Thursday, January 14, 2010

Simple weight-loss diet on the sofa bear fruit parade

Simple and effective exercises on the sofa, so that you easily lose weight.

A switch to waist

Action Focus:坐沙发front, knees close together, the upper body towards the opposite direction to reverse, each for 10 seconds to do three times pulls learning by doing.

Extension areas: the left and right side back muscle.

2 side waist

Action points: relying on sofa hand, the body easily extended out, pause, after 5 to 10 seconds to change sides take turns to do 3 times.

Extension areas: the left side of waist.

3 hips shrink belly

Action points: the same as坐沙发forward, his hands embracing sofa, hand, feet together knees, lifted up, each carrying a second stop 2 seconds and then down, back and forth 10 times.

Extension areas: the pre-abdominal and hip muscles.

4 stretch back

Action points: sofa chatting up his hands back, arms stretched as far as possible, will be joined by crooked chest, each maintaining a 15 seconds rest, repeated 3 times to do.

Extension areas: the back muscles.

5, posterior hip

Action points: foreleg knees, legs flat, rear foot straight knees down, lean forward, hands stretched hand side of Lassa fat, action, change sides for 10 seconds to do repeated 3 times.

Extension areas: the posterior hip muscles.

6 large calf

Action points: a straight foot flat on the sofa, and the other put a foot on the ground, bending, body straight and feet towards the direction of tilt, movement on each side for 10 seconds to change sides to do repeated 3 times.

Extension areas: the large posterior leg muscles.

7 thigh

Action points: a straight pin, and the other leg bent a knee down, the movement for 10 seconds to change sides to do repeated 3 times.

Extension areas: the anterior thigh muscles.

8 large leg and hip

Action points: hip坐沙发front feet hit the knee straight, the body, abdomen, thigh, as far as possible to the paste, pause 10-15 seconds, it is generally carried out according to their abilities.

Extension areas: the large rear leg and hip muscles

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