Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 class women to make men crazy addiction

Every woman wants a man to become the eyes of the goddess, but you know what a man's most favorite kind of woman do? Take a look!

 1st class: pea-type

This is a 30-year-old woman, has yet to marry off their own.

Talented, educated. Money, there is a certain power.

Pea-shaped women, including: female bosses, government officials, women, single women scholars.

Pea-type woman married one day, and her husband are almost always more useless men, such as Gong Hanlin and his ilk, the weak, without wind, and impotence do not move.

Do you want the night sleeping in the arms of a tigress, or bitches, men's body does not spoil collapse of bone is also threaten collapse.

Pea-type woman give her husband a cuckold it is only right and proper.

Usually looking for male secretary, driver, janitor of the security or nightclub ducks do this errand.

The second category: girl-type

This is a 27-year-old has three sub-holds-3 to distinguish between two points is 2 points pretty educated woman, not easily marry off their own, for sale.

Second-class college graduates, alone. No background and background, the market has just waking consciousness do not know from where much money.

Girl type of woman include: adrift in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, alternative woman.

They were employed in the media, advertising, cultural company engaged reporters, writers, planning, graphic design work.

Although they are not married, but married to enjoy the treatment, generally more than 3 Zhanzhuan between men.

They were not casual woman, unless carefully prepared a bouquet of flowers, a flickering candle, a love poem, it is likely to go to bed she was cheated.

Girl type of woman her husband betrayed her, she would pick an old lover to talk, homeopathic husband to stay away from home secretly at night to wear the green hat.

 The third category: MM-type

This is a 20-year-old had just 7 points 6 points pure and beautiful 6 hours 7 minutes gentle graciousness of the girls, the pursuit of her from Yangzhou routed to the Jiangdu.

This is a standard and the hearth-type girl.

The first to get her health is often the street bully, finally marry her often humble lovestruck clerk.

MM type of woman included: a small newspaper editors, the company technician.

Her world is indeed a small, apart from her husband, children, that is, scattered piles of money selling votes, as well as fuel, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea.

Is absolutely nothing to do with her extra-marital affairs, but always thinking about her in person is too many, even if she got married gave birth to a child.

Especially with the driver of her car, mouth water year after year, if she was a return to eat tofu, it not in vain to do a return man?

There are bus company managers, as well as the repair work covered with grease. She ultimately did not escape the claws of public transportation to the general manager.

This Dinglvmaozai and production pacesetter of the medal, prize money along with hair to her husband's hands, which makes her well-being of humble man was the night could not sleep.

The fourth category: Xiao Qiong-type

In the entertainment circle, Xiao Qiong not really pretty; in cultural circles, Xiao Qiong not really talented.

It should be said, find a wife Xiao Qiong type of girl to do, that the greatest pleasure in life is definitely something.

Unfortunately, she made a cast.

Xiao Qiong type of girls, including: the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and cities of Culture, as well as a troupe of 20-year-old actress from top to bottom, television hostess, in Beijing, fishing entertainment world, girls, who was first head of Theater, TV station, directing the development, enlightenment, and then one by one by private owners and government officials captive forward.

Even married a wife, and the head of channel, director, private owners and government officials still can not avoid an ambiguous relationship.

As Xiao Qiong-type of girls is a public figure, such a woman to a man a cuckold is open, and, if a man married a girl to do a wife Xiao Qiong-type, 99% is to give someone else raise her son (daughter).

Actress to do, do female actor, best not to get married, deal in the middle of six men, with six underground husband (director, bosses, officials, entertainment reporter, entertainment, actor, agent).

Xiao Qiong-type girls, husband to do, can be a year or so, and award a new one, hat is green, and is it still possible trousers, jacket is not a green?

5th class: bitch-type

No more than 28 years old. Physical appearance, skills, education, work, income, are envied by many.

This is the media fuss about white-collar workers.

Bitch type of girls, including: IT, banking, accounting firms, law firms and corporate senior staff of professional managers.

They have excellent working environment, money and a new pay, but they bear a double workload and competitive pressures.

Love and sex, on their terms, as a coffee shop of the package, in a decent occasion a quick fix. They worry about not find a job, just like a man no shortage of recruits.

They switched from one unit to another unit, like from a man's bed, switched to another man's bed.

When and where they give their men to wear the green hat, then do not know.

I think about during the winter, I think about the four seasons in a year.

6th class: Lady in the Water-type

Less than 30 years of age, unmarried.

If the 30-year-old pre-married, divorced, or are now estimated to divorce.

