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Winter vegetables, four kinds of the best Weight Loss

1, Chinese cabbage

Winter cabbage to lose weight by eight pounds a week. Chinese cabbage has the reputation of the King of 100 dishes, it nutrient-rich, according to the determination of fat per 100 grams of cabbage contains 0.2 grams, 1.1 grams of protein, carbohydrates 2.1 g, calcium 120 mg, 37 mg phosphorus, iron, 0 .5 mg. Is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C and so on. It contains calcium and vitamin C than apples and pears even higher, a large number of crude fiber is even more difficult to compare a number of vegetables.
Since ancient times, Chinese cabbage is a favorite of our people is one of vegetables, it tastes delicious, has a "dirty also on behalf of, plain and more" features. Such as cabbage and vermicelli stew of pork, sour cabbage leavened liver tablets, cabbage meat dumplings, or the outer leaves shred eat salad, crisp and delicious, both the palate, but also preventing and curing diseases. "Qian Jin Yao Fang" in records, cabbage, "Tom Lee stomach, in addition to chest trouble, Xie Diabetes", as well as digestion hangover, Qingrezhike function. It also can inhibit the body's absorption of nitrite and synthesis of amines, there are anti-cancer effect.

Cabbage diet recipe:
1, mixed cabbage diet
Normally used to eating lavish meals, although met gastronomy, but so quietly on the fat body, and now we have to eat nutritious meals to lose weight and let you enjoy the delicious "thin."
Material: Chinese cabbage, Flammulina velutipes, carrots, mushrooms, salt, chicken, pepper.
1, wash cabbage, boiled clean wok will open into the cabbage pieces of soft iron pot can be. Be Flammulina velutipes, mushrooms into the water boiled out after the cut filaments.
2, the Flammulina, mushrooms with chicken, salt and pepper marinated for 10 minutes.
3, mix together all the vegetables plus chicken, salt, seasoning immediately after.
Effect: as usual breakfast, lunch and dinner eat this dish, is not limited, a few days you will find yourself a lot thinner.

2, cabbage soups diet
Weight loss period, the cabbage soup and cabbage soup detox can be used as the main food, is worth noting that high-fat, high-salt, fine processed products, desserts, and starch are not edible. Weight loss surgery for the treatment time ranging from 7-30 days. If it persists, will soon be able to receive good results.
Cabbage soup diet is a convenient and economical way to lose weight is to lose weight about a delicious nutritious soup interested friends worth a try.
Material: 2000 grams cabbage, frozen tofu 1, red green bell pepper each 100 grams, boil thick cucumber juice, salt, chicken amount.
1, the cabbage, red bell pepper cut into 4 cm-long filaments.
2 red bell pepper cabbage heart wire, cold tofu with refined salt for 20 minutes, control out of salt water, add MSG and cucumber juice.
3, to be clever pot, pour the above materials, salt, chicken can be.
Effects: Some people tried to cut eight pounds a week.

 Do not eat four cases:These four cases is rotten cabbage, a facade takes a long time, no salt penetration and half-half-cooked, repeated heating cabbage.

2, radish

Thin radish detoxification best food:"Winter eat Luo Boxia eat ginger, all year round Security and Sport," the turnip as Chinese medicine for more than has been the history of the millennium, "therapeutic Materia Medica" is stating that his "profit five internal organs, Qingshenjianfei, it is pale and thin muscles." Radish pungent ingredients containing mustard oil, with fatty substances to promote better metabolic role and can avoid the accumulation of fat in the skin. Can be seen, radish not only through the weight loss makes the body spry vigorous, as well as beauty, delicate skin effect.

Modern research shows that: radish containing glucose, sucrose, fructose, double-stranded RNA and a variety of vitamins, trace elements, to have regular bowel so that tension increased, enhancing peristalsis and shorten the lifetime of food in the intestine, which will help the Food and metabolism and waste discharges, not dieting to achieve a diet effect. Radish contains fewer calories, more fiber, eat easy to produce, after a sense of fullness, which have contributed to weight loss. Radish also prevent gallstones and other diseases. In particular double-stranded RNA can induce the body's own interferon to increase the body's immunity, which is the incidence of diseases such as cancer prevention has focused on the meaning.

Weight Loss Recipe: soup shredded radish production materials:Ingredients: 500 grams of white radish, bean sprouts 500 grams, Accessories: starch (corn) 50 grams, spices: coriander 25 grams, 100 grams of vegetable oil, salt, 4 grams, 2 grams of MSG, cooking wine 25 grams, 1 gram of pepper.

