Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drink plenty of water weight-loss techniques to create thin Beauty Addict

Water is the ideal thirst-quenching drinks, but also to create beautiful skin and healthy posture important "weapons." Although there are more than a fear of water swelling, or swelling caused bags under the eyes, but in fact as long as the habit of drinking water used properly, can naturally thin itself as a beauty Addict.

Four Principles of thin water

Normalization of renal function

When the body lacks water, the kidney function can not operate normally part of their work they will assist in the implementation by the liver, causing fatty liver can not effectively will be converted to energy consumed, so that accumulated fat is easy to pile up.

Water drainage

The human body is not adequate intake of water, the body began to store water in the body, thus causing swelling phenomenon. The only way to avoid edema is to drink enough water every day to play with water drainage effect.


When the body lacks water, the body will automatically drain water in the body organs to fill the need, so that caused constipation. The constipation appears, arises on the accumulation of waste a pot excess naturally betray oneself.

Upgrading lines

Water helps muscle modified lines, while plenty of moisture to have a remedy is shrinking cell function, can greatly reduce the skin, trim the settlement and after.

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