This is not a group of beautiful women, but definitely talented, there is a certain well known personality of thinking.

Lady in the Water-type women include: young women come out from the literature, women writers, women were recorded, female radio broadcasts, female freelance writer.

They have a very strong literary taste from childhood, their way of life has always been literary agency, newspaper editors, second-rate writers, famous writers, critics, Writers Association President lit, these men was their devotion to the right at different times like.

Important is that they love these men, though these men are another woman's husband.

Lady in the Water-type woman's marriage is best outside the circle of men, it is best learn science and engineering, and character of wood satisfied, committed a serious inflammation wife tube.

In this way, Lady in the Water-type woman's husband to wear the green hat and he did not know, no feeling that we know would not dare put a fart.

Furthermore, this Lady in the Water-type women are generally the husbands of the ability of turning Hong De.

7th class: Petty-type

25-28 year-old petty bourgeoisie woman.

They are fashion label, but their essence is traditional.

They have a stable job, stable income, they are beautiful with the talent.

They wear stylish clothes, fashion back bag (usually under the seasonal uniform when buying or counterfeit), they turned fashion magazines, they are also the Internet, watching other people online dating.

Petty-type woman's career include: traditional media, publishing houses female editor, University (secondary) female teachers and civil servants, clerks of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises with good returns clerks.

Their pursuit of perfection are often deceived by a man's rhetoric.

They are not willing to find a romantic man over a lifetime do not know.

In fact, they do not have very demanding of her husband: to make money, although not a lot; busy with work, some of it does not matter, but his wife's birthday, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, can not forget, it is best to buy a bouquet of flowers and a practical gift for his wife; a year out to travel a trip with his wife; four times a year with them when they shop.

They will have to create a family atmosphere, the same petty bourgeoisie, even the love of Deng Zhu is also flashing a petty bourgeoisie.

Minor repairs type of woman is used for pet's. Unfortunately, the men understand that they are another woman's husband. Ask how they do not give close to the big men do not take the green hat? !

8th class: a lotus-type

28-35 year-old female sea turtles.

A lotus-shaped women: their high intelligence, the domestic famous universities, graduate study in Europe and the United States, knowledgeable.

In particular, carry Guo Tu Bao (by domestic men slept) also carry over guns (foreign devils are really slept). What woods birds were seen.

They did not seem to lack anything. If it must be in their splitting hairs, then they lack the warmth of a bland love.

If you want a lotus-type woman's man, then you must be sufficient gentleman, such as:

One day, you accidentally find that you are a woman and another man sleeping in your bed, your woman give you a Dinglvmaozi, you can not angry. You cover a good door, feeding into retreated downstairs to smoke, smoothly interesting with a female green turtle knit hat, think: what is worn on the head or the collection in the box.

9th class: Baby-type

25-year-old youth, beautiful, avant-garde and open.

They do not want to do prostitutes, for money to give up dignity; they are reluctant to second wife, in order to particular sub relinquish it.

They are not in the traditional sense of the lover, they are time-limited contracts lover. Clear intent of the parties, responsibilities and obligations clearly.

Baby type of woman: In addition to post-80 baby, like Anne, like in Beijing, Shanghai Valentine's emerging professional groups, but also including large company's chairman and general manager of the private secretary.

They leave their boss, the general will start his own company (or partnership with others), and their business is generally good.

When they get married? Do not know. When they have children? Do not know. Their children is to whom? Even do not know.

Interaction with their men, who to whom a cuckold? Do not know.

10th class: Goddess Type

20 years old. And then a little bigger, not worthless.

They are usually not high educated, beautiful, personal service is their principal.

Goddess-type girls, including: in nightclubs, three-star hotel bath city, high-end beauty salons, foot house that girls who work in order to accompany singing, drinking, massage, beauty, foot cover, giving guests an extension of the service.

They came from Sichuan, Chongqing, Hunan, Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Henan and so on, they are in different localities exchanges, and their career is very inferior to, can they get out of poverty for the home and made an indelible contribution.

In Chengdu, Chongqing, there are many girls open tea, rubbed his mahjong, doing small business, and that a group of mostly ashore.

They finally find a humble man himself married.

A man to help her purchase, keep the night shop, count the money. Of course, the money had just been a man's hand, the last owned by a woman tube.

Due diligence of the men and women who are reward he climbed to sleep one night, finish up, and then tours a few hanging tobacco and alcohol money.

After landing, the goddess-type girl from a genuinely good, that is, they give their man a cuckold, a man can only be helpless

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