Production Method: 1. Will be washed bean sprouts into the pot, pour water, low heat cook until Su Lan, Lek out of broth, add salt, MSG, cooking wine notes for the prime broth;
2. Wash the turnip, peeled, cut wire, mix dry starch;
3. Will be placed each on a wok, add vegetable oil, till the Bacheng heat, put on a floating dry starch and shake off the shredded radish away, fractionated into the oil in the next, slightly fried remove and Lek oil;
4. Will be placed in the fire pot, pour broth prime, the next into the shredded radish, low heat cook cakes, and transferred to salt, pepper seasoning, sprinkle with parsley can be.

Grams of food: white radish: Radish bogey ginseng, American ginseng with food.

3, green bean sprouts:Containing more water, eat the body heat generated from a small, but not easy to form subcutaneous fat accumulation.

Soybeans and soybean products: rich in unsaturated fat anti-acid, can break off inside the cholesterol, the promotion of lipid metabolism, so that accumulation of subcutaneous fat is not easy. Relevant experts believe that vinegar beans inside the saponin adhere to the vessel wall to get rid of a fat and can reduce blood cholesterol levels. Vinegar, bean system is this: Wash the soya beans, drain water, fried 2 1 5 minutes or so (be careful not to Chaojiao). And after cooling, bottling, pour vinegar were flooded bulbs, stamped seal is good, after a week you can eat. Sooner or later, the number of tablets each day to eat, that is weight loss.

  Green bean sprouts cooked with the process to note two points:First, cook the green bean sprouts can not add alkali, because the alkali can destroy the green bean sprouts of the vitamins, carotenoids and other nutrients. Second, do not need to remove the green bean skin. Chinese medicine is called mung bean mung bean leather clothing, with more heat than the mung bean detoxification.

 Taboo:Fertilizers made with green bean sprouts should not eat. Because fertilizers are nitrogen containing compounds, in the role of bacteria, it can be transformed into nitrosamines in the present in the green bean sprouts. Nitrosamines enable people suffering from stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and so on. On the other hand, green bean sprouts is a cold food, eat a lot of easy to damage stomach qi, and contains crude fiber, easy to speed up the bowel movements caused by diarrhea. Therefore, patients with chronic enteritis, chronic gastritis and dyspepsia patients should not be eaten.

4, Celery

CeleryIs rich in crude fiber, potassium, vitamin B2, vitamin PP (also called nicotinic acid) and other ingredients. Summer, hot weather, it is easy to get angry, resulting in dry stool. At the same time, hot days, when people dehydrate more easily lead to sodium potassium imbalance. Celery can help people relax bowel, regulating sodium and potassium balance. Vitamin PP on human skin, nervous system and affects both appetite and, if the body lacks vitamin B2, it is easy to cause fatigue, fatigue and mouth ulcers. Celery leaves contain more nutrients than the stem, but wasteful to discard can be boiled to eat cold.

Recommendation of several celery diet recipes:

1 celery, carrot mix: 1, Material: 300 grams of water, celery, carrots, 150 grams. 2, spices: salt 5 grams, 10 ml sesame oil, shiitake mushrooms, fine (or chicken, mushrooms fine). 3, practices: Wash celery and cut into sections; re-cut silk; carrots cleaned to Piqie Si. 4, pot boiled open, and put it into segments and carrot celery wire, can be boiled fish out, 5, two kinds of silk materials into the bowl, add salt, sesame oil, mushrooms and fine (or chicken, mushrooms fine), Mix can transfer to a plate.

2 celery fried lily: 1, Material: 150 grams of celery, fresh lily 250 grams (dry lily is also OK), Salt to taste, raw powder 10 grams, sugar, chicken essence a small, oil 30ml. 2, practice: fresh lily to the old skin and pedicle, breaking clean (dry lily with blisters hair, drain standby), celery ribs torn off the old wash oblique slice and put it into boiling water Zhuo Guo, fish out quickly Add ice water, drain unused. 3, Heat wok, add oil, till the five into the heat, add celery stir fry quickly. Join Lily quick stir fry, stir-fry until slightly transparent lilies. Add salt, sugar, chicken seasoning, and then use a small amount of starch can be hook due to transfer to a plate.

Celery food taboos:

Celery and cucumber-phase g: celery in the decomposition of vitamin C will be destroyed, reducing the nutritional value;
Celery and chicken-phase g: Same as water can damage one's vitality;
Celery compared with the soft-shelled turtle g: the same food would be poisoned, you can use olive juice detoxification [gourmet Chinese];
Celery and chrysanthemum-phase g: the same food may cause vomiting;
Celery and clams, clams, Mao clam, crab-phase g: celery will be clams, clams, Mao clam, crab contained in all the destruction of vitamin B1.

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