cases relating to crimes against the body reported, compared to Changyin tap water, natural water and mineral water are safe, Changyin pure water insecurity.
  Pure water without nutrient
China Green Food Development Center, said: "In addition to security, the high-quality, nutritious foods are also important features, in the green food product standards in a specific embodiment, asking them to have excellent sensory characteristics, quality, quality and nutritional value." That said years, the green requires not only an excellent sensory properties and quality of quality, but also requires a good nutritional value.
Pure water have excellent nutritional value? To be sure of the answer: No! As we all know, pure water, working hours, in the removal of water contaminants in the water but also removes the human body essential trace elements and macro elements. Mineral water is an important way to get the body, in exceptional circumstances or conditions, the main source.
Environmental Department, Tsinghua University Professor Wang Zhansheng noted: "The very least the current diet of our population is rather simplistic and can not fully and naturally complement all kinds of elements, therefore, the nutritional effects of drinking water is still can not ignore." Water nutrition experts, China Medical promote the healthy drinking water, Professor Li Fuxing, director of professional committee, said: "Water has confirmed that there are nearly 10 kinds of trace elements necessary for the body. on China's current diet, and many trace elements from food intake is difficult, mainly obtained from the water. the water absorption rate of calcium up to 90%, while the absorption rate of calcium in food, only 30%. "National Drinking Water Health Team Leader, Shanghai Medical University, Professor Zhu Huigang stressed that:" The water is nothing more pure as possible , the water is dissolved inorganic elements in the ion form, easily absorbed by the body, so drinking water is an important mineral intake of the people means. pure water with little or without minerals, in the past mainly for thermal power plant boilers, washing the electronics industry , integrated circuits boards. whom clean drinking water and we must be cautious, especially for children, the elderly and pregnant women are not suitable. "
The health of the World Health Organization drinking water must meet six conditions, namely: does not contain harmful substances, containing the right amount of minerals, moderate hardness, oxygen-rich water molecules small, pH, a weak alkaline. Basically, pure water does not contain minerals, hardness is close to 0, and oxygen content is extremely small (distilled water is 0), water molecules large (> 100Hz), pH value of 6.0 or so, for the weak acid. Canada and Russia, the hardness of drinking water quality standards require that not less than 50mg / L (in CaCO3 dollars), the European Community and the United States to maintain the hardness of drinking water quality standards for more than 60. Clear water, pure water does not meet the conditions of health, there is no nutrition, let alone a good nutritional value, then how can we say it green?
  The long-term health impact of drinking purified water
Water is a human survival in six of the most important type of nutrients, water, minerals and trace elements essential to human health. Beijing University of Chemical Technology Life Power and Water Resources Research Center, Professor Jin Riguang said: "Water for the origin of life and the continuation of life plays an important role, in this sense, we can not say that water is used to quench their thirst, and far-reaching significance of water is to maintain human health continue to survive. "People in the selection of drinking water, they should focus on whether it is conducive to health, pure water, whether it is conducive to health?
National Development and Reform Commission Public Nutrition and Development Center, Dr Chai Wei in the "2005 China Drinking Water Industry Forum" at the meeting emphasized that the "pure water has a strong dissolved minerals, trace ability, it is a large number of purified drinking water, the the original body trace elements, nutrients and nutrients, it will rapidly dissolved in pure water, and then out of the body, makes the body the nutrients out of balance, a healthy deficit, is not conducive to good health. At present, many European countries provide for pure water can not be directly as drinking water. " Well-known American water experts马丁福克斯MD, in the "healthy water" a book, noted: "The drinking of contaminated water and desalination of water (ie water) will cause harm to our health."
Water Supply Department of the Navy Medical Research Institute of China's Ding Nanhu researchers and others, from 1987 to 1994 mice were 7-year pilot study allowed the long-term drinking of distilled water and found that mice grow slower, weight loss, muscle atrophy, brain and renal function of the pituitary gland system were damaged. Dalian, an island garrison had been drinking home-made distilled water (pure water), over time, the officers and men suffer from a lack of minerals in various diseases.
CAS senior academician Chen Mengxiong said: "The long-term clean drinking water will reduce the body's uptake of minerals and beneficial element. From the terms of the relationship healthy, natural water than pure water, mineral water than natural water." At home and abroad a large number of animal experiments and clinical response have proven, long-term clean drinking water harmful to health.
To this end, the Shanghai Education Commission has issued a notice: In principle, since the 1997 school year began, the primary and secondary schools, kindergartens should not use water as a student, young children drinking water. Shanghai Industry and Commerce Administration has also issued a notice: pure propaganda and advertisement is not suitable "for long-term drinking" and the use of pure water prepared and powdered milk, cooking and so on. In March 2003, Hangzhou, students bid farewell to part of purified water, 10 thousand primary and secondary students to drink mineral water.
China Consumer Association has recently released warning: youth, children and the elderly should not be a long time to drink pure water. Organic foods for health as a basic goal, and long-term drinking purified water, not only would not achieve the role of health promotion, but will cause any harm, then how can we say縁color of food do?